Analysts predict gas prices are going to hurt.

Jay Weber Show transcript 1-19-22

Late last year, when the left-wing pundits were saying, oh, Joe and the Democrats will be fine. The economy will bounce back in 2022. Any inflation will be temporary. The supply line problem will be long over. Democrats will have a very different atmosphere to run in- in the fall elections.

Remember this?

At the time, i called ‘bull plop’, and if you notice, left wing pundits aren’t talking like that, anymore.

Because-we have a growing mountain of evidence that -no- conditions in this economy and in this country-will not- be significantly better, come fall.

Let’s hope and pray that we are at least past the covid crisis. My god, if we are still dealing with that in fall, we are all going to want to just drown ourselves and get it over with.

But....all the other crises- will persist.

The unaddressed border crisis will still be infuriating voters. Experts say the supply line crisis-is not- going to clear up until next year- likely.

Barrack Obama’s own economic advisor admitted on Monday that these price hikes are here to stay now.

So- as I said immediately when high inflation started to hit last summer, ‘this isn’t going away. Most of these prices will lock in higher than they were in the trump era, pre-inflation. These are permanent’.

Economists are starting to admit it.

Moreover-we aren’t over the worst of the inflation yet. Prices were still climbing over the last few months-into even higher territory-and the experts are now admitting: this inflation is going to linger-at least into fall-even if it eases a little.

And now-gas prices are going back up-

And get this: analysts say they could really be crippling consumers by summer or early fall.

Just in time to vote.

How does our situation-or Biden’s? -get better before fall?

What event has voters flooding back to Biden and the democrats?

Gas prices now high enough to ‘hurt’ Americans, as one analyst puts it, are on the horizon.

Tuesday, oil prices hit a seven year high.

And back here at home, President Biden won’t let American producers really drill or expand.

What a dope.

Again-we on the right predicted all of this when he got into office and immediately attacked the fossil fuel industry with several moves-

Including closing the keystone construction and banning new leases on federal lands and waters. Since that time, Biden’s EPA has quietly worked to block drilling in Anwar that had been approved by Trump, too.

This man is one-man wrecking crew on America’s energy policy that – for the first time in sixty years’ worth of presidents-Trump had mastered.

With Biden, we are right back to square one.

And here’s the kicker: this is yet another crisis that -short term? -Biden can’t do anything about.

He’ll refuse to reverse course on his policies, but either way, we are ‘screwed now’ according to the analyst. One says-quote:

Biden is screwed.

So, on top of everything else-the democrats are running for re-election with gas prices over four dollars a gallon?

And when the voters know why?

The democrats will try to spin it and blame big oil, or price gouging, etc.

But the voters will know the truth: this is a wound that President Biden-intentionally-inflicted on the American people.

And it -was-intentional.

Biden and his team knew that canceling the keystone and all new drilling was going to drive up gas prices. These are the Obama era eco-zealots who buy into the idea that gas prices need to quote...necessarily skyrocket...if we are ever going to get people out of their cars, or at least driving electrics.

This is all part of the plan, folks.

Which makes the democrats excuse-making and attempts to lay the blame on others- particularly galling.

Man, these people are scumbags. Biden and the Dems intentionally touched off higher gas prices, and then when it started to harm them politically, started to engage in a campaign of blaming the gas companies for gouging, or anything else they could blame.

Chuck Schumer and squats with unions have been smearing the oil companies for ‘gouging’ for months, already. Laying the groundwork to change the narrative with their gullible, idiot voters.

This week-it’s AOC, of all people, who is engaging in smear tactics to try to blame the higher gas prices on the oil companies.

She and the squad cheered their efforts to shut down pipelines and stopped drilling...and now that their effort has brought massive price hikes for their constituents, now they are going to pretend as if it’s all ‘big oil’s fault.

Their actions need to have consequences, and they all need to be voted out of office, if they are this stupid and this radical.

In fact, Greg, give us the CNN piece. Even CNN’s talking heads are upset about Joe Biden’s inflation, and admit he’s screwed now.

I don’t know who that pundit was-but she said that Biden didn’t anticipate this inflation?

He was warned by just about every economist in the country- on both sides of the aisle- that passing that final, unnecessary covid relief package with its direct payments to Americans who didn’t need them-would cause this exact situation.

I-as someone who isn’t an economist but has some common sense- also accurately predicted this last spring.

There is-no way-that Biden didn’t anticipate this inflation, and it’s a shock now.

And if it is-he should resign immediately, after firing all of his fiscal advisors.Everyone warned the democrats this was coming.

They did it, anyway.

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