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Dems are damned if they do and damned if they don't with Biden

Jay Weber Show transcript 6-21-22 7:10am

Was it- last week? -that the NY Times had a story finally admitting that dc democrats think Biden is too old to be president and shouldn’t run again?

Whenever it was-it was a loyal left-wing propagandist newsroom ‘giving permission’ for other left wing media outlets to start talking about Biden’s age.

The fallout from that NY Times article is precisely what I predicted: it was those dc insiders who were quoted in the article-most of them anonymously-

It was those democrat powerbrokers giving the NY Times permission to launch a coordinated effort to block Biden from a second term.

And all sorts of other left wing media organizations have piled on since.

And as the Wall St Journal editors point out, these lefty outlets are pretending as if it is a revelation that Biden is ‘suddenly old’ or showing mental and physical decline.


That was evident back when he was hiding in his basement and getting a total ‘free pass’ on campaigning due to covid excuses and a leftist and never-trump media who insisted ‘anyone was better than trump’.

People like me were pointing out his frailties and saying he was too old to do this job when he was running for it-

Because it was obvious even then. It’s not a ‘revelation’ now

I refuse to feel sorry for Joe Biden, given how he insisted on wanting this job, and has only bleeped up the country now that he’s doing it.

Joe Biden should be in federal prison for all of the damage that he has done to this nation, with Jill and the members of his campaign team along with him. They clearly knew he wasn’t up to the challenge. And hid away his mental and physical frailties. And pushed ahead, anyway.

There’s no forgiving that-and there’s no ‘feeling sorry’ for Joe Biden, so far as I’m concerned.

But suddenly, now that his incompetence and ignorance has been exposed-along with his mental and physical decline-

Suddenly, it’s okay for dems to admit that Biden is old and out of touch. What scumbags.

But you know what?

I’ll take it, because there is no way that this country can suffer thru four more years of Joe Biden-after this four.d

I was listening to Brian Shimming fill in for Dan on my way home yesterday, and he says this is the reminder that he is giving to the groups he speaks to: the reminder is- we are only one-third of the way thru Biden’s first term!

We still have two and a half years of this clown- and that’s the best-case scenario.  (Unless we want to get into grim ‘what if’s) ...

For sixteen months now- something has been wrong with Joe Biden- and we have all been asked to ignore all of the signs.

Joe Biden now, every time he speaks, is just a jumbled angry mess of nonsense...

Have you noticed this?

He’s increasingly hard to follow, and increasingly angry that he’s even being asked questions. It is a ‘condition’ that all sorts of us who have delt with older relatives and dementia patients have seen: a confused agitation over even being questioned on obvious matters.

And the reason for the agitation is that they don’t want to admit that they don’t know...or their mind is going...or...I don’t remember that. So, they try to bluff their way thru...and one of joe Biden’s bluffs has -always-been anger. Snapping at reporters. Snapping at people when he’s challenged.

It has been his ‘go to’ move for his entire career in dc. Notice how much he’s relying on it, now, at 80 years old.

He did it again, yesterday, snapping at a reporter who asked about a recession.  

We have a president who rarely does more than a single public event each day, and almost never attends events or holds public events in the evenings or at night.  

He goes home to Delaware every single weekend-leaving on Thursday if he can. If not-by Friday morning at 11 he’s gone. 

He doesn’t do sit down interviews.

The last one he did was with a fawning late-night host who-not only- clearly agreed not to ask him any tough questions...but who seems to have agreed to ‘go to break’ or to ‘hop in and bail him out’ when joe struggled or started rambling. Jimmy Kimmel was the white house’s best ally in that interview.

This weekend, again, it was Jill Biden, and even Joe's granddaughters-who were pulling him away from the press and saying ‘no questions.

This man is clearly just limping along now, physically, and mentally, and everyone knows it.

And those around him are going to try to engineer a second term?

I cannot imagine how. 

Remember-last time around-Biden didn’t have to endure the rigors of a real campaign. He didn’t have to travel the country for two years, often doing two or three campaign events a day. After a few early states...he got to hide in his basement.

There is-no way-this man can both run the country and campaign in 2024.

And so, unless they are going to lock him away and expect that voters will be excited and inspired enough to vote for a president who isn’t really campaigning, I cannot imagine that they really think Biden is viable for a second term.

And as for the question is Joe Biden too old to be president-

Of course, he is.

Of course, he is. That question has already been answered, hasn’t it?

Didn’t we all just live thru the last sixteen months?

Come on.

Of course he’s too old to do this job. He’s proven it.

The latest piece has been in ‘The Atlantic’ and it caused a stur because a credible lefty journalist...Mark Leibovich...who the east coast elites love wrote.

“Biden is too old to run again”

But...those quoted by Leibovich admit-Biden’s too old. He’s not up to doing this job-and that presumes that he ever was.

Remember-these are people predisposed to liking Biden. They are serving in his white house and like the man. They hate republicans for attacking his age.

And yet-they all admitted- Biden’s not up to a second term.

Even if they won’t admit that when he ran, he was too old to do this job, they will at least admit that...sixteen or seventeen months into the first term that, ‘oh no, no. Biden can’t do a second term’.

This would be like us admitting that as much as we love mom or grandma...yeah. Yeah. She’s slipping and needs to go into a home.

These are advisors who love or like Biden saying, oh, no. No. He can’t do a second term.

Democrats today-are obviously engaging in a farce. They are still pretending as if Biden is up to the job, or doing a good job, now-when he’s clearly not.

Everyone sees it.

In fact, it’s a parlor game in Washington DC among former officials and older DC gadflies: to ask each other-could you take on another taxing, exhausting job at 75 or 80?

And everyone says no. Of course not. My best, most focused, sharpest, most brilliant, most energetic days are behind me, they agree.

But we are supposed to ignore that simple truth when it comes to Biden.

But...but, does this same ‘simple truth’ apply to trump? 

He’s 76 and still seems to have as much energy as ever.

Whatever happens on our side of the aisle, I’ll probably feel good about it. If the nominee is Trump, DeSantis, Pence, Pompeo, Haley-whoever.

The Democrats have no bench. It’s paternity Pete or heels up Harris and a whole punchbowl full of turds. Squats with unions. Corey booker. AOC. American voters simply aren’t that stupid. Are they?

photo credit: Getty Images

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