Rep Chip Roy exposes Alejandro Mayorkas open border lies

Jay Weber Show transcript 4-29-22 7:10 am

I have some audio from a house hearing on the southern border that I’d like to play for you...knowing that virtually no one watches house hearings...and most listeners in this audience are off at work during the middle of the day, and wouldn’t normally hear about it, otherwise.

But- Biden’s slimy, truly rancid, homeland security sect, Alejandro Mayorkas, was back in front of three congressional committees this week, testifying about Biden’s terrible open border problem-

One that Mayorkas, himself, was put in charge in-to engineer! -

And this point cannot be made enough: Biden’s team picked Alejandro Mayorkas to be put in charge of homeland security- precisely because- he was a famously ‘open borders’ member of Obama’s DHS. They knew what they were getting.

This scummy, putrid little man was handpicked to usher in the era of open borders for the democrats. Everything he and his team have done since January of 2021- has been ‘in service’ of that cause.

The first step was to destroy President Trump’s ‘closed and controlled border’, and they did that by ending construction on the border wall and canceling remain in Mexico and ‘safe 3rd country’ policies that had led to the last lawless immigration crisis under Obama.

And after Majorca’s and bidden had-intentionally-restarted the flow of caravans and-intentionally-refused to complete and secure important stretches of border wall that the border agents were begging them to complete-

Then this little weasel set out to increase the flow of as many illegals-into this country-as he could. Majorca’s has set up a streamlined process in which we don’t even really ‘process’ or ‘hold’ the illegals coming across the border, anymore. They are released into the interior within be flown or buses around the country-by Mayorkas and his team- so that there is no visible crush or back-up at the border that could cause headlines-

The entire mission of this man has been to hide this all away from the American illegals pour into the country at a rate of two million per year, now. This is the latest ‘estimate’ on how many illegals will cross this year-

It's been one million crossers in the last six months alone-so two million this year-


Unless- Biden’s team ends this ‘title 42’ rule, which is the only rule that even allows for-any-deportation, anymore.

If we end title 42, the democrats, and this little

A-hole, Alejandro Mayorkas, have achieved a defecto open border. And everyone knows it.

The border sheriffs just sent another letter to congress this week saying- we already- have no functional border- due to bidden and Mayorkas’ actions.  For all practical purposes- the US/Mexican border doesn’t even exist, anymore-because of Biden and Mayorkas.

And the misery, human trafficking, drug trafficking, rapes, robberies, human slavery, criminality, and even deaths, that are associated with Biden’s open border are all-ignored.

Ignored by the left’s accomplice media. Unreported by Biden’s own DHS agency. It’s all covered up.

And this week, in front of congress, Alejandro Mayorkas has ‘played the weasel’. All he does is lie and play these committees.

You can tell he’s lying and playing dumb. He knows he’s lying and playing dumb. Everyone in dc knows he’s lying and playing dumb.

And there was a stretch of about seven minutes during this hearing yesterday, in which congressman Chip Roy-just went off- on Mayorkas.

And for the record-when an administration is intentionally ignoring and breaking the law this badly-

When an administration is intentionally threatening the safety and sovereignty of the American people- every - congressman and senator should be this p-o’ed.

Every single elected official in Washington DC should be as disgusted and p-o’ed as Chip Roy was yesterday....and i won’t play the entire seven minutes for you...but i do have two good chunks of it here...

And what set off ‘Roy’ was a claim by Mayorkas that he is following his constitutional duty and that he has’ functional control’ of the southern border.

placeholder image

(The complete video below)

Roy was-hot. And no, he wouldn’t let Mayorkas get a word in edgewise, because this little rancid puke had been sitting there most of the day, playing dumb and lying...

And you really need to see Mayorkas on video, to appreciate what a lying little weasel he is.

He pretends to be all ‘meek’ and ‘deferential’...and... the guy who doesn’t really know anything...

Uhm, uhm...congressman...i don’t know that off hand. But i can get you the information later...

Ah..ah..ah...we were left many challenges by the last administration....and...sir...I’m feeling a little anxious your accusation.

He’s just a weasel. 

Because he cannot tell the truth: Mayorkas cannot just come out and say-this is all intentional.  The president told me to destroy Trump’s border fixes and engineer open borders within the first year he was in office. Yes.

Mayorkas can’t admit that. So, he lies and weasels.

but it-is-all intentional.  Which had Chip Roy continuing his litany holding up photos.... illustrating the damage that that Biden and Mayorkas have inflicted on both the American people-and the migrants they are luring here:

placeholder image

Congressman Roy was-red hot. But as outrageous and lawless as this last fifteen months has been-along that border- every single congressman should be this furious...and acting to force the Biden admin to complete that wall and end these caravans.

Instead- everyone on the democrat side is complicit.

Even the new category of democrat weasels who are now pretending to object to Biden’s open borders, because they want to win re-election in fall.

Any democrat who worked against trump’s attempt to fix this problem...and is now down there...standing in front of his wall and making campaign videos talking about the need for border security should be outed as a

Super-weasel. What scumbags. 

And yes, refusing to do his job-is-an impeachable offense by Mayorkas-and if the republicans win back control in fall, they should make a big show of impeaching him- even if dem senators stand in the way of his removal in the senate vote.

The house GOP should impeach Mayorkas and Mitch McConnell should hold the vote in the senate-and force Dem senators to support this assclown and his border lawlessness-

And by proxy- Biden.

And yes. Biden has also committed impeachable acts here, by refusing to enforce our border and ice laws...but an attempt to impeach Biden just backfires, politically. It makes him ‘the victim’ of GOP most minds of voters in the squishy, mushy middle.

But impeaching and trying to remove Mayorkas-and detailing his open border sham in those detail it all for the American people-would be useful. Would be a savvy GOP move.

photo credit: Getty Images

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