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The first thing the GOP needs to do after taking the House and Senate back

Jay Weber Show transcript 6-21-22 6:40am

I keep reading snippets about the house and senate investigations that the republican congressmen are preparing for- when they win the majorities back in fall.

Part of me likes seeing the ‘offense’ being readied, here, but another part of me says, my god-can’t we focus primarily on the problems of the country?

For example- Biden will never agree to completing the wall and baking Trump’s border fixes into law...but that is the first thing that republicans should do the minute they have a republican president to work with...

And so-I want to see them getting a package of border and immigration changes ready to go. And a package of free-market fixes to Obamacare ready to go.

And a package of pro-drilling and pro-energy independence measures ready to go.

And a package of reforms that take power away from the agencies and put it back under congressional control ready to go...

And so- I don’t want to see a bunch of GOP time and energy wasted on ‘the next round’ of political investigations and game playing.

The caveat I put on that is: if the GOP retakes the house and/or senate and Biden still has two more years of his presidency, then the GOP won’t be able to pass it’s legislative agenda, anyway, and they will spend their time just blocking Biden and preparing for the 2024 elections.

And this is where the insiders and swamp dwellers think that means -spending two years digging up dirt on your opponents and further damaging Biden.


But they need to dedicate-more time-to preparing for a republican presidency in 2025...and telling voters how they are going to solve -todays- problems.

I’ve said it a few times now: the democrats have provided the republicans with a rare gift, this cycle: the dems have been so extreme and God awful. That all republicans need to do is seem ‘reasonable’ and ‘competent’, by contrast.

We have a huge opportunity to win over new GOP voters from all demographics, races, walks of life, income levels-if we simply prove that we are the party of common sense and the face of the Democrat’s America-hating extremism.

That should the mission for this fall-and 2024.

Don’t screw it up with a bunch of obsessive investigations into hunter, and Biden corruption, or re-litigating the 2020 election...or any of that bologna.

If the GOP leaders are hell-bent on investigations in 2022- they should be about things like- impeaching Alejandro Mayorkas for lying to congress as he engineered open borders.

And impeaching Merrick Garland for being a hyper partisan attorney general...etc.

And these-are-investigations that GOP leaders are considering. 

I don’t know if they are considering similar moves against Biden’s open-borders DHS sect, Alejandro Mayorkas, but they should be.

This guy has been caught lying to congress on several occasions and pretending as if our southern border if. Quote...controlled. When it clearly is not.

The entire thrust of the Biden admin has been to lie to congress and the American people as they went about engineering open borders.

And when a court allows them to drop title 42, they will have achieved it: open borders.

Via Mayorkas’ scheming. He should be impeached and should Garland. 

And i know a lot of you are saying: as should Biden. I agree. But it isn’t at all likely that the republicans are going to get the 2/3 majority in the senate that would allow for the actual removal of these cabinet members...and so the shame of impeachment would be enough along with a MSM that was forced to detail their failures as cabinet members.

Meanwhile, an impeachment move against Biden would be seen as petty and unwarranted by most American voters-

And i know. I know.  But don’t get all pissy and blame the messenger, here. I’m simply being honest. Most Americans are still not in the ‘head space’ they’d need to be in, to see Biden impeached and removed...and an attempt would politically backfire.

Yes. Even now.

And that’s why smart republicans like Kevin McCarthy and Jim Jordan and Mitch McConnell won’t do it, even though they will have rabid right wing talking heads insisting they need to once the house flips in fall.

It's a fool’s play, at this point, and every savvy actor in dc knows it.

And no, Marjorie Taylor Green and Lauren Boebert aren’t savvy political actors. No.

So, they’ll be calling for it, but it’s dumb, politically.

I’m interested in seeing smart investigations into things that matter to well as smart plans that we can show voters ‘as a promise’ for 2024, if they elect a republican president again.

Chief among them: securing the border.

My God-republicans need to be smart enough to finally get this done. Finally stop bowing to the chamber of commerce dillweed’s-and instead-listen to the American people.

Tell the chamber of commerce republicans who only want the cheap illegal labor to ‘get bent’, and get it done.

I’m all for that-but I’d settle for the first two: end the asylum loopholes and game playing, and by God, secure the border. That would include taking on the cartels which Biden has allowed to take operational control of our border-because we won’t.

It won’t be easy-but it needs to be done. These cartels should be declared as terrorist foreign organizations due to all the misery, death, human and drug trafficking, etc. that they bring onto this country.

Designate them terrorists of this state-and go after them hard.

I’ve said for years: securing this border isn’t hard. It just takes political will. Trump proved that during his era.

Republicans finally need to stop making excuses and step up-and secure this border- when they can. And the minute that they have the power and the numbers.

photo credit: Getty Images

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