A 60 year old pro-abortion lie has fallen, thanks to Joe Biden.

I did a segment earlier on the extreme scare tactics   that the leftists are using to try to scare voters to the polls. Everyone from Joe Biden to AOC and eric Swalwell. To the talking heads on CNN and MSNBC.... Are claiming the court is going to kill off gay marriage-and interracial marriages- next. Ban gay kids from schools.

And it’s all foolishness, of course.

In fact, it’s so foolish that it is going to backfire on them: no one other than a small sliver of their most rabid activists is going to believe this crackpot:yet again, the democrats are

‘Overdoing it’ on the lies.

This is a routine problem of theirs. Hillary’s team can’t just float that trump is a Russian agent. They must invent wild stories about him having hookers pee on beds...

And- wanting to do it in the room where barrack and Michelle slept?

Really weird-and completely unbelievable-nonsense.  

They always overdo it. 

Yesterday, President Biden was suggesting that ‘Maga-land’ could be banning LGBTQ kids from the classroom...or even taking away the rights of married couples to buy contraception??

AOC and Swalwell-along with half of MSNBC’s racist staff...was claiming the court wanted to ban interracial marriage-

This is idiotic stuff. It’s incredible, what sort of new crackpot nonsense they are generating on the left this week.

It has a listener emailing me this question:

Where does all of that ‘crazy’ come from, and what does it possibly have to due with abortion?

None of it has-anything-to do with abortion, or with what this court decision is about-which is correcting a 50 year wrong. Reversing an unconstitutional decision that was made in 1973.

They are just making it all up to scare and infuriate voters.

 he’s just making it up.  

But here’s the path, if you don’t see it: and it is why this is a good question.

I shouldn’t assume all of us are on the same page or are PHD level politicos by now.

Here is the thread that connects them all:  these democrats can only win elections, anymore, by cobbling together the kook fringe and grievance groups, correct?

We’ve been over this multiple times before on the show: how, in the Bush era, the democrats have driven mainstream Americans and working-class voters out of their party, and so they must galvanize their fringe groups every election.

The makeup of the dem party, anymore, is the coastal elites, the crackpot fringe groups, the unions, and the racial grievance groups. They need to keep a lasso around all those snobs and nut jobs.... if they want to win elections, anymore.

In fact-snobs and nut jobs is a good way to describe the modern democrat party. It’s all they have left.

 and so-how do you galvanize them?

Well, when one ‘fringe group’ takes a hit, they need to pretend as if ‘all fringe groups’ are affected. As if all of these often-diverse special interests- are in danger. 


And so, if this roe decision infuriates the ‘pro-abortion’ groups.... well...that’s good for the left...but it’s not enough.  Most of those ghouls are ‘single issue’ voters. Darn.

And so-how can we expand the ‘outrage?’ to the other groups?

Well- by doing what they are doing: by pretending as if this decision, which only affects one of their kook fringes groups, affects them all.

Hey-this isn’t just about abortion. This affects you black voters this way, and you Hispanic voters this way, and you union members this way, and you vegans this way, and your eco-nuts that way...

This is what they are doing. It is how a ruling that -puts none of these other things in peril- has everyone on the left from the president on down, acting as if it does.

Of. This could erase gay marriage. No.it won’t-but let’s toss that out to the gullible gay crowd.

Of. This could erase interracial marriage. That’s crazy, and super-nutty, but hey...lets toss it out there and see if it sticks.

Uhm. How do we anger parents?  

Ah- this could have gay and trans kids being banned from schools.


Not unless they are running an abortion clinic out of the locker room.

But-lets scare them with that.

Folks, by Friday, they will be claiming that this Roe ruling means that illegals will have to abort their children at the border....

And union members will lose their half hour breaks-because- if we know anything -it is nothing makes union members more furious than having their half hour break threatened....

But they are going to try to tap into every demographic and grievance group that they think they need to get angry and motivated to vote in fall-because those evil republicans are trying to take something away.

This is what all this other nonsense is about.

And by the way- it’s the democrat’s own fault that they must try to tie one ‘left wing losses to every other grievance group and single-issue activist.

It is their own fault, because the democrats have worked tirelessly for decades to divide this country and the voting electorate into as many different ‘special’ groups as they can.

Today’s democrats-cannot- talk to voters like we republicans and conservatives do. They cannot promise tax cuts for all, and treating all children and workers the same, regardless of skin color, or of having a ‘closed’ border and a ‘unified’ country...no, no.

They need the division. They need the racial and social agitation. They need the lies, the extremes, and the outrages, to try to move their voters.

And this is what you are seeing here.

It was a good question from listener ‘Lisa’ and that’s the explanation.

And by the way- another huge part of this very dishonest and targeted messaging campaign-is to choose their words carefully.

The leftists have always been invested in using language and word choice to play their games...and redrafting or rebranding their message...and so.... that’s why it was such a blunder when Biden admitted that it is ‘children’ we are aborting, on Tuesday.

This is getting all sorts of attention, in the wake of the ‘roe leak’, because it is the president of the United States and the leader of the democrat party admitting to fifty years’ worth of ‘game playing’ by the pro-abortion left.


What did he just say?

Did the president just call a ‘fetus’ a child?

Did the president just admit that this isn’t a ‘ball of tissue’ that gets aborted, but a ‘child?’


He did. And as the lefty reporters like to say, the pro-life crowd ‘pounced’ on Biden’s mistake and the pro-abortion crowd was quietly po-ed.

 this is a consequence of having old doddering, blundering joe as their party leader and president, folks...

This is -also- the democrat’s own fault. They decided this fossil. Who has a history of being a terrible liar and a big ‘gaffe maker’ ...was going to be their president-

To the point that they engineered national cheating schemes to get him into office.

Well. Here he is.

Your president just blew the lid off your ludicrous talking point.

He admitted that it is a ‘child’ that gets aborted, and you’ve probably heard other ‘talkers’ talk about this...

But I don’t know if any of them are also making this point: Biden didn’t just admit that it is a child being aborted...

He admitted that the decision that the mother or the couple must make is-about killing a child. Not a fetus. Not tissue. 

He made it clear that the people faced with this decision-whether it’s just the woman, or a scared teenaged girl, or a loving couple- whoever-

He made it clear that the people faced with this decision know they are killing a child.

Game over.

And for some of the younger listeners, this might not sound like a big deal. But this was a huge part of the rhetorical war-and the leftist lie-related to abortion over the last 60 years. That it was just ‘tissue’ being removed. It wasn’t a child being killed.

A 60 year old pro-abortion lie has fallen, thanks to Joe Biden.

photo credit: RNC Twitter page

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