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Everything’s going great!

Jay Weber Show transcript 6-6-22 7:40am

So, Joe Biden is going to take on the titans of industry, now?

Gee-how do you think this is going to turn out?

Who do you think is going to be correct about the trajectory of this economy? America’s smartest business execs? Or Joe Biden?

We ended last week with several high-profile CEOs and financial houses saying that a recession is coming. Stagflation is looming. It could be short-term, or it could be long-lasting...

And the Biden team’s response on Friday was wrong! Everything’s going great.

Do they really think they can gaslight the American public into a mass delusion?

This entire messaging approach by Biden and his team is bizarre to me: everything is so bad-and people know it- that about the only way we can play this- is to suggest they are all wrong, and try to get them to believe it?

Biden and his team keep going back to ‘jobs’. And these stats that reflect people going back to work post-covid- and largely before he ever took office.

Joe Biden-has not- gotten 8.7 million people back to work. They simply ‘returned to work’ after covid.

And by that measure-this economy is still missing millions of people who were working before the covid shutdowns and who still haven’t returned to work-even if there are eleven-million jobs open.

Folks-we still have fewer people working today than we had before the covid shutdowns.And until we do, Biden cannot say that he’s gotten America ‘back to work’. Using the stats is intentionally lying.

And by the way-even Friday’s number of 390-thousand jobs added in May was softer than what it should be- if this was a recovering economy.

The number just wasn’t as awful as expected, and so now team Biden is playing it up as a big win. It wasn’t.

For heaven’s sake-Biden’s own administration just admitted to negative GDP growth in the first quarter of this year. Down 1.5 percent.

Survey after survey shows people are feeling the terrible effects of his inflation and gas hikes.

And Biden’ wants to insist Americans are feeling financially comfortable?

Come on. It’s insulting.

And then his last claim is a flat-out lie: families are carrying less debt and savings are up.

Where has he been, and what is he smoking?

We’ve had weeks of news reports about how people have been forced to dip back into their savings-and even into their retirement accounts-to cope with Biden’s inflation.

People started to save more during the trump era, yes, but both the rate of saving-and the overall level of saving- has dropped in the Biden era-because his inflation and his crazy gas prices are forcing huge numbers of Americans to start spending those ‘savings again.

This new attempt at spin comes during the same week that executives like Jamie Dimon and Elon Musk are telling investors to get ready for a wild economic ride.

Jamie Dimon of JP Morgan is suggesting America is about to get hit by an economic hurricane- as in- it’s doing to do damage. We just don’t know how powerful it’s going to be.

Dimon said that earlier last week.

All of these people are smarter than Biden-and they all see ill winds blowing, as he and jill sit on the beach in Delaware, and their minion’s message this as a ‘great economy’.

Then there’s Elon Musk...whose prediction of ‘bad things coming’ got a snotty response from Biden.

Beyond being a genius, Musk is also a visionary, and knows more about the business world and the national and global economies than Joe Biden ever did. At any point of Biden’s sad political career.

So, are you going to believe Biden? Or Musk?


Here’s another way to put it: why would you believe a man who’s dumb enough to get into a ‘matching of the minds’ with Elon musk?

Here’s another way: why would you believe a man who thinks you are dumb enough to change your mind on this economy...because he told you it’s going great...and what you are experiencing-is wrong?

The old Clintonista pollster, Mark Penn saying that attitudes toward this economy are not going to change before election day....

And he’s correct. I would add to that: and so, spending the next four months telling the American people that they are really doing great, and are just too stupid to know it, is really going to backfire.

He goes on to say-Biden keeps talking about jobs. Jobs isn’t the issue: everyone knows they will be able to keep their job...they just don’t know if they can keep paying their bills.

And he’s right about that- as of today.

Penn is right about Americans feeling confident in their ability to keep their job-today. At this moment.

But if production orders stall out, or Biden’s inflation drives prices too high for most consumers and products start to sit....layoffs would be the next step.

And there are already signs that this economy has been losing steam since the feds went with a half-a-percent interest rate hike in May.

Car sales are starting to slip to concerning levels, again.

Meanwhile-we have never seen this country try to cope with six to eight dollar a gallon gas prices...which are coming this summer...depending on your region of the country.

Folks, there is no competition, anymore for which American president is the ‘worst president ever.

Jimmy Carter now ranks third in my mind-to Obama-and Biden...with Biden owning the top spot without question.

Look-I told you this guy would be a disaster of a president if he ever got into office-and he’s proving me right.

But everything. Everything he and his team touch-turns to shizz-nit.

If King Midas’ touch turned everything into gold. Joe Biden’s touch turns everything into diarrhea. I swear, every issue he touches, within days, is in a new state of crisis and is spewing watery stool everywhere.

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