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Democrats refuse to admit they caused the misery and now won't fix it

Jay Weber Show transcript 6-13-22

Here’s proof that the democrat’s ridiculous talking points on the high gas prices haven’t worked on the American people.

Only the ‘Koo- Aid drinking’ democrats have bought the myriad excuses about how they are Putin’s fault, or due to gouging by the evil oil companies, etc.

The bulk of the American people know the truth: Joe Biden made campaign vows to his side of the aisle that all fossil fuel usage was going to end under him...and from the first day in office. He’s been in a war against fossil fuels. Several of his moves have shrunk u-s drilling and mining for them...

And now he and his party are trying to use Putin’s war as ‘cover’ deflect blame from their war on energy cripples the country.

This is what’s going on-and everyone knows it.

The Trafalgar group has a new poll out:

Meanwhile- just 25 percent of democrats are either wise enough-or willing enough-to admit the obvious. 69 percent of democrats still want to try to blame someone other than Biden and their own party leaders for these high gas prices...and they are dopes to do so.

We don’t need to go thru the litany of moves that the Biden regime made well before the Ukrainian war broke out- which he refuses to reverse to this day-when doing so could lower gas prices.

There are really-two-important questions we need to answer here-not one.

First- who’s responsible for the high gas prices?

And second-who is keeping them high? Who is keeping them from coming down?

And the answer to both questions-is Biden.

Not only did he cancel the keystone and put other pipeline projects on hold, but he also banned all new drilling and leasing on federal lands and waters. His agencies have moved to block leasing and drilling that had already been approved under trump Anwar and off the coast of Alaska.

This administration has stopped every bit of new drilling and exploration that they can over the last year or so-and they refuse to relent on it or reverse any of it.

And so, Joe Biden is not only the primary reason for this high gas prices-he is the sole reason that they are remaining so high.

Even now- when we are seeing a global oil crisis-Biden refuses to relax his regulations and encourage u-s drillers to get back to work.

And as of Thursday, and Friday of last week, this evil clown was still trying to blame everyone else for his actions and insisting that there was nothing he could do about it.

Publicly, on Friday, Biden tried to blame Putin for the high gas and grocery prices, and he lied and said that, if you took those out of the equation-core inflation has been dropping over the last few months.

It hasn’t. Joe Biden lied. Core inflation has doubled under his regime-and stayed high.

And so, on Friday Biden dreamt up another lie as he refused to take responsibility for anything...

And then went off to a Beverly Hills fundraiser, where he told his fellow dems in the room: this inflation is going to last for a while, so it’s best if the American people just lay back and take it.

Biden’s inflation started to rise last April and May- after he, Pelosi, and Schumer decided to send out 12-hundred-dollar checks to nearly all Americans and to extend overly generous unemployment benefits and other incentives to keep Americans from going back to work.

That is when these runaway prices started. .and due to his earlier moves. Gas and oil prices were already on the rise. He created all of this. And now wants to try to blame Putin.

What an arrogant joke, Joe Biden is.

He is refusing to address the energy crisis which is one of the greatest reasons for this inflation...and he is refusing to make any policy or monetary moves that would help address the inflation. Biden’s hunkered down, ignoring reality, and pretending as if he doesn’t have the power to do anything about the various crises that he’s created.

No wonder the dc and NY democrats have started to talk about how to ensure that he doesn’t run again in 2024.

Talk about how to oust Biden in 2024 and ensure he doesn’t run again, is now fully underway among the east coast liberals.

And even if Biden’s fellow democrats don’t want to admit their culpability in all of this, either they’re culpable...and they are still giving Biden cover when he makes his idiotic statements.

Folks, we’ve got Wall St analysts starting to say that we are already in a functional recession.

A strong labor market seems to be the only ‘positive’. The only reason for optimism, and we are starting to see leaks in that dam.

Last Thursday’s jobs report showed the highest number of layoffs since mid-January.

And so now, moving forward, this is a matter of prognosticators arguing over-when- or-whether-we are technically going to slide into a recession?

Can the fed pull off that ‘softer landing’ that they are attempting, or is a more painful recession coming?

Those arguments are all academic, at this point, so far as I’m concerned.

I’m with Charles Franklin of fox news, who said Friday: if this is going to happen-let’s just get to the ‘hard landing’ and get on with it.

Let’s just hit the bottom, so we can start the recovery, instead of worrying about how Jerome Powell and the fed can try to drag this out, and drag this out, and drag this out, searching for a ‘soft landing’.

I’d argue that that’s already impossible given how many people have seen their 401ks hammered...

How many people have dipped into their savings? How many people are shopping at the dollar store...etc.

It’s already too late for a ‘soft landing’ if you ask me. 

More and more, you’ve got corporate earnings like those of Walmart and target that show consumers are in an increasingly pessimistic mood...and have seen a dramatic drop in their disposable income.

They don’t care about what the ‘technical’ definition of a recession is. They’re certain we are already in one. At least their family is.

The chief investment strategist for bank of America says- we are already in a technical recession, but just don’t realize it.

Well, the American people realize it- even if the Wall St eggheads don’t.

And what stood out to me the most-as I read the different ‘takes’ on our economy and when the recession might hit- is that none of these economic forecasters are predicting a strong 2023 or 24, anymore. 

Not a single projection I read suggested that-anything will get better-any time soon.There is no ‘roaring bounce back’ on the horizon six months, a year, two years from now, my friends.

These forecasters can only see ‘more of the same’ for the foreseeable future.

I was talking with friends over the weekend-and we were marveling at ‘how fast we got here’. Joe Biden and the democrats took control back from Trump and the GOP in January of 2021-and have destroyed everything within sixteen months.

They even took wins like ‘energy independence’ and a ‘closed border’ and intentionally trashed the victories.

And it’s infuriating.

photo credit Trafalgar Group Twitter

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