Left wing activists are now taking on people from their own party

Jay Weber Show transcript 5-2-22

We have yet another story of a teacher putting on a drag show for students-

This one was in a Pennsylvania school-

And this one was far from raunchier than the one we saw out of a Wisconsin teacher.

What? Is the deal? With these lefty teachers?

What makes them-incapable-of keeping their personal lives and political opinions out of the classroom-and just teaching.

I taught and coached at both the middle school and high school levels in whitefish bay-and taught media classes at Marquette for a semester or two-and I did so while working on talk radio!

And I managed to keep my political opinions out of my school time.

And you know how I did it?

By using common sense and understanding that classrooms and gyms are no place for politics. There is a mentor-mentee relationship there that should be about the curriculum...especially in the upper grades.

Why? Are some teachers finding it so difficult to compartmentalize or control themselves?

The answer is- at least for these younger teachers-

The answer is: this is the generation, again, who was never given any boundaries. Never taught that they don’t have to express every thought in their head. Never told that they are ‘wrong’ about anything. Always encouraged to express themselves. They always had their opinions validated, even when they were stupid.

And now they’re teaching.

That’s’ why we have a higher number of teachers who now cannot control themselves, or even make ‘good choices’ in their jobs.

This was a teacher in Lancaster, Pennsylvania...who found it appropriate to recruit in other drag queens...and put on a raunchy show for a student club.

Those teachers should be criminally charged- on top of being fired. And if the district doesn’t fire them- then parents should bring lawsuits.

And as a side-bar- this is one reason that the leftists hate the twitter site- Liberals of Tik-Tok


It’s a site that is run by a conservative woman who scours Tic Tok for today’s liberals and socialists ‘doing their thing’, and then she simply reposts them on twitter.

A left-wing activist who pretends to be a wash post reporter just doxxed the author of this site-in an attempt to ruin her and shut it down.

And all ‘Liberals of Tic Tok’ is- is reposting’s of lefties and democrats...being lefties and democrats. And I want to be clear for those listeners who might not know how social media works-

These are liberals-posting videos of themselves. Doing and talking about their proud, lefty, activism. They post them. Of themselves. Or of events like this they are going to-

And all this conservative on twitter does-is reflect their actions and idiocy-back onto them. She just reposts their insanity on twitter-and she’s got over a million followers now.

The left is in a rage against her, over the last several weeks, because they hate having their actions and words being ‘outed’ to the rest of the American community. 

Well, this drag show was proudly posted by a lefty student, and simply reposted on twitter, and that’s how this-very inappropriate-borderline criminal-activity was discovered.

See why the leftists want to close Liberals of Tic Tok? Or any similar outlets that routinely expose their extremism-like-Tucker Carlson’s show. Andy no’s site- etc.?

And we’ve been talking about the ‘revenge of the normal’ on this show for a while: the reactions from parents and community members pushing back on critical race theory, this gender bullying the left is doing, etc...

Brian Kilmeade of Fox nation-has labeled this countermovement the ‘rise of the reasonable....and makes a good point about ‘who’ has become the left’s villains.

If you think about the people who are in the left’s crosshairs now-they aren’t there because they are arch-conservatives like rush or mark, or Bill O’Reilly.

Those used to be the people who the activist left used to vilify and go after correcting? The organized hate and the leftist venom have-for decades- been reserved for us in conservative media.

But Kilmeade says- if you take a look- today’s leftist villains are simply ‘reasonable people’ pushing back on the leftist agenda.

And it’s a good point. He’s right.  He labels this the ‘rise of the reasonable’.

Who are the ‘worst villains’ of the left now? People like...libertarian Elon Musk. Fellow leftist Bill Maher. Fellow leftist Joe Rogan. Joe Manchin for not supporting socialism.

I’d add newly villainized Mark Wahlburg, who has dared to talk about his relationship with Christ.

you need a powerful illustration of how far to the radical fringes today’s democrat party leaders and activists have gone- this is it: they aren’t just trying to ruin and vilify important conservatives anymore-

They still do-

But their venom and campaigns of hate now extend to-anyone-who pushes back against them, even if it’s bill mahr or Elon Musk.  Today’s left is so radical that it is now pushing back against ‘reasonable’ voices.

They are vilifying and working to ruin ‘reasonable people’ who have dared to push back against their extremism.

This marks a significant new development in American politics and likely contributes to a red-wave election in fall.

Decent people are being canceled and destroyed because they crossed the activist left-once.

There are democrat operatives working to launch SEC investigations into Elon Musk because he’s dared to push back and buy twitter.

A new documentary smearing him is due to be released later this month.

Eddie Scarry of the Federalist and NY Post had a good column over the weekend addressing something I’ve been saying for years in this show: Democrats choose to be miserable. Want to be miserable. Insist on wallowing in any pool of crapulence they can find.

Scarry calls them miserable, whiney grumps.


photo credit: Getty Images

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