Voters know who to blame.

Jay Weber Show transcript 5-11-22 6:10am

It’s going to be a theme of the show today: voters-are-paying-attention. Voters know who to blame.

I’ve been dropping this in, in an off-handed manner for some time now: voters know who to blame-

And it sounds trite-but it’s not. It is more important-and more unique-than you might think- in an election year.

Quite often, most voters are complacent. Not paying attention. Not terribly engaged. Pretty gullible when it comes to ‘what is going on’, and ‘why’?

Rush used to call these people ‘low information voters.

And they aren’t idiots. These aren’t low IQ people. They’re simply people who have different interests, lots of distractions. No time, or no interest, in really following along-

And so, they can be more easily lied to, and manipulated, by strategists and false talking points, and media spin...etc.

That is the ‘normal’ condition for the US electorate, quite frankly: low information, and more gullible and pliable, come election time.

But this year- voters are more focused. The issues plaguing the country are more ‘intimate’. Everyone is feeling the inflation, and the crime, and the gas and grocery prices...etc.

They are paying closer attention.

And it’s one reason that Joe Biden and the democrats aren’t going to get away with blaming inflation on Putin and covid, or even the republicans, as he tried to do, yesterday.

The American people -just-lived thru the last fifteen months.  We all-just-experienced the new miseries and know -why- we are suffering them and -who-is to blame.

Gas was 2.30 a gallon around here when Biden took office. And lept to 3.50 a gallon before Putin ever started his war: everyone knows that Biden and his jihad against fossil fuels is the primary driver of these higher gas prices.

Put it this way: even with Putin’s war tacking on 80 cents per gallon...gas would still only be about 3 dollars a gallon if Biden wouldn’t have attacked the oil and gas industry the moment he got into office.

‘Putin’s war’ would have given us 3 dollar a gallon gasoline-

‘Biden’s war’ against fossil fuels has given us gasoline that’s 4.35 a gallon.

Everyone knows who is responsible. Everyone knows Biden restarted the border crisis.

Everyone knows the big city democrats and their Soros das are responsible for the spike in crime.

And everyone knows that this country was seeing a very strong recovery under trump and pence...thru the fall and winter of 2020- with only low accompanying inflation of 1.5 to 2 percent- until! - Biden got into office and he and the dems passed that totally unnecessary covid relief bill and flooded the economy with ‘free money’ and screwed it up.

Everyone knows what happened. We just lived thru it.

And that’s why- no matter how many times Biden and his team try to blame the gas prices on Putin-or on ‘gouging’ he is going to be rightfully blamed for them.

And this is why- no matter how many times Biden and his team try to blame this inflation on covid, and Putin, and republicans- anyone other than themselves- they will be rightfully blamed for them.

Biden and the democrats- touched off this hyper-inflation. And everyone with a brain knows it.

It is what made Biden’s performance yesterday particularly pathetic.  I don’t know if you saw any of it-but he started off blaming this nearly 9 percent inflation on ‘covid’, and ‘Putin’.

Again- trump had us in a full recovery with two percent inflation and that condition persisted right up until March or April of last year-whenever Biden, Pelosi, and Schumer rammed thru that final covid relief package.

As for Putin? This country was already seeing 7-and-a-half or 8 percent inflation before Putin’s war ever started. Biden was lying on both fronts, of course.

Ludicrously, he even tried to blame the republicans for having no ‘fixes’ for his inflation.

I think that’s a great idea: yes- lets have Americans think about what-republicans- in congress are actually proposing-and what president trump was actually-doing- to make their lives better, increase their salaries, improve their benefits, bring peace to the world...

Yes. And let’s contrast that with the democrat proposals-which Biden claims ‘are what families need’.

Higher taxes?A new bill to pay the college debts of other people’s children. More criminals on the streets so they can have dinner with their families-before they terrorize yours.

Yes. Please, voters. Match up the agendas.

Biden blamed everybody but himself.

He even ‘kind of’ blamed Pelosi and Schumer and the dems in control of the senate. At one point, he admitted that they had all of the majorities in DC.

He said...we’re in power.... but. We’re not really. We have that 50/50 senate that can’t get our agenda passed....

There was a moment afterward in which a reporter you take...any? responsibility for this inflation?

No. Biden said:

placeholder image

Isn’t that something? 

And by the way-his policies have not brought down the spending deficit. He’s been trying to claim this for three weeks now- over the course of three prepared speeches-and it’s simply a lie.

To the point that even a CNN fact checker called ‘bull plop’ on it, after Biden’s speech yesterday.

All Biden and the democrats have done is spend, spend, spend...and now Biden’s ‘cure’ for inflation is for government to spend, spend, spend.

It really is from bizarro world.

After ted Cruz had seen a copy of the speech- but before Biden even gave it yesterday- he was tweeting out in all-caps, his answer to solving inflation: stop spending money.

Afterward, every republican congressman and pundit seemed to blast Biden, and I didn’t see any democrats stepping up to defend him.

Because Biden and the democrats don’t have -any-solution or fix -to the inflation problem that they touched off. Why?

Because they don’t want to stop spending trillions of dollars and expanding government’s scope, size, and reach. That’s why.

After all we have been thru- Biden insisted that the things that-could not- be blamed for this inflation were him, his policies, and the massive and unnecessary federal spending that he and the democrats have done over the last fifteen months.

Bottom line: the only things that Biden-was certain- had not touched off this inflation-were the things that touched off the inflation.

This is an instance in which-this really is- all on them.

And the American people know it.  It’s why 72 percent of us say the country is going in the wrong direction.

It is why even a CNN poll has 66 percent of Americans blaming Biden for a bad economy. 

Its’ why a Rasmussen poll shows that -as of now - Joe Biden-cannot-win a second term.

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