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Of course, it's all intentional.

Jay Weber Show transcript 6-7-22

My friends- how long have I been saying that all of this ‘Biden era destruction’ is intentional?

Practically since the beginning-when Biden and his team-intentionally- killed off the keystone pipeline and banned drilling on federal lands to drive up gas prices-

And when Biden and his team-intentionally- removed president trump’s border rules, which nearly had our illegal immigration problem at the border solved...correct?

Well-now republicans on capitol hill are stating this simple fact in interviews, and the leftist media wants to pretend as if it’s just a ‘talking point’...or a new messaging technique.

The story yesterday had this headline: GOP sharpens a new attack line: what Biden is doing to America is intentional.

Okay. But it’s not just an attack line. 

This isn’t just ‘messaging’, like Joe Biden’s White House claiming that this economy is really doing well and you’re too dumb to know it.

No. This is the simple truth. And if it’s something that more and more republican congressman are including in interviews good. But it’s not some ‘new talking point’. It developed organically, with people like me and other pundits saying: the most important thing about all of Biden’s screw ups, blunders, crises-is that they were nearly all intentional!!

And yes-this is a big deal: we have a president, a presidential administration, and one of the two major political parties trying to destroy this country.

It’s a big deal.

They are ‘intentionally’ trying to change this country into something else. Everyone from Biden on down-on the left-has used the word ‘transform’, haven’t they?

They are on a mission to destroy this country and... transform it...into something else. 

Of course, it is all intentional.

It’s all intentional: the high gas prices, the open border, the Dem Mayors, and Governors doing soft on crime and soft on rioters. The liberal prosecutors and judges refusing to prosecute or punish. 

It's all intentional, yes.

What else would you call it when president trump had the illegal caravans stopped, an effective border wall being built, and quick deportations underway...only to have Joe Biden get into office- vow to not build one more foot of wall...drop Trump’s policies....and re-open the fake asylum loophole that trump had closed? 

Do you know that there is currently the largest migrant caravan-ever? -making its way thru Mexico?

It’s estimated at fifteen-thousand people, and the photos show it stretching back miles on the roadways. 

And organizer told Fox that the caravan stretches 32 miles long

Of course, this is all intentional.  For sixteen months, Biden’s team has been ‘telegraphing their passes’ and making it clear they are engineering an open border.

Biden and his team are-intentionally-destroying America.

But it’s not just Biden: the rest of the party’s members are intentionally destroying our big cities, with their refusal to take criminals off the street, prosecute them, and give them prison sentences.   There has been a cabal of leftist mayors, Soros DA’s, and liberal judges that has-for years now- refused to do their jobs honestly, or with any sort of integrity.

And because our big cities are run exclusively by democrats- I haven’t heard a single mayor call out the prosecutors and judges on their reckless inaction and demand better.

Until yesterday.

Newly minted new York mayor Eric Adams is a pseudo-socialist just like the rest of them-but ran on a promise to do better on crime, and so far, in the six months he’s been in office, crime in New York has only gotten worse: to the point that at least one new video of another violent attack on the streets of New York is circulating around social media-and some days it’s more than one.

Adams is feeling pressure to produce on his promise-and so- honestly, my friends- for the first time in at least twenty years- i heard a lefty mayor call out the d-a and judges and insist they need to do better.

And Adams didn’t call them out by name, but at least he called them out: 

Adams calls NYC’s criminal justice system ‘laughingstock of our entire country’

What’s infuriating is that the same new Yorkers who elected Alvin brag to the insist that he needs to crack down on crime.

It proves that most of the voters in these big cities are morons who have brought a lot of this danger and dysfunction onto themselves.

Stop voting for Democrats.

This may have not always been the case-but today’s democrats -want- to destroy our communities. They are working to destroy this country.

And if that’s not the case, then the only other option is that all of these democrat mayors, governors, congressmen- are dangerous morons who are heavily invested in solutions that don’t work...and apparently...will never refuse to admit that they are wrong. Even as the country crumbles and burns.

And if that’s the case-they shouldn’t be leading, either. Because this is either a) intentional or b) driven by dangerous morons.

Take your pick.

But either way, today’s democrats should not be trusted to run anything.  

I’ve listed all the things that are clearly intentional.

The ‘unintentional’ seem to include: the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan. The mismanagement of Putin that led to the Ukrainian war. The continued mismanagement of an increasingly belligerent Iran and China...

And-the one i have the biggest question mark on: touching off inflation. Was that intentional? Or not?

Every notable economist and expert warned them not to do it, and they did it anyway. And yet, I doubt that Biden and his team wanted prices on absolutely everything to skyrocket thru the roof...

And so...touching off runaway inflation last spring was a blunder.

But now-refusing to do anything about it. Refusing to have any answers or prescriptions-is intentional.

Pushing for even more big govt expansions and spending of the sort that moves us closer to Bernie-style socialism that everyone knows will only make inflation and the economy-worse-

Yes. That’s intentional. 

And it’s putrid.

Think about this: Biden and his team-even if it was a mistake- have touched off the worst inflation in 40 years, and prices and energy costs are still climbing... And they are such putrid people-

Such morally corrupt people-

That they would look at that and say, well, let’s just use one of our own major mistakes as an excuse to keep pushing Bernie’s agenda.

Let’s just pretend that the only fix for inflation is to pass ‘build back better’ and dump trillions more into an overheated economy...and strap the American people down with even more permanent, big govt programs.

Hey-we can even use our push our agenda.

What sort of foul, rotten, fetid, stinking, noxious, revolting, putrescent people would do that?

Biden and today’s democrats. That’s who.

How can you doubt whether the southern border crisis is intentional, when trump had the fixes in place and was building a wall that border agents insist was working great- and Biden scuttled it all?

How is the high crime and lawlessness-not? -intentional, when the dem mayors, das and judges have engineered it all?

How is the re-teaching of racism in our schools-not-intentional?

How is the gender grooming of our kids-not? -intentional?   The democrats and the Biden administration are condoning all of this and encouraging it.

You might have seen the disturbing video of a drag event at a gay bar in Dallas Texas this past weekend that had drag dancers in slutty clothing first-dancing for children-and then encouraging the children to dance themselves. And strut the runway...prancing like drag queens.

They know what they are doing is wrong.

They know what they are doing is damaging. And they are doing it, anyway.

Of course, it is all intentional.

Photo credit: Fox News

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