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Evers' reelection pitch: Republicans are going to steal Democracy

Jay Weber Show transcript 1-18-22

I talked earlier about how this ‘voter integrity’ theatre that the democrats have been engaging in-which will crescendo this week with all sorts of alarmist rhetoric and votes on the senate floor...

Is not only an attempt to convince the American people to be stupid enough to hand over all future control of this country to the democrats-

But it’s also a way to lay the groundwork for them to reject-any- election result that they don’t like in the future.

And this clearly includes Tony Evers and the WI democrats.

Isn’t it interesting that Gov. Evers just kicked off his re-election campaign, and has been spending most of his time talking about ‘insurrections’ and ‘protecting democracy’, when he’s talking to left wing crowds?

The Madison newspapers have followed him to several events and report:

“We are that close to not having our vote count in the state of Wisconsin”

Just-imagine-that statement coming out of Tony Evers’ mouth. It was the democrats who were caught turning over our key clerks’ offices over to democrat operatives and Mark Zuckerberg’s fraudulent move to boost the dem vote by getting direct access to the ballots, the early voting, and the final count.

And this clown wants to insist that it’s the Republicans who are endangering your vote?

Come on.

He claimed that he, alone, has stood in the way of new GOP cheating schemes, as he’s vetoed several of their reform bills.

And hey, any republican who beats him in fall would sign them into law.

Well-he’s right about that: any GOP governor could sign them into law-but he’s lying when he characterizes the bills that have been passed being ones that would-in any way- keep Wisconsinites from voting.

Every change to election law that the republicans passed last year- were meant to address a problem directly and narrowly-or a potential cheating scheme-that we saw leftists engage in in’vote in the park’...or...intentionally refuse to keep accurate voter rolls, etc.

Evers is simply lying, here.

And as much as I normally like Scott Bauer’s work from the associated press-he has a line in this article that is -way-out of bounds, journalistically.

He attributes this to no one, and so, I assume he’s writing it because he thinks this is a fair characterization.

Many Republicans around the country are working to undermine Joe Biden’s 2020 victory, roll back voting access in some areas and elect candidates to offices that might allow them to block unfavorable results in 2024. Evers isn’t the only battleground Democrat making the argument, particularly in the so-called “blue wall” trio of states — Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania — that Biden flipped en route to winning the presidency.

That is a hell of a mischaracterization of what’s going on-in several ways- and Bauer is showing a willingness to accept the left’s mischaracterizations as ‘the truth’. He’s letting his ‘Biden/Harris’ undies show...

Bauer-does-eventually get around to a few republicans takes on Evers’ contention:

Well, Evers does! Matter. But only to the extent that he is a terrible governor who has blocked good bills, doesn’t even coordinate, or cooperate with his own fellow Dem lawmakers, has surrounded himself with blind ideology,

And now wants the voters to reward him with a second term-even though he has no argument for one, and no successes to show.

So far-we have seen ads that have Evers attempting to take credit for tax cuts that GOP lawmakers practically forced him into signing, because they ran such circles around him during the budget process-

So, he’s got that ‘win’ thanks to the republicans, because he called for a billion-dollar tax increase in his budget-

And, well, that’s about it. Gov Evers has no other win or success story to crow about.

So, he’s out on the stump talking about ‘saving democracy’. Good lord.

But he cannot talk about his abject failure in Kenosha. He let the rioting go on for days and ignored the pleas of local leaders-including those in his own party.

He can’t talk about the disaster he lorded over during the covid crisis, when his unemployment office couldn’t get Wisconsinites who were desperate to pay their bills- the lifeline govt. checks they needed.

Evers can’t talk about that gargantuan cluster farce...

He can’t talk about how he closed down Lincoln Hills and followed thru on the process that gov walker started to make our juvenile offenders and those who guard them safer.

Evers has done nothing on that.

He can’t talk about how he stood up for innocent children and citizens who were mowed down the Waukesha Christmas parade by firing John Chisholm. He refuses to do that.

What does Tony Evers-possibly? -have to run on?

And I’m serious?

Give me -one- genuine Evers’s accomplishment or win. I challenge democrats to email them to me or drop them on the text line.

Was Evers-really good? -at responding to some natural disaster that I’m forgetting about?

Has he brought in all sorts of new business to Wisconsin, like Walker and Kleefisch did?


He’ll claim that he ‘saved’ the Foxconn deal, but he didn’t. Gov walker’s state compact with them was superior to the new one and hadn’t paid out any additional state money to Foxconn, because they hadn’t met their agreed-upon hiring goals. The protections for WI taxpayers that walker built into the Foxconn deal worked.

Then Evers came along, and pretended walker’s deal was terrible, and recut a deal that has taxpayers paying out gobs of money to Foxconn-for the first time- this past year.

Evers literally cut a deal with Foxconn that-did- give them a flood of money for hitting much lower hiring goals, and then pretended that he ‘saved WI taxpayers’ from Walker’s deal.

This man has been an awful governor. Just. Awful.

story credit: Scott Bauer/AP Wisconsin State Journal Tony Evers' reelection pitch: Democracy is at risk

photo credit: Getty Images

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