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The farce of "green mining" is being exposed.

Jay Weber transcript 6-15-22 8:10am

There are numerous ‘farces’ the come along with the left’s plans to have America ‘go green’ and eliminate fossil fuels within a few years

And we’ve talked about most of them on this show over the well as the more specific policies that the Biden administration has pushed for and put in place.

For example- we cannot have the rabid eco-left cannot stand in the way of all drilling and mining in America-and then pretend that they are going to allow for the sort of highly invasive and sometimes toxic -deep mining -of the sort that we are going to need to do in order to get the rare earths and precious elements needed to make all of our ‘green’ batteries.

The two ideas are incongruous, and speak to what a silly, hypocritical plan Biden’s is.

Nor can we expect that just because ‘well intended’ lefties in Washington DC want the rest of us to do the impossible...that the impossible can be done.

For example: the Biden govt. wants fast charging stations for electric vehicles to be built at least every 50 miles along the country’s major highways. Okay. We’d certainly need it if we are all moving to electric cars.

But already, the officials in the western states and in the more remote areas of the country are saying-this is a fool’s errand. We’re going to run power out into the middle of the deserts. Or to the tops of mountains? For quick power stations?

So, once again, congress passed a law-and a president signed a law- which mandates ‘the impossible’. It proves how little these lawmakers investigate these issues that they are pretending to solve.

The democrats wanted a half a billion dollars for a network of e-v charging systems and didn’t even have the sense to leave the decision making on placement up to the state governments, or to the private contractors who are going to be trying to profit off these charging stations.

It's another indictment of congress and the federal government and how they pretend to run the country.  No idea is too ludicrous. Just pass it and pretend it can be done.

Then there’s the naked hypocrisy that comes with the demand that America shut down drilling and mining for fossil fuels...but open all sorts of mining for the materials we will need for electric batteries.

Folks- drilling for oil and natural gas makes-one small hole.  Mining for rare earths and precious minerals often involves strip mining and deep mining of the sort that destroys mother earth and involves processes that can be toxic.

That’s why all this mining currently goes on in China and Africa, and not America.

But Biden has decreed that that is going to change. We need to open and expand our own ‘rare earth’ mines...and build our own batteries to power our green energy revolution.

And the moment he made this decree-I-said-there is no way that the eco-nuts will allow for this sort of mining, either.

And sure enough- the battles have already been engaged.  A northern Nevada mine that is already in operation just wants to expand and the eco-zealots are saying ‘no’ and vowing to block it.

And where is Biden? Or his EPA?

Nowhere to be found. many more decades does it take to work thru the tangle of lawsuits and other activist nonsense before this mine is created?

And this is ‘Joe Biden’s baby’ if you will. He and his god-awful interior secretary, Deb Haaland find this site appropriate.

She’s Native American, by the way, and so the left will be calling her a traitor to her race any day now.

But how do we get lithium mines, or any of the other mining that is going to be required here, ‘off the ground’, if the democrat’s own activist base stands in the way of it?

Stands in the way of -anything and everything-that disturbs a plant, bush, or snail?

Elon musk recently said- lithium shortages are going to be one of his biggest challenges. To the point that he might have to try to mine it, himself.

Good luck.

I can guarantee it won’t, because democrats are patently unwilling to bulldoze over their own party’s crackpots and extremists to get it done.

It’s as simple as that.

This company- Lithium Nevada- has invested millions, of not tens of millions, into this project for over a decade and still have nothing to show for it.

American engineers and energy companies -hands down- can do the cleanest and least invasive drilling and mining. And it’s why the democrats-and the eco-nuts-should be encouraging the drilling and mining to occur-here- in America. Where it’s done the most cleanly. 

Instead, they want to shut it all down here, and ensure that it continues to be done in the dirtiest, most noxious way possible, in China, and India, and Africa, and in the dirtiest, least developed countries.


And how is that helping mother earth?

And for the record: Nevada is an important swing state in fall and the democrats running for re-election are refusing to support this mining project...

And so...the question has already been answered as to whether today’s democrats will -really-do what needs to be done to create so-called ‘green energy jobs’ in America.

They all start here-with dirty, ugly strip mines, of the sort that their eco-nut activists won’t allow to exist...

So... where does this go?

Where do these Pollyannaish dreams of a ‘fossil free’ energy grid god. When the fantasy meets reality.

photo credit: Getty mages

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