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Progressives are driving rational Democrat strategists crazy

Jay Weber Show transcript 7-20-22 6:10am

This is the sort of thing that is driving the ‘rational’ democrat strategists crazy: as they work to try to convince the voting public that their party-is not- dominated by a bunch of crazy radicals-the crazy radicals dominating the party keep proving it.

We still have democrat lawmakers pushing to defund the police. Abolish ice. Have open borders. Even though the party leaders know that those things hurt the party significantly in the 2020 election cycle.

They were supposed to have ‘big blue tsunami wins’ in congress in 2020, as they ‘took out Trump’.

They managed to beat Trump under very questionable conditions...but they suffered losses and setbacks in congress-and the post-mortems proved that it was due to the ‘defund the police’ and ‘open borders’ messages.

And as hard as they have tried to convince their fellow party members to ‘shut up on these crazy ideas’.... some of the party’s ‘highest profile’ members and biggest loudmouths continue to keep talking about them.

Well, now a new front has opened up that is going to drive the party strategists nuts: every poll taken on the idea of ‘court packing’, or adding extra seats in order for the democrats to steal back control of the supreme court, has been unpopular. By wide margins, the American people do not support this scheme.

Americans know cheating when they see it, and this would be cheating. Really scummy.

And so, what did a group of 8 house democrats roll out yesterday? 

An official bill that would add four seats to the supreme court. D’oh!

This widely unpopular and scummy idea pushed by the left-wing activists and bitter crybullies in the dem now in official, written form.

And it means that none of the democrats running for congress in fall, or in 2024, can deny that it is a ‘real thing’ that their party members want to do.

Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and the rest of them can no longer dismiss ‘court packing’ as something that the members of their party-and of their congressional caucuses- want to see some of their own members have now gone beyond their rhetoric...and put it in official, written form: introduced a bill- we want to steal back control of the supreme court by having Joe Biden appoint four new liberal justices.

That’s simply false, of course. Three openings fell during the Trump presidency, and he filled them, which has been the process forever.

But, but McConnell and the democrats refused to confirm barrack Obama’s final pick in 2016.

Yep. They did.

Because they used what is famously known as ‘the Biden rule’. A bit of gamesmanship that was-literally-invented by Joe Biden when he was the head of the senate judiciary committee.

In the final year of George bush’s presidency, Joe Biden declared God...he would refuse to hold hearings on any last-minute supreme court nominee, and he’d block any effort to seat that person. Because....this close to an election, the American people should decide which president and which party get to seat that new justice.

It was a declaration that Biden and the dems intended to cheat the normal process because they knew that -after 8 years of republicans controlling the white house-voters were going to hand it back to his party. The Democrat Party. And he wanted his party to be able to make that lifetime appointment, not the current, sitting president.

And so, when that exact situation came up with Antonin Scalia dying in Obama’s final year, Mitch McConnell simply reached back and said, by the democrat’s own rule, we intend to keep this seat open until the people decide who they want to fill it, based on who they elect the next president.

That’s what these democrats whine about now: how they were burned by their own rule. A rule they invented intending to cheat the historical rhythm of supreme court appointments.

And somehow, in a twist of historical irony, it worked out that the scummy cheater who invented the rule in 2006, just happens to be our current president now.

How’s that for fun?

But everyone who isn’t a raging lefty zealot knows what happened here: president trump had three court openings land in his term...and so he filled is customary and routine.

And the democrats just can’t handle the truth.

In fact, the democrats pushing this are the ones who sound like they’ve gone off the deep end.

To further prove their radicalism, Nancy Pelosi and her house horde are going to waste time voting on protections for same-sex and interracial marriage this week...

You know...

While inflation is about to climb into double digits, and the open borders are crushing America’s homeless shelters, and new shantytowns are popping up around the country, in democrat-run big cities-

As that all goes on- Pelosi and her democrats in the house only want to fixate on playing cheap political games and take useless 'virtue votes’.

These new attempts to virtue signal, or ‘get republicans on record as being against gay and interracial marriage’...literally come out of nowhere. 

Pelosi and her team have simply invented them out of thin air, and whether they pass the senate or not, they are of no consequence.  

If this-or some future-supreme court would, for some reason, deem these two things to be unconstitutional, no law passed by congress ‘codifying them’ would be legal or legitimate.

This is the same farce related to ‘codifying roe’ with a national right to abortion: if the authority for that decision is with the states, any bill that passed congress to either -ban abortion-or protect abortion-would be unconstitutional and illegal.

Ditto for these two issues, which, for heaven’s sake, the supreme court is not going to undo. This is all useless, hysterical cyberbullying on the dem’s part. But congress is going to waste time on it.

Sam Alito’s decision on abortion even made it clear that other decisions such as these were not under threat. Brett Kavanaugh wrote a concurring opinion that said the same thing.

This is cheap political theatre because the democrats have nothing else to run on in fall and refuse to do anything to help fix the disasters that they and Joe Biden have touched off.

Did you know that yesterday was the one year anniversary of president Biden saying that their idiotic ‘American rescue act’ that had already touched off inflation was only going to mean ‘temporary’ and ‘small’ price increases?

Well, the democrats in congress sure as heck didn’t want to be talking about that, yesterday, did they?

And so, they invented this nonsense to give their accomplices in the MSM something else to focus on.

It’s all just cheap game playing and cyberbullying with the left side of the aisle, now.

And here’s more nonsense: the thugs on Pelosi’s fake January sixth commission are now saying that, oh, we intend to take these hearings right thru the fall and right into January of next year, when republicans probably take back control and shut them down.

These were hearings that were expected to take a month-after a year of silly, pre-ordained investigations, but now, hey...

Now...the trump haters and dc democrats think the hearings are having some success in disqualifying trump for future office...and so... The committee members are saying...we’ve decided to just keep them going. Keep churning and smearing and smearing and lying right thru January. 

The committee members now openly admit this is about keeping trump from running again. We think the smear tactics, with the air of congressional legitimacy behind them, are moving voters.

And whether they are or not is debatable, but i disagree with the conservative pundits and websites who insist they are backfiring and only making Trump more powerful, again.

I disagree with that: at the very least, these hearings have made it clear that virtually everyone around trump knew that he had lost and was urging him to concede.

We already know that most of them were urging trump to make a public statement during the rioting, to try to calm it down, and that’s what the committee will blow out of proportion, today.

Look-if a Trump second term depends on independents, moderates, and some crossover democrats to deliver a win for him-and it does-

Then convincing all of these ‘convincible’ that trump can’t be trusted in a second term...could work. These hearings could be doing that damage.

After all-with every new poll related to 2024, Trump’s strength does seem to be waning, when paired against Ron DeSantis.

photo credit: Getty Images

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