Governor Tony Evers is a COWARD!

Jay Weber Show transcript 5-13-22 7:40am

I have noted, on occasion, that I am virtually always right on my ‘takes’ and ‘predictions’...and I have found that- in the few times I have been wrong- I swear to you-

It has been the times in which I have given democrats-too much credit. Or given a democrat-the benefit of the doubt.

I swear to you this is true. Any time I try to ‘back a democrat’ it ends up burning me....

Some of you probably heard me say, in passing, a few days ago that- yes, Governor Evers has pardoned hundreds of criminals during his tenure, but it seems to me that he has pardoned only low-level offenders. And has been responsible in who he is pardoning.

Remember this?

It was during a Ben Yount newscast. 

When Evers issued his first few rounds of pardons, i would go down the list and see whether he was letting violent felons out of prison...and nope.... he was pardoning only low-level offenders. Okay. At least he was getting this ‘right’.

Not two days later-

Not two days later- Wisconsin Right now breaks the story of how Evers is pardoning a brutal killer-

Evers is ignoring an 80-year prison sentence-and letting the guy out after just 23 years served-and the victim’s family is furious about it.

I don’t know if other show hosts have talked about this story, but i haven’t yet. The granular details are on the Wisconsin-Right-Now website. Jessica McBride and Jim Piwowarczyk have done a deep dive into this one...

The guy’s name is Douglas Balsewicz.

Tony Evers Doesn't Call, Sends Victim's Family Automated Message in Killer's Parole Case

This initial story broke about two days ago: how outrageous it was that a brutal killer was going to be released by Evers after serving less than a quarter of his sentence-and how his victim’s family wasn’t even notified. That’s bad enough-

But in follow up reports...Wisconsin Right Now has been unable to get Gov Evers to comment on it-and get the run-around from his staff-who tell them-from a distance- the governor can’t reverse this decision. It was made by the parole board chairman john Tate.

Tate-for his part- refuses to reverse the decision on the idiotic grounds that, well, if i reverse it now, the state might get sued.

And so, this clown, Tate....would rather let a murderer walk free than make the right call and risk litigation against the state-for his screw up?

This week, Courtney Sisk of WISN 12 tried to get a comment from Evers.

An update this morning as Ben Yount reports…

The family of a woman killed by one of Governor Evers’ parolees finally has a meeting with the governor. Johanna Balsewicz’s [[ ball-say-vich’s ]] family says they've been promised a meeting with the governor next Tuesday, the same day that Douglas Balsewicz is set to leave prison. He killed Johanna back in 1997, police in West Allis say he stabbed her over 40 times. Balsewicz was sentenced to 80 years in prison, but the governor's parole board last month approved his release . Johanna’s family yesterday said Balsewicz continues to be a threat, and they fear the governor is releasing a dangerous man back into society

photo and story credit: Wisconsin Right Now

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