The Downfall of Chuck Schumer

Jay Weber Show transcript 1-20-22 8:10am

I love this take-from a Wash Examiner editorial: Senate Majority leader Chuck Schumer promised his democratic caucus a month of pain and failure to start the new year.

Yep. That’s what he did.

He promised to force them to take useless and unpopular votes before they left for Christmas, even though it was a dumb idea...

And even with 15 days or so to cool down...the dimwit came back to Washington after New Year’s-still determined to run his own members into a political wood chipper.

And hey-I think it’s great-but his members, and an army of left-wing pundits who thought it was a good idea in 2021- are now wising up to the fact that it was stupid.

It is pathetic that talking heads-on both sides of the aisle- can say just about anything -in any moment- and be totally wrong- and not ever be called out on it. Never be put in ‘pundit prison’ for being such a stupid tool.

It happens on both sides-but especially on the left. It kills me that dozens of leftist pundits who spent a hear goading and chiding Biden and Schumer into running the democrats off this pivot today and pretend as if they knew all along Schumer and Biden were being stupid.

You would be shocked at the amount of ‘analysis’ there is on the left today, that amounts to ‘what are Biden and Schumer doing? What were they-ever-doing? Why have they ignored the American people for a year? Etc.

The leftist pundits suddenly sound like conservatives- just to save face.

Joe Manchin and Kirsten Sinema told Biden and Schumer -seven months ago- that they were not going to vote to change the filibuster. They’ve told them repeatedly since last May or June.

But Biden, Pelosi and Schumer pushed ahead to this week’s showdown, anyway.


The insiders say that it is to prove to the activist base that democrats are doing everything they can to pass this socialist agenda. As if it is one long display of fealty to the new batch of socialists who are about to inherit this party.

Well, okay, but they’re going to drive away a big chunk of their own party members and marginalize their party -in the process.

What possible good does it do for the future of this party to drive man chin, and Sinema, and John Tester, and Mark Kelly, and as many as three or four dozen democrat house members-into the political wilderness?

Most of them hold seats in areas and in states whose voters-will not-vote for socialism. They won’t vote for their states ‘AOC’ or ‘Ilhan Omar’.

And so, if the dem party runs those candidates in 2022, and 24, and beyond- republicans will just keep gobbling up more and more seats in congress.

None of what Biden, Pelosi and Schumer are doing right now-makes any sense to people on either side of the aisle.

At least not those who aren’t in the AOC camp of socialists who just want to bully everybody.

Explain how failure after failure after failure is a path forward for the Dems.

Explain how marching the party more and more to the extreme-after each failure- is the winning path forward.

But that’s what Biden and Schumer’s teams are setting up this week.

What this leads to, instead, is something that I have said- needs to happen- over the next several elections if the American left is ever going to moderate, again.

They need to be slapped back by voters’ election, after election, after election until they wise up and move back toward the center.

It is what voters here in Wisconsin did, when democrats ‘wigged out’ following act ten. Voters slapped them down in five or six consecutive elections-and it was 8 years-before they won an important seat again.

The American people now need to replicate that-nationally. And it’s going to be very tough.

Thankfully, Biden and Schumer, and AOC and Bernie etc.-

Thankfully-they are helping us set up the slap downs.

By failing and shifting left, and failing and shifting left, and failing and shifting left- they are going to ensure democrats lose big over the next two or three or -five- elections.

Depending on how stupid and stubborn they are-before it dawns on them- ‘this isn’t working. We have to get off this cyberbullying, socialist path’.

It could take -one? - election in fall...or it could take a decade-the next wave of leaders will likely decide that-and they are more radical than Pelosi and Schumer ever were.

But as for this campaign of ‘fake panic’ over ‘democracy dying’....and the blatant lies about republican voter reforms- and Georgia voter laws-

Mitch McConnell and the republicans made all the right arguments yesterday. The factual arguments.

The Dem’s election cheating schemes were sold as a way to ‘protect the vote’...because republicans are trying to ‘keep people from voting’.

And none of the facts support that lie.

In fact, Jason Riley today, of the Wall St journal, looks at the voting trends of minorities in this era-and they have only ever been- going up!

But what about Georgia...I can hear the liberals saying- what about Georgia...where Stacey Abrams had her race stolen from her.

Again-none of the hard facts and actual data point to ‘voter disenfranchisement’ or a lack of interest in minority voting. A different columnist at national review looked at Georgia-specifically:

There is-zero-voter suppression going on in Georgia.

There is -no gap- between white and black voter numbers in Georgia. The only gap is in Stacey Abram’s teeth...

And no, the voting laws in Georgia-have not been restricted. Republican changes have only been mischaracterized that way.

It’s easier to vote-and people have far more time to vote-in Georgia than they do in Biden’s home state of Delaware.

Nothing Georgia Republicans did- restricted Georgia’s voters in-any- new way.

Abrams and her leftist supporters just lied about it- to try to invalidate her loss- and then launched a very dishonest, racially tinged, activist effort out of it. Cuz’ Abrams was out of a job, and she still had to get paid, somehow.

During this multi-year temper tantrum and smear campaign that Abrams touched off- if you notice- not a single accusation of theirs has been verified. They have presented-zero evidence-that Georgia voters, or voters anywhere else, have been blocked from voting.

They have not produced a single person to testify that they couldn’t vote because they had no way to get an ID. And boy, have the activists tried to find that person. One story. One. National poster child for their cause.

And they can’t. Because no one is being denied the right to vote.

Even this week- we’ve only had one democrat offer-one- example: black liberal cong. James Clyburn went on CNN and said the evidence of voter suppression is in the long lines outside the polling places in black areas on election day.

Uhm.... Mr. Clyburn? It’s the city clerks and election officials in your democrat-run cities who control that.

It is a -very -inconvenient truth for Clyburn and these lying democrats:if you have voters waiting in long lines for hours to vote-that’s on-you. You democrats. It is the city leaders and the city clerks who are responsible for opening enough places to vote on election day-and manage any lines.

It’s not congress’s job. Nor should it be.

And so- the one example-that was offered as ‘evidence of voter suppression’ this week, is a complete farce. It’s also a ‘democrat failing’.

These Dems are scummy, dishonest clowns.

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