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Buying a used EV might come with new dangers for consumers

Jay Weber Show transcript 7-19-22 7:40am

Buying a used electric car might come with some significant new dangers for consumers.


Florida family drives into electric car problem: a replacement battery costs more than vehicle itself

So, they are just screwed out of eleven-grand. The entire car is just scrap, now, because a replacement battery doesn’t even exist-but if it did-it would be 14-thousand dollars?

Why would-anyone? -be dumb enough to buy a used electric car?

I certainly wouldn’t in a private sale-and if i bought it from a dealership, I’d want to multi-year, or large-mileage guarantee that the battery wouldn’t die out.


That’s a massive repair bill.

Do you know what it costs to replace an entire engine in a gas-powered car, now?

It used to be under a grand. But the google answer is about 3 to 5-grand. You could replace three or four gas engines for the cost of one new electric car battery?

Moreover-i cannot think of a single repair that might need to be done on a gas-powered vehicle that would cost 14-grand, can you?

I mean-one single item.

Maybe body work in a ‘rescue’ or a restoration vehicle. But would any ‘car problem’ with a gas engine, of any kind? Cost 14-grand?


This is a little ford focus. A starter car. 

14-grand for a battery.

That is another looming shock for all these people who are buying electric cars without thinking it thru.

Here’s another consideration: don’t just assume you are going to get a federal tax rebate for buying it. People are getting stung on this one, too.

And so, if you buy one of theirs-it doesn’t come with the 75-hundred-dollar federal rebate, anymore. That was a ‘one time’ program approved by congress...and it’s not a ‘yearly limit’ it is an- all-time-

Overall sales-sort of limit. And Tesla and GM have hit it. They have sold more than 200-thousand electric vehicles since the Fed Govt. started offering the tax break.

And still-less than five percent of the cars on the road are electrics. 

The eco-zealots are whining about trying to extend this rebate because you aren’t being suckered into electric cars fast enough.

But it would take another act of congress.

And so- don’t assume you are going to be getting a 75-hundred-dollar tax break if you buy one. On Tesla and GM products, you can’t, apparently. I’d do research on the other brands.

photo and story credit: Fox Business News

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