Wisconsin’s crime problems are a big topic in a WaPo piece this week.

Jay Weber Show transcript 5-10-22

Wisconsin’s crime problems are the topic of a lengthy Washington Post piece this week.

This is interesting, given that we’ve been talking for months now about how ‘inflation and crime’ are the two biggest issues for Wisconsin voters. And we know this from both polls and from the candidates running for office...as they campaign around the state.

Crime-is a major issue. And the point of the Post’s piece is that-yes- it is influencing how Wisconsinites are voting.

They start by profiling a woman who lives on Milwaukee’s east side and votes democrat:

In Wisconsin, a complex debate on crime foreshadows a midterm fight

The Democrats and their activist left have tried to make ‘criminal justice’ and ‘racial justice’ the same thing.

And they are not: Americans of all colors and races want to know that -if a prep does the crime, they do the time.

We want to see criminals get their punishment.

But somewhere along the line-

Probably when the race baiters and race hustlers couldn’t find any ‘real’ racism to point to in America, anymore-

They turned to the racial make-up of prisons as some evidence of racism, and it’s not.

They needed a new ‘hook’ upon which to hang their new round of racial wars and racial agitation, and they chose to point to our system of punishing criminals as racist.

And it’s not. Studies specific to Wisconsin-and done nationally-have proven that it’s not.

Jim Doyle ordered a study of Wisconsin’s judicial system and then buried the results when he didn’t like the findings-because he couldn’t use them politically.

You’d think that a Wisconsin governor would rejoice in a report that showed that-Wisconsin’s justice system is blind-and the people who we have locked up deserve it-and got the same sentences regardless of skin color...

That’s what sounds fair to most of us...

But Gov Doyle hated the conclusion, and quickly buried the results.

Some of you might remember it- about a decade ago.

Well, that was the ‘front edge’ of this push by the left to claim our justice system was racist and start calling for ‘bail reforms’ and ‘shorter sentences’ and ‘racial quotas among prison population’...and all the rest. It had das like John Chisolm changing his approach and embracing weak charges, etc...

You know the rest.

Democrats and liberals brought this onto themselves-and onto the people who live in the cities they run. 

Today’s terribly high crime is- no kidding- almost entirely the fault of the activist left and the democrats who fell for their nonsense.

It started with the race baiters and several new groups funded by Marxists like George Soros-to use race to divide Americans again-

And of course, the old school race baiters like Al Sharpton immediately hopped on it: they’d been chasing fake instances of racism for many years, trying to pretend as if it was still a huge problem in America...

And so, Sharpton and the NAACP crowd were only ‘so happy’ to have some new enemies to blame.

And so, this movement built on the left over the last decade-among the activist class-

But still- the democrat party leaders and their elected officials were reluctant to embrace it-

You might remember how...when Hillary ran in 2016- she famously met with BLM members in private. Behind the curtains of events. In closed rooms.

Because ‘going soft on crime’ was not a popular position. And still isn’t.

But-what changed is-after Hillary’s loss-and at a time in which the democrat party’s leaders were disillusioned and at a loss for ‘where their party went next’...

At that same time- the only energy on their side of the aisle was with the ‘Bernie Bros’ and with these antifa and BLM groups.  

Then came the George Floyd death- and a moment in which these activist groups appeared to be turning into a much larger force...and so democrat party leaders ‘caved to the moment’. Elected democrats suddenly decided ‘f-the police’.   ‘Abolish ice’. Defund police departments. Don’t hold thugs on bail. Open the prison house doors.

This was the new voice -and energy-of their party. Virtually every single democrat was stupid enough to go along with it.

The few that didn’t were-really- ‘old school’. It was only people like Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein-

The true ‘ancients’ of the party who refused to buy into it- but even then- they just ‘went quiet’. They didn’t do anything to push back on it-

Not until it was way too late to salvage the 2020 round of elections-

And sure, they had managed to engineer a trump defeat, but the dems got creamed that year in every other way.

Now-two years later-their party members and their side of the aisle are-still!!!- on a ‘no cops’, soft-on-crime drift.

Pelosi and Biden might have gotten most of their members to shut up about ‘defunding the police’, but some of them still talk about it, and the entire party still subscribes to the ‘no charging’ das and the ‘no prison’ judges that they have put in place.

In short-the left is still ‘working the pro-crime plan’ even if their party leaders don’t want to talk about it, come election time.

This is where we are now.

And maybe most voters aren’t savvy enough to know it-but they know their communities are far less safe-

And they know who is in charge: democrats.

They know trump and the republicans stood up against the rioting and they know that democrat governors and mayors like Tony Evers ‘let it go on’.

Heck-Mandela Barnes- our Lt. Governor- is running for the senate now, and still will not denounce ‘defund the police’ and ‘no bail’ policies. The clown. 

In fact, the trust of this wash post piece focusing on Wisconsin is on how many of our Dem lawmakers are trying to have it both ways on crime this year, as they campaign.  

They speak in double-speak and in code. Evers is mentioned. Barnes is mentioned. David Bowen is mentioned. 

And they don’t come off looking good. Not even in a Washington Post article.

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