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Yep, She Did It

Jay Weber Show transcript 5-23-22

So-I missed the ‘big moment’ on Friday- in which Hillary Clinton’s own 2016 campaign manager admitted that Hillary and her ‘political inner circle’, personally approved the effort to smear Donald Trump with lies- planted into Obama’s FBI and DOJ.

There is-absolutely- no shock here- from anyone in this audience. There certainly shouldn’t be...because I’ve been detailing what was the most likely scheme from the very beginning-and it was this.

I still believe that members of Obama’s white house-if not Obama himself-also signed off on this scheme to both weaponize the smear against trump using our most ‘credible’ law enforcement agency- simply by letting it be known that, if the FBI is investigating trump, there must be some truth to it...

But also, to intentionally mislead top FBI officials and ‘deep state’ lefties...causing them to launch actual spy operations and investigations into trump.

I’m certain Obama’s white house team had a role in this- if not Obama, himself.

But for now- the Durham investigation is (at least) connecting the dots when it comes to Hillary’s involvement.

On Friday, Clinton’s campaign manager, Robby Mook, was called as a witness for the defense-

He was called as a witness by the accused criminal’s lawyers-those trying to clearMichael Sussman of the charges that he intentionally lied to the FBI...

And as part of his testimony, Mook violated a long-time, unwritten rule in left wing dc politics: never implicate the Clintons.

He was under oath

Hillary Clinton personally approved plan to share Trump-Russia allegation with the press in 2016, campaign manager says

And I think you know the significance of this testimony-under oath: it is, finally, direct evidence that Hillary Clinton was directly responsible for the Russia collusion smear and the four years of hell that followed for Donald Trump and his administration.

-she-approved it to move forward: this scummy scheme to invent smears and inject them into the DOJ bloodstream- which touched off the FBI spying operation on trump tower and all of the rest of it.

In fact, the moment Sussman planted this initial ‘misinformation’ into the FBI....Clinton took to twitter...and even tweeted about this ‘apparent link’ between trump and a Russian bank...and she played dumb as she suggested...boy, if this is true, it's really serious.

Clinton, herself, planted the lie and then ‘megaphoned’ it, on social media. What. A scumbag.

But we’ve known what corrupt scumbags bill and Hillary Clinton are-for decades. And so, this should surprise no one.

In fact- Michael Goodwin of the NY Post reminded readers that- as far back as the earliest days of the bill Clinton regime-

And at a time in which the east coast media still had some real journalists and some integrity-

The great William Safire just came out and said it: Hillary Clinton is a congenital liar.

It’s pathetic that -six years later- we are finally starting to see the evidence that -proves- this coordinated smear campaign against trump occurred-and at the highest levels of the democrat party, DOJ, FBI, and -yet to be proven-but certainly the case- the Obama white house.

Is it going to take another six years to get to that ‘truth?’ 

Will we ever?

And as of this weekend, the major media outlets in America were-still-refusing to report on this story.  Media trackers say ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC-all failed to even run a story on the Sussman trial and this new ‘admission of guilt’ from Robby Mook that Hillary okayed it all.

There was a good summary over the weekend, related to how this all played out, because it can get confusing:

And she will never pay a price for it.

That is one of the things that I am -certain of: Hillary will never be held accountable-for any of it: not by the criminal or civil courts. Not by the news media, in the court of public opinion.

For some reason- she and her scummy husband remain ‘untouchable’. Protected. In dc and east coast circles.

They’ve proven for about 35 years now, that they are ‘above the law’. And that should be simply unacceptable in a country such as ours.

No one should be above the law, or ‘exempted from it’, no matter how politically powerful they are.

The Clinton campaign created several smears related to trump and Russia....fed them to a willing FBI ‘deep state’. Fed them to a willing press, whose members were only -too- eager to print any smears related to trump, without even investigating their legitimacy...

And then used their own party members and elected officials to spread the lies as ‘legitimate news’. 

But it also had the effect of-exposing the deep state for what it is-

Exposing the leftist, accomplice media for what it is-

And exposing the scope of how rotten and dysfunctional the dc swamp and the east-and west-coast elites are.

If nothing else, the Trump era, and President Trump himself, by being their target, exposed all of that for us.

And it is why ‘going back to the days before Trump’ is now an impossibility.  

You’ve got all sorts of dc insiders are glitterati elites who ‘just want the country to go back to the way it was before trump’....

Back to the days before all these putrid, incestuous ties between the private sector elites, the dc powerbrokers and insiders, and the leftist media were exposed...more fully.

They want to go back to the time in which they were getting away with the scam. But they can’t put the truth back under a blanket...and the primary election results that we are seeing this year prove it: insiders are ‘shocked’ every time an outsider ‘Trump endorsed’ candidate wins over the more establishment pick.

They are shocked that Trump’s endorsement record is now something like 75 and 5. 

They are shocked that trump still has ‘such a hold’ over this party...even though trump has proven over the last six years that he’s the only one in dc who can be trusted to expose the corruption and follow thru on the promises he’s made to the American people.

But-as Jonathan Turley pointed out this weekend: Robby Mook ‘outing’ Hillary on Friday was big.

Turley also insists Hillary Clinton will skate on it all: she won’t be charged with anything or see any direct punishment now that the truth is proven.

So, in that, he agrees with me.

It is the decades-long pattern of dc in the modern era: none of the ‘genuinely powerful’ ever get their punishment or comeuppance.

Hillary Clinton was behind one of the most outrageous efforts to rig an election...she lied to, and abused, one of America’s most powerful agencies in the process, and her lies were played out in smears that put the trump presidency under a cloud for three years...

And in many ways...a cloud that remains to this day.  This Russia collusion scandal cost the country in-so many- incalculable ways.

And Clinton will never suffer a day of punishment for it.

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