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Biden tries to take a victory lap for solving a crisis HE CREATED

Jay Weber Show transcript 5-24-22 7:10am

My friends.... the democrats and the Biden administration-cannot- ignore every warning that a baby formula crisis was building-over the last seven months- until it’s a full-blown crisis putting infants in the hospital-

And then do a victory lap when they must resort to having the u-s military fly-in emergency formula from foreign countries.

They-cannot-take a victory lap on this.

Biden’s regime does not get credit for bleeping this up to the point that emergency military flights are this is Uganda....

And then expect to be cheered as the ‘saviors of the children’.

The attempt to do this yesterday, by the Biden administration, with a big assist from the ap, the NY Times and the accomplice media...was pathetic.

You cannot burn down the village...then emerge from the weeds with a bucket of water...toss it on the ashes...and claim to be a hero!

But this is what Biden’s team is attempting to do now!

We got video and photos if this baby formula arriving as if it was shipments of rice into Somalia, for heaven’s sake...

This is America, and this is a crisis that never needed to happen!

In fact-listen to one of the democrat congresswomen who is so disgusted with her own party’s administration, that she’s doing interviews blaming the administration and the FDA for doing nothing for seven months.

This is Rosa DeLauro of Connecticut...who is as ancient as Joe Biden and who has been in dc over 30 years, too.

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And she takes us up to the point of -about February-when this Abbott plant was shut down by the FDA-

That’s a move that took the second largest maker of baby formula in the country-totally out of commission-and is what finally caused the bare shelves to quickly develop.

And Biden’s FDA, and Biden’s white house team, still did nothing about it. 

DeLauro has made it clear in other interviews: we held hearings on this and alerted the Biden white house team to this looming crisis- back in November. They did nothing.

Then Biden’s FDA shut down the Abbott lab in February. Again, the president and his people did nothing to plan for shortages.

This entire baby formula crisis- really is- all on Joe Biden.


This is yet another crisis of Biden’s own making-and several members of his own party who are serving in congress are so disgusted by it that they aren’t even providing him cover.

Now- Pelosi and Schumer and the normal gaggle of lying scumbags are-

But people like DeLauro are not.

This ridiculous ‘operation fly formula’ never should have been necessary-

And in truth? Still isn’t.

All sorts of young parents reacted to it by saying: why won’t you just let us order it directly from the foreign retailers?

Why is Biden’s regime-keeping the ban on, say, ‘amazon purchases’...or on-line purchases of foreign formula. And feeling the need to spend taxpayer money sending the military to get it?

Which is another good question.

So imagine how p-oed these desperate families are going to be when they hear that Biden’s air-flighted formula isn’t going to be available to them, anyway.

At least not these initial flights.

The Times, AP, and glitterati media celebrated this emergency shipment as if it was a big win for parents...and then half a day later...quietly made it known that these initial shipments are going to be continuing to be hoarded by the federal government and doled out to low-income hospitals and agencies...who Democrats determine are in the most desperate need.

Those lauding this as a miracle flight...never told parents this.

Two shipments that can feed a total of about

50-thousand infants for just a week?

That’s not even a drop in a bucket.

So, once again, we are only getting the ‘appearance’ of Biden’s regime doing something, instead of a real solution to the crisis. 

A crisis-they- created.

And ABC news was reporting over the weekend that at least a handful of infants have already been hospitalized due to the baby formula shortage. Somewhere around ten total-but it was a growing number- as of Sunday.

As one expert told them:  it’s very concerning and if we continue down this path, we’re going to see more and more infants who are going to need specialized medical care.

Even correspondent Terry Moran-who is a ‘lefty’s left’ and a flaming liberal who doesn’t even try to hide his bias-

Even Moran-had this to response to Martha Raddatz-on their Sunday show:

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Raddatz and Moran are two screaming lefties, and they had others on the panel who were nodding their heads in agreement.

Yep. This is bad. And it’s Biden’s fault.

And-unlike gas prices- where everyone knows whose fault they are-Biden’s...

There are fewer Americans who will know-how directly- this formula shortage is also Biden’s fault.

So, I’m not sure how much it will hurt Biden, additionally, with young voters having children. That’s’ difficult to gauge.

But as another vivid and alarming instance of shortages and hardships brought on by the Biden era- that Biden appears to have no ability- or desire-to fix?

It could be devastating.

It’s human nature that- it’s ‘one thing’ to hear that thing are bad for other people.

It’s something entirely different to experience it yourself. And if every family with young children has mom, dad, both sets of grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends...all scouring the stores in desperation...and they know whose fault it is....

Of course, that is going to have an impact on voters.

And i keep coming back to the fact that this is yet another Biden crisis that never needed to happen. 

And to see them tout the airlift as a massive victory- was just sickening. It’s just irksome.

But it’s also not surprising to me: all Biden and today’s democrats can do, anymore, is ‘pretend’ to care- after the fact-once they get caught in the scandal.

photo credit: Getty Images

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