Everything in Tony's new campaign ad is a LIE

Jay Weber Show transcript 5-3-22 7:10am

I love that Tony Evers’ first re-election ad was even too dishonest for Patrick Marley at the j/s.

Even Marley couldn’t ‘let it pass’ when he heard gov Evers insisting that he’s worked with republicans in Madison and works to bring people together.

Talk about revisionist history.

Tony Evers has famously avoided-any- across the aisle activities or compromises, and has famously refused to meet, or speak with, the leaders of the state assembly. 

He refuses to meet with the GOP leaders-Vos and LeMahieu....but even the democrat lawmakers say they never hear from ole tony.

Evers and his team-also-in four years- haven’t reached out to the lawmakers on their own side of the aisle, who are serving in the legislature.

I don’t think it’s an intentional ‘stonewalling’ of the sort that Evers and Maggie Gau and their team have maintained against GOP leaders...

Evers might have spoken to democrat leaders a few times over the years-but it would only be ‘a few’.

Evers and his team have been very insular. Very distant. They’ve been lazy: Evers is back at the governor’s mansion every day by 2pm having his afternoon pudding.

But on top of it all-they have been hyper-partisan, and everyone in Madison knows it, including Patrick Marley.

And yet-this is his first campaign ad.

In response to that ad- Patrick Marley of the openly leftist journal sentinel tweeted:Governor Evers, who barely speaks with republicans who control the legislature, says in his first ad of the 22 campaign that he’s focused on bringing people together.

Marley didn’t add the ‘raised eyebrows’ emoji, but he should have.

I find it interesting that Marley is willing to admit that in a tweet-given that I was first to detail this ‘reality’ in Madison...and only people on this radio station have been saying it-for four years.

Tony Evers is a hyper partisan who, unlike any past Wisconsin governor, refuses to even take phone calls-or be in the same room with- republican leaders. The public image he has presented to Wisconsin voters is totally fraudulent.

As is that ad.

And by the way-every claim in that ad related to Gov Evers ‘investing’ in Wisconsin...was him using covid relief money that every other governor in the country was also-so awash in-that they didn’t know what to do with it all, after a while.

The ad says- Evers spent a billion dollars saving businesses during covid. He could have and should have spent 3-billion-he was sitting on so much federal cash.

He was actually-stingy-with that money when it came to helping businesses.  

The ad claims he worked with republicans and democrats to pass income tax relief.

No, he didn’t.

He submitted a budget that would have increased taxes by a billion dollars...and republicans rejected it and sent him a budget that included an income tax increase...which he and his weasely team were at least smart enough to sign.

That’s how we got income tax relief: Evers wanted to raise taxes on you.

The only part of the ad that’s accurate is that we have one of the lowest unemployment rates in history and one of the biggest budget surpluses, as well, but that again-is due to a combination of a flood of covid relief money...and smart, disciplined GOP budgeting of the sort that gov Evers and his team refuse to do. And how do we know?

Because in four years-they have submitted to massive budget plans that increase spending and taxes on Wisconsinites-

They detailed their priorities and their efforts to raise your taxes-in those budgets-

Only to have the republicans reject them-and somehow- continue to deliver on some tax relief and budget surpluses- even though a democrat governor is in office.

The only thing Tony Evers and his team should be given credit for-is being smart enough to take the political wins that republicans occasionally handed him.

And I’m not exaggerating point to one thing, in four years, that was ‘all Evers’. ‘The credit goes to Evers’.

Go ahead- I’ll wait. 

This man has done nothing constructive, on his own, as governor, unlike past governors of both parties...stretching back into earlier eras.

Anthony Evers has been a waste of skin-sitting in that governor’s office for four years, as Wisconsin’s private sector prospered around him-and despite-him. 

It was republicans who went to court to kill off Evers’ terrible covid lock down orders that would have had us-and our businesses here-suffering as badly as the people and businesses of California, Illinois, and New York did. 

God bless the republicans for blocking that two-year nightmare from befalling us- because Evers and Gau were motivated to ‘go rogue’.

Teachers’ union Tony Evers touts WEAC endorsement

This man-and his team-are so tone deaf that they were touting the endorsement of the Wisconsin teacher’s union, yesterday.

Ole Tony said he was ‘proud’ to earn the WEAC endorsement.... Which is odd...given that they are responsible for virtually his entire career.

Did he-not think? -he was going to get it, this year?

What’s weird is that he’s touting it to voters. Read the voter’s state of mind, tony.

Bullying teachers’ unions are kind of ‘out’ right now.

This comes right from a State GOP press release-but it’s not wrong: quote....

Meanwhile, Evers has vetoed bills to give parents more rights, establish school accountability reports, and support child literacy.

English language arts proficiency is down by over 16 percent.

Math proficiency is down by over 20 percent.

Just 8 percent of black students are proficient in math.

And students suffered from historic learning loss during the pandemic.

But Tony Evers is a lifelong member of the education establishment, and so of course he will proudly take their money and screw over Wisconsin parents, students, and communities.

There was never any doubt of that.

This little tidbit came out last week-but do you know that of all the 28 governors who are running for re-election this year, Tony Evers is the only one whose popularity is underwater?

The most popular governors are all republicans, of course. The red states continue to thrive as the blue states tank...

There is no reason that in a good GOP year- Tony Evers cannot be beaten.  And it’s one reason that I have such a low tolerance for the infighting that’s going on the right side of the aisle.

Whether it’s over the 2020 election, or our candidates trying to smear each other with hit pieces over the next four months.  

We need to focus on beating Tony Evers. And we can, if we don’t tear each other apart first.

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