Turns out those "safe smoke kits" DID include crack pipes

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I know that all DC politicians and administrations ‘lie’ at some point, or lie occasionally...

But it really is remarkable how the members of Biden’s regime-never- tell the truth.

And I’m saying-never.

And the reason seems to be that -since none of their policies and programs are reasonable, logical, or popular-they need to lie about them to put them into place.

This is a perfect example: months ago, when the story broke that we taxpayers were paying to send ‘free crack pipes to the drug centers that these democrats have set up in some of the major cities-

Jen Psaki stood at the white house podium and blatantly lied about it: there were no crack pipes in the so-called ‘smoking kits’ that they were handing out for free-to drug addicts- at these ‘safe centers’.... where democrats have decided drug abusers can all hang out and do drugs-and have their needles and drug paraphernalia subsidized by the rest of us.

These centers-in and of themselves-are a scandal. 

Conservative reporters who have visited them say that the drug dealers-literally-stand across the street and openly sell their drugs to the addicts-

Because- why not?

They are only being good businessmen and ‘going where the drug users are’.  

And since no law enforcement ever hassle or arrest these dealers-or users-in these cities, they sell the drugs openly, with impunity, right outside the drug centers.

And inside-the users can get free needles and ‘smoke kits’ which the woke leftists and Biden administration have decided should include actual crack pipes.

And when the word got out- Psaki lied. Blatantly lied.

And we talked about it at the time, and we knew she was lying-because we had photos of the ‘smoke kits’ posted on social media-and sure enough- there were a couple different types of disposable pipes included-including a crack pipe.

Yep. It’s in the kit.

None-the-less-the Biden administration lied their asses off and told us that was fake news.

They even had some of their scummy ‘fact checkers’ write stories debunking it-as false.

Well- guess what?

Reporters from the Washington Free Beacon recently visited five different drug centers in five major cities-and while the ‘smoke kits’ that they were giving out each differed...a little bit...all the five- included a crack pipe.

The Free Beacon has the administration dead to rights. Proving Psaki and the white house team to be a bunch of liars.

And still, this story will ‘go nowhere’.  The leftist media will give them cover on it.

It is another one of the ‘compassionate left’s leaps of faith that coddling drug addicts is a great way for society to treat them.

These clinics are-as the story suggests-run by mostly inner-city non-profits who just want the state and federal grant money-and so they never seem to follow thru on the promise of offering rehabilitation services for the druggies-

Never help them clean up or move them off the streets-

After all- this is now like any other government grift or hand out: why would organizations that are raking in free government money- ever? Want it to end?

Why would the people who run these clinics-ever? -want to solve the drug problem or get their clients off the streets?

The need for their services would dry up.

And so-I can guarantee you- that none of these communities are-ever. Ever- going to see an improvement in their terrible addict and homelessness problems- thanks to these drug centers.

Not a chance. And yet- now Biden has us funding them to the tune of 30-million dollars more- so that we can provide the crack heads with more pipes.

What? Is this country? Coming to?

A pundit on twitter put it this way the other day: Joe Biden’s America features free crack pipes, but no baby formula.


The USA Today- which is part of the journal/sentinel’s scummy ownership operation- was one of the organizations to ‘fact check’ the initial story and insist that ‘free crack pipes’ was fake news.

No. It’s not. It’s ‘Joe Biden’s America’ and it is the ‘America’ that today’s leftists want for all of us, soon. And God forgive them if they really think they are ‘helping’, here.

Because catering to homeless drug addicts and mental patients- and supporting that ‘condition’ they are in-is not compassionate. And it is not helpful.

It isn’t helping the addict. It isn’t helping the mentally ill person. And it isn’t helping ‘society’. The rest of us.

That’s why this is about ‘the grift’.  These places are-literally-catering to any and every way that human beings have discovered to do drugs. Including putting it up your butt.


Do you think this was what the founders had in mind when they formed the country? Alcoholism and drug use were a problem back then, too, after all.

Do you think that they talked about ‘free drug paraphernalia-for all?’

I shouldn’t even joke about it, or the woke crowd will start claiming that this is a constitutional right, just like abortion.

The fourteen amendment guarantees the right to free ‘booty bumps’ and ‘biggie smalls’.

I have a God-given right to stuff drugs up my butt.

How does that cheer go?

Hey, hey- ho....hooooo!!!

One, two, three, four...put some meth in my back door...

What do we want?Meth!

Where do we want it? Up our azzzzz

What? Is this country coming to?

I don’t know about you-but I don’t work 50 hours a week so that drug addicts can have free crack pipes.

But apparently- we do. We all do. 

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