Sure, call us Ultra-MAGA

Jay Weber Show transcript 5-12-22 7:40am

Here’s a good rule of thumb: if you are trying to come up with an insulting name, or label, for someone, and they like it- it’s not an insult.

If Liz Warren really liked being called ‘squats with unions’...or ‘Woke-a-Hontus’...they wouldn’t be good insults.

Joe Biden is now using this ‘Ultra-MAGA’ label as a pejorative that he’s trying to make stick-and Trump supporters are loving it.

Even republican lawmakers are saying ‘fine, call me Ultra-MAGA’...

Because they know that-in this atmosphere. Americans want trump back- not two more years of Biden.

In short-Biden has bleeped everything up so badly, that having him try to mock Trump and Trump supporters-is only backfiring.

And it makes sense: this would be like Mitch Tribiski trying to mock Aaron Rodgers. 

Okay, Mitch, but you suck i don’t know why i should be upset at the insult.

In fact, Florida senator Rick Scott’s reaction was exactly that: Biden can call me what he wants-but he’s ruining the country- so- Ultra-MAGA seems like a good alternative.

New York congresswoman Elise Stefanik told a reporter yesterday-she’s proudly Ultra-MAGA.

That is a stellar response-and it should go out to all other republicans-especially those running for office: if you are called ‘Ultra-MAGA’...define what it is....and then say...I’ll embrace that label, then.

It's a great reaction to what is a stupid new smear Biden’s team has rolled out. 

Imagine, mocking what worked, infinitely better than what they are doing now.

Folks, what it really does, is remind voters of how good the Trump years were, doesn’t it?

That’s the biggest reason this is a ‘big fail’ of a new meme: if Biden and the democrats want to use a phrase that reminds voters of how good we were all doing under Trump. Please...

Feel free.

And they appear to be invested in it.

This is a lot of dc insider whining-and it’s not going to ‘land’ the way they think it is. They keep playing to the east coast. Oooo...Ultra-MAGA is going to be a great new insult in DC, New York, and Hollywood.

And nowhere else.

The desperate democrats are hoping that it sticks.  It might- on the coasts- but its going to backfire everywhere all sorts of voters are reminded of the trump years-

And will compare them to the Biden years.

This is the failure...mocking the ‘successful’. How does that turn out?

I teased this yesterday and then didn’t get to it-

We’ve got a new poll out that shows Joe Biden-could not- get re-elected today.

In my more than 30 years of doing this-I have never seen numbers this bad.  

They strongly suggest that Joe Biden-simply cannot-win a second term. Pollsters would put the caveat on it of ‘unless things dramatically improve’-

But even then- I don’t think the American people would make the same mistake twice and give this man a second term in office. Not even if inflation and crime rates

 he has been an across-the -board disaster. He has no ideas-ever- on how to fix any of these crises he’s touched off-

And his only answer is bribing the voters. What else can we democrats give away for free?


The next way Biden’s team plans to screw up America is with this cheap stunt related to student debt relief.

This will be a very expensive stunt for US taxpayers and for everyone who-did not-go to college...but it’s another cheap attempt by desperate democrats to ‘buy’ the voters they can’t otherwise attract.

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