7 in 10 Hispanic voters say close that border!

Jay Weber Show transcript 5-6-22 8:30am

My friends- the Roe leak knocked virtually all other news out of Washington DC- out of the headlines this week-

But one of the things that happened is that the scummy ‘Alejandro Mayorkas’ continued his appearances in front of congressional panels.

This is Biden’s homeland security secretary, of course, and the man selected to engineer ‘open borders’ for the democrat party, while pretending to be implementing ‘better’, ‘kinder’ more humane border practices than trumps.

A huge part of the Biden admin’s ‘big lie’ on the border is pretending as if they are working a different strategy than Trump’s to close and control the border...and it just needs time to ‘take hold.’

That’s the big lie.

They have no plan to close and control this border, and every action that they have taken over the last year- spearheaded by Mayorkas-has been to bring about open borders.

And everyone with a brain knows it.

I wanted republican senators to flight Mayorkas’s cabinet appointment because he was a famously ‘open borders’ member of Obama’s DHSs.

Why would we put him in charge of a plan to ‘close and control’ the border?

The nomination only fit if the mission-from moment one of the Biden regime-was to engineer open borders.

And this dangerous clown has. He admitted to Brett Baire on fox news this week that-yes- a million illegals who border agents ‘met’ were then allowed to flood into America.

And this is only the illegals who got caught, mind you. There were anywhere between a half-million and a million more-who crossed and never got nabbed.

Well- i say ‘caught’. Arrested. Stopped.

These are no longer words that our border agency uses, anymore. Instead...these are ‘encounters’ with illegal aliens.

This is how Mayorkas has been referring to them as he has appeared in front of these panels this week.

It’s something our own Senator, Ron Johnson, called him on during a Senate hearing yesterday.

Senator Johnson tried to get Mayorkas to simply admit to the truth: just admit what you are doing. When title 42 is ended- you will have created an open border. Just admit it- Johnson pushed.

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And Mayorkas kept lying, of course. He is the America-hater that Biden has put in charge of making voters believe that this border is being secured- as every effort is made to make it ‘wide open’.

Mayorkas is a slippery little S-O-B who never answers a question honestly, or directly, and somehow...Brett Baier got him to admit that-at least- a million illegals have been allowed in since Biden took office-and this was ‘after encounters’ with border agents.

And so, they were caught. Given a kiss, and then bussed or flown to wherever they wanted to go in America. On our tax dollar.

This is so scummy. Mayorkas is breaking his oath of office and should be impeached and jailed.And I’m not exaggerating. This man is willfully ignoring his legal duties and should be removed from office and prosecuted for it.

But hey, when dems are in charge, lawlessness reigns.

And ice is doing-zero-interior enforcement, anymore, of course. Biden’s admin isn’t even deporting felony criminals like Obama’s regime was doing.

Nope. Even the rapists and murderers get to stay now- to be released onto the streets of the u-s- to rape and murder more Americans.

This is Joe Biden’s America.

Oh-and those 49 known terrorists who were caught crossing. Yeah...a lot of them were just released into America, too.  Yeah.

But don’t worry. Mayorkas insists they are being monitored. So- no worries there. There’s no reason-not- to allow known and suspected terrorists into the country.

Why not.

When the country is being run by America-haters, why wouldn’t you let other America-haters in?

And most Americans still don’t know any of this-or that Biden’s people aren’t even trying to stop the flood.

This clown, Mayorkas, and the entire regime have been talking in code for over a year-and i pointed it out immediately.

Just now-fifteen months later – the ‘smart people’ out east are starting to get it: Mayorkas always talks in terms of ‘processing’, or ‘handling’ or ‘managing’ the illegal flood. He never talks about ‘stopping it’. ‘Removing them’. Deporting them.

Never. Never ever. Does Mayorkas talk about removal, or enforcing our long-standing immigration laws.

He’s a bleeping scumbag of the highest sort.

Baier is one of the few reporters who has called Mayorkas on this ‘talking in code’.

The democrats-want- and have created-open borders. And every desperate migrant from around the globe knows it.

And its’ why Mayorkas’ DHS and Biden’s team aren’t even pretending that they won’t be touching off a massive new wave of illegals into this country when they end title 42.

But scumbag Mayorkas-is- still pretending as if it’s the CDC’s call, not his. That’s malarkey. He and President Biden could put-and keep-any rule in place that they’d like at that border.

And they have refused.

Instead-every move. Every action. Has been to create an open border.

It. Is. Infuriating.

And if there is any good news-it is that -at least the American people are starting to catch on, now. New polls show 65 to 70 percent of Americans say Biden’s border policies are making things worse. Leading to open borders, etc.

The left seemed shocked this week when a Trafalgar poll showed that 65 percent of Hispanic voters want the border closed, too.

I’ve explained this before to the racist democrats: these are ‘Americans’ with Hispanic last names.  It’s racist to believe that they would all favor open borders and mass illegal migration just because most of the people coming in in the flood might share their brown skin, or ethnicity.

But this is how racist leftists think.


Nearly 7 in ten Hispanic voters say close that border! Stop this!

And other seven percent of Latino respondents said they had no opinion...and so...only one in five Hispanic voters-

Only on in five Hispanic Americans- don’t want the border closed.

And so- who are Biden and the democrats doing this for?

Who are they trying to appease, here?

A very small sliver of leftist, America-hating, Latino activists who they believe they need the help of-in order to keep winning elections.

That’s who.

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