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The Left has nurtured a culture of crime and refuse to own it

Jay Weber Show transcript 6-9-22 7:40am

I did a segment earlier about the ‘desperate optimism’ that has come along with voters in San Francisco finally ousting their terrible district attorney...via recall.

Boudin’s ousting is being seen as a sign of hope by the rest of us:

A sign that -even in America’s democrat-run cities, where the voters have stupidly been re-electing democrats for generations as their communities turn into hell-holes-

Even those voters have learned a lesson. Even those voters have a limit.   

Desperate hopes were being expressed yesterday- that Boudin’s re-call is going to reverberate across the nation.  That one-as awful DA is next. And that new Yorkers will start a recall on their newly elected Soros DA, Alvin Briggs.

And i made it clear that i am skeptical on all of this, because I have watched foolish democrat voters for over 30 years now only vote to keep ruining their own cities and schools.

And Boudin -is-the epitome of these Soros das that all sorts of voters in democrat-run cities elected, even as crime spiked and the BLM rioting and ‘anti-cop’ movement flourished.

These San Franciscans-knew-what they were getting into:

Tent cities flourished as homeless drug addicts were allowed to flop anywhere, and drug crimes being committed in public weren’t prosecuted. Used needles and human feces started to stack up in the the point that day care workers couldn’t walk the kids a block or two to play in the parks....because both the walk-and the parks- were dangerous.

And Boudin did nothing. As promised. Lawlessness is what he ran on, and the voters of San Francisco elected him based on that platform.

So, what did they expect?

With Boudin-they got horrible stories of crimes committed by felons who were allowed to run the streets-just as we see here-with John Chisolm, a man who wants to insist that he was the ‘godfather’ of all of these Soros DSs.

Chisolm speaks at left-wing conferences and boasts that he was letting criminals loose before it was a trendy thing. That’s how cool Chisolm is.

And no, I’m not exaggerating.

And -like Chisholm-who was caught on tape saying that, hey, of course a few of these released criminals will kill people...but what are you going to do??

Boudin used the same line when he let a felon with a long criminal history go- only to have him kill two women with a stolen car last year.

He was only free because Boudin’s team cut him loose on a weak plea deal...but hey...what are you going to do. You win some, you lose some, Boudin said, when the community was outraged.

And I’ll defend Boudin: he ran promising lawlessness thru ‘reforms. And if voters were dumb enough not so understand that he was really talking about- lawlessness-then that’s on them.

But at least they have wised up and kicked him out of office. Let’s hope it starts an avalanche of recalls on these pathetically weak das, but i doubt it.

And for their part- they’re going to try to blame ‘corporate America’ and ‘corrupt conservatives’ for kicking them out of office. Boudin quickly whined that it was the corporatists who organized against him and tricked voters into ousting him.

This is another well-worn technique of socialists and communists: blame faceless straw men. Dirty capitalists, etc.

George Gascon is already doing it, as he tries to save his butt in l-a. 

But-shock of shocks- that rhetoric doesn’t seem to be tricking the dimwits in those cities, anymore.

The other race I was tracking was for LA Mayor, where a billionaire real estate developer slid in at the last minute and ran on a commonsense platform, promising 15-hundred more cops and more housing for the homeless to get them off the streets. 

He came in first- after quickly leaping ahead of the next ‘leftist up’, who was expected to get the job. A black, female, Marxist congresswoman named Karen Bass.

A woman who literally took a trip to Cuba and praised Castro, years ago. It turns out that those moves by bass-kept her from being joe Biden’s running mate. But she was vetted.

The Biden team knew that Bass’s pro-Castro past would harm them with Cubans in Florida, and so they picked Kammy, instead.

Folks-if you’re too lawless for snoop dog-you’ve got a problem. Bass does.

But- she and this real estate developer, Rick Caruso, need to have a run-off election in November, and it won’t only be the older, whiter, richer ‘Angelinos’ who turned out to vote in Tuesday’s primary.  It will be a much better cross-section of that city’s leftist residents turning out to vote.

And so- can Caruso still pull off the win by promising more cops and getting the homeless drug addicts and mental patients off the streets?

Let’s hope so.

But Bass is going to have the entire -powerful-democrat machine behind her. Both the local machine, and the statewide democrat party.

Polls are showing that people in our cities are feeling ‘less safe’ than ever, and are worried more about being victims of crime, themselves, than ever before. Let’s hope that causes them to wise up and change the way they vote.

They also need to wise up to the fact that-as democrats yell ‘do something’ about the spike in gun crime-

It is their policies that have brought it on.

And we know that because virtually all categories of crime are up, not just gun crimes.

Shoplifting, smash and grabs, train robberies, car thefts, car jackings, burglaries, armed burglaries, street robberies, street attacks and beatings, Asian hate crimes, Jewish hate crimes-

All these crimes are up in our biggest cities


And only a few of those categories of crime have to do with ‘guns. 

The biggest culprits in our nationwide spike in crime-are these soft-on-crime das and judges. Hands down. No doubt.

The cops are still arresting. So don’t blame them.

It’s the rest of the justice system that is failing. To the point that-if the das and judges won’t prosecute gun crimes-why even talk about passing more gun laws?

But that’s all the democrats want to do. Because they cannot admit. Refuse to admit. This spike in murders and mayhem is all their fault.

For heaven’s sake-just here in Milwaukee, Wisconsin right now reports that John Chisholm’s office isn’t prosecuting 60 percent of the felony cases that are crossing their desks.

Now, come on.

Why would we even bother to talk about ‘more gun laws?

The American left has nurtured a culture of crime in this country. And they refuse to own it.

photo credit: Getty Images

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