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Evers' no gouging bill for WI gas stations is just an election-year stunt

Jay Weber Show transcript 6-22-22 6:40am

Gov Tony Evers sixth months late and a million dollars short....

Signs an executive order banning price gouging by gas stations.


This is a nakedly transparent move that is meant to prop up the latest Biden/Dem party lies related to gas prices and no one’s going to buy it.

I love how Evers’ decree only lasts until December first-as if price gouging closer to Christmas would be acceptable.

But-this is all useless theater. An election-year stunt.

There is zero evidence that Wisconsin gas stations are price gouging. Instead, their motivation would be to get their prices as low as possible-at least lower than all their nearby competition- because consumers are checking out gas prices more and more-right?

Who doesn’t have the ‘gas buddy’ app on their phone now that shows the cheapest gas in the area?

At five dollars a gallon and gas sales starting to slow- gas station owners are going to want to lure in the most business-not price gouge.

And so, this is more grandstanding that makes no sense.

If Governor Evers was serious about reducing gas prices-why has he still not acted on the calls to repeal the minimum markup law on gasoline?

Kevin Nicholson and other conservatives have been calling on Evers to do that for months now. And cricket’s chirp.

If Evers was serious about reducing gas prices for us, why hasn’t he called for a ‘gas tax holiday’ here in Wisconsin?

After all, getting 32 or 33 cents off on every gallon of gas we use would be a great help to most of us.

That’s how high Wisconsin’s gas tax is: why won’t Evers call for a gas tax holiday, here?

If he’s so interested in helping consumers?

See? It’s all gas lighting with democrats. It’s all trickery. It’s all hollow gestures and hollow words as they pretend to care.

And its party wide, Gov Evers is only following the pattern that Joe Biden’s white house and the dems in congress have been following lying and gas lighting the American people, in an attempt to keep from being blamed for the high gas and energy prices that their leaders have-intentionally-engineered.

photo credit: Getty Images

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