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Democrat's "Ultra-MAGA" term blows up in their faces

Jay Weber Show transcript 5-16-22 7:10am

Man- I love this story: it turns out that the Biden regime and their strategists did six months of research before they came up with ‘Ultra-MAGA’ as the ‘killer label’ that was going to turn the country against Republicans.

That may be-but what you have to add the qualifier:

But not when the alternative is Biden and the Democrats!

Holy cow: they put six months of research and thought into that doozy- before Biden rolled it out- and trump fans and most other republicans were happy to embrace it -if it means- ‘the opposite of what Biden and the democrats are doing’.

It took about 15 minutes for republicans to turn this attempted insult into a new rallying cry: if ultra-maga is the opposite of Biden, then I’m ultra-maga.

Folks, at least Hillary calling half of the country ‘deplorable’ was a mistake. Biden’s team researched this!

You can’t slam success-when you suck!!!

You can’t slam success-when you suck.

You only make yourself look even more ridiculous.

I did a segment last week about how moronic it is for Biden and the left to try to vilify the trump years as ‘the bad old days’...when those four years were the only four years over the last 15, in which America was actually successful. Jobs were plentiful. Gas was cheap. Groceries were affordable. Wages leapt up by leaps and bounds due to a strong economy...

And there’s Biden...doddering, angry, goof that he is...asking the crowds last week: do you want to go back to the trump years?

Do ya? With all that ultra-maga stuff?

Yes! We do!!!

You -cannot- mock or dismiss ‘successes, when you are a categorical failure, as Biden and today’s democrats are.

That’s why this ultra-maga thing is so goofy. On the east coast, they think it’s a smear. It’s not a smear. And every time it is used by a democrat, it is going to be reminding the voters that ‘republicans govern better’.

And I’ve never seen a more tone-deaf bit of messaging.

Ronald Reagan had the genius question: are you better off now than you were four years ago?

Biden’s version of that is: do you want to go back to all of the strength and prosperity of the Trump years?

Well-do yah?

What a dope.

This is not a win for them- and the democrats are not ‘winning’ in any way.

And since I’ve got a packed show today-I’ll drop this in, now: an Ohio lawmaker who is running for a key u-s senate seat in fall...has-no interest-in having Biden come to that state and campaign for him.

This is democrat Tim Ryan-who has been in the house for years. Now he’s running for a vacant senate seat and was asked this question by John Harwood- listen to how he ‘talks around’ the fact that Biden is poison to voters.

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That’s Tim Ryan-going out of his way to say that he wants ‘no affiliation or association’ with his own party, or the man who is currently teetering atop it.

And trust me-Tim Ryan isn’t the only sitting dem, or dem candidate running this fall that has no interest in being associated with joe Biden and is-desperately hoping-Biden doesn’t come thru their state between now and fall.

See-if Biden’s team decides to -just stop- for an event in a state-every high profile dem office holder or candidate in that state must make a choice: are you going to the airport to greet him? Are you showing up at the event as a display of party unity?

Are you a ‘good democrat soldier’ who will drop everything to stand in the filtered glow of the most powerful man in the world-and be proud that he’s someone from your party?

Or are you going to make an excuse and hide-causing reporters to track you down and embarrass you as someone who won’t support your own president?

None of these dems are going to be inviting Biden to campaign for them-given how toxic he is.

But beyond that-they don’t even want him stopping in their state- between now and November.

Let’s end with this tidbit: a poll that shows only three of ten people who moved over to ‘Biden’ after voting for ‘trump’ in 2016...Only 3 in 10 say they’d vote for Joe Biden again.

And they hate Kammy, too.

photo credit: Getty Images

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