Virginia's new Governor is a sure sign the adults are back in charge

Jay Weber Show transcript 1-17-22

Saturday was a banner day in Virginia: many of the democrats who controlled state government there were ushered out of office- and a new group of republicans was ushered in.

Virginia got a new governor, lt. Gov, and attorney general, who all got elected due to the left’s over-reach and bullying on covid- and in Virginia’s schools.

One hallmark of that election was Youngkin, Winsome Sears, and Jason Miyares all ran on clear promises. Specific changes that they would do if they were elected. They would reverse course on the mess that Gov. Blackface and the leftists had created in only a few short years within Virginia.

On day one, after a unifying inauguration speech that hit all the right notes, Youngkin and the others got right to work.

An executive order is enough to end virtually all those things, but I'd be pushing for an actual state law-passed by the Virginia legislature-that ban’s critical race theory in schools.

That is the one order that leaps out as being easily reversed, the next time a democrat governor is in office. The others are time sensitive and more specific to temporary situations. .and an executive order is enough.

And it was enough to anger the leftist crybullies, of course:

Then there’s Jason Miyares ...the newly elected attorney general. He had the activist left furious at him on his first day, after he fired the state’s entire civil rights division, which is supposed to be non-partisan but has been stacked with leftists.

It was a bunch of socialist progressives who were refusing to prosecute crimes, and instead preaching social justice and ‘legal equity’.

This new AG has also promised to -by God- get Virginia’s local DAs to start prosecuting crimes, again. The state of Virginia also has several ‘Soros das’, apparently and Miyares says they are going to start prosecuting criminals in that state, again.

I’m not sure how much direct power or control he has of the local das...from his perch at the attorney general’s office. Those DAs are elected officials, too, and Miyares can’t force them to change course and start prosecuting the criminals in their area, and so, we’ll see if anything changes in that regard.

But...the adults are back in charge in Virginia, and in contrast to Gov blackface and his democrat overlords who spent all of their time vilifying their opponents, Glenn Youngkin ran a campaign with a more optimistic tone. He wasn’t nasty to his opponent, and he gave the sort of unifying speech that you’d expect a good governor to give.

At one point he said, parents have their schools back:

It was the sort of speech that many, many Americans are desperate to hear: one that is, not only, hopeful and optimistic-but one that makes it clear...common sense and leaders who listen to the voters...are back in charge.

See-this is a hallmark of today’s Democrat leaders: they aren’t listening to what the American people want or say are their most important issues.

In poll after poll, focus group after focus group, we are seeing the American people reflect this reality:the democrats are ignoring the problems that they were elected to deal with, and are instead, putting all of their time and energy into -forcing- this country and it’s people onto a path that we never agreed to go down.

Americans-do not-want socialism. They -do not-want the far left controlling the schools and indoctrinating our children into Marxism and destructive pc concepts.

They did not vote for any of this-aside from people in a very few districts in deep, deep blue states and cities and those few extremists, like AOC and Cory Bush and Ilhan Omar-should not be setting the agenda for their party.

And yet, they are.

And so, of course it’s starting to crash down around them. Good.

photo credit: Getty Images

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