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No, she's not running. America hates Hillary

Jay Weber Show transcript 1-13-21 7am

You probably saw it: a new Quinnipiac poll has Joe Biden at 33 percent support. And this is a left-leaning polling organization.

I have-never- seen a presidential approval rating this low.

The percentage of people who disapprove, Quinnipiac puts at 53 percent- and frankly? - that’s good news. That number is lower than it has been in most the percentage of Americans who -actively-disapprove of the Biden presidency has been creeping up toward 60 percent.

And there is- zero-good news in this poll for democrats. Biden’s numbers on the economy are- 57 percent disapprove of how he’s handling it, and only 34 percent approve.

On foreign policy-nearly the same numbers.

On his handling of covid? 55 percent disapprove and only 39 percent approve- and frankly-i cannot imagine why four in ten Americans would think that our federal covid response is going well.

What are those people smoking?

Maybe there’s a new variant that is eating their brains. Because this is-not-going well.

For heaven’s sake people: we’ve got a little cabal of Democrats starting to talk about Hillary in 2024.Hillary ...4.0...or whatever it would be. That’s how bad this is getting.

Democrats in DC and New York know that Biden can’t win in 2024 and probably won’t even run. They also know Kammy’s not the answer.

And what does it say about the democrat’s bench that Hillary Clinton pops up as a better option than the 24 other candidates who ran in the primary in 2020?

And that’s the-real-take away from the new Hillary talk: what is says about this party’s bench, and the 24 other clowns who ran for president on their side of the aisle last time around.

No one-in their own party- thinks that squats with unions is the answer. Or Corey Booker is the answer. Or Pete Buttajedge is the answer. Etc.

My god-they are back to Hillary.

She’s been wearing mumus and letting herself go for five years now, can she even fit into her old pantsuits?

In fairness, it’s an old Clinton-era acolyte who first brought this up, but the fact that the talk is spreading says something.

It’s Clinton-era pollster Doug Shoen-who admits that there are no real options to save this party from the socialist horde looming to take over in 2024. So, bring back Hillary:

He’s not wrong about a disorganized and unpopular party, but what he doesn’t admit, is that this is a party base that no longer wants, likes, or appreciates Hillary.

Hillary Clinton was a terrible presidential candidate-twice- and lost twice. The bulk of the American people- on the left and right-never liked Hillary in the first place.

She is an off-putting, grating, annoying personality. She’s robotic and fake and thoroughly off-putting. She didn’t win when she was at the height of her popularity, and she didn’t win with the entirety of the DNC and their treasury at her disposal in 2020.

What makes them think she can win now, when, despite the disastrous policies and performances of today’s democrats-the energy and voting base of this party is ‘with’ the socialists?

Is this a party that still has a workable majority of grassroots voters who-do not-want socialism and are alarmed enough about it to pivot back to a Clinton?

I really don’t think so. And is it even possible, when the money, the energy, and the democrat machine is now -with-the socialists?

Just the other day, we talked about how the Bernie and AOC

The socialist progressive left has taken over the democrat political machines in our biggest cities.

It is why these leftist mayors now find that they-cannot-pivot back to law and order. They cannot buck the rest of their city’s left wing political machine. Which used to be run by ‘Bill Daly’ and ‘Ed Koch’ type democrats-but are now run by stone cold socialists.

Folks-if the socialist progressives have virtually total control of the biggest cities and biggest political operations in the blue cities and states-how in the heck does Hillary Clinton win the nomination?

Not a chance.

I’ll say it today: she doesn’t have a chance.

And by the way? I am certain that deep down, she knows this.

Yes, it could be that this was her big, lifelong dream-and it remains unrealized. When she lost in 2020, it seemed evident that she was not going to be America’s first female president.

And so, I suppose, if there is even a sliver of hope for a comeback and another run, it’s going to have the Clintons thinking about it.

But this is fanciful thinking. The party members, leaders, and young grass roots made it crystal clear during the last election that this is no longer the party of the Clintons.

They vilified bill as the guy who locked up huge numbers of black and brown men with his crackdown on crime...

And had nothing nice to say about Hillary, either.

Today’s democrats don’t even want the Clintons to fundraise for them.

The umbrella over all this talk-is the long history that we have of the bulk of the American people-hating-Hillary.

She lost her first run in the primary after Ted Kennedy and Joe Biden went out and found a young, Black, Barrack Obama. And the rest of their party said, ‘oh, thank god. It doesn’t have to be Hillary. We don’t have to put up with the Clintons anymore’.

And she never even got to the general election. Then, 8 years later, she and Pelosi had to resort to rigging the nomination in her favor because half of the grassroots said, ‘oh, hell no’, and wandered over to the Bernie Sanders camp.

Does anyone remember this?

Bernie sanders- largely unknown socialist- was renting out small classrooms and gyms...and his wife was bringing the cookies and punch.... because they knew no one was really going to support Bernie. He was just running on a lark.

And his popularity only exploded after the only other option on the Dems side was Hillary.The Clintons and Pelosi and the other party leaders-had cleared the field-for Hillary.

They had promised her that-by God-this time you get the nomination, yes. We won’t screw you over and find someone else. It’s your time, Hillary. We will force you onto the grassroots.

Well-half of the members of the grassroots said, no, no...I hate Hillary. Let’s go see what sort of punch Bernie’s wife is serving. He can’t be worse than her.

Pelosi and party leaders had to engage in last minute high-jinx just to ensure that Hillary would end up with the nomination after the contest went late, late into the final states.

Then she lost the election to Donald Trump...who never did poll above 50 percent support in the polls.By traditional measure, Donald Trump was the ‘least popular’ candidate ever to win election.And today’s democrats are convinced that the only reason he won is that Hillary’s ratings were even lower. Everyone hated Hillary.

Oh-I know what sort of desperate trouble their party is in. I’ve been detailing it for you. And one reason they are is that-even in their desperation-these socialist progressives aren’t moderating. They aren’t changing tone. They aren’t looking for smarter candidates or being strategic about ‘who can win’.

They are simply forcing themselves onto the party and onto the American people. And driving the party into the ground in the process.

photo credit: Getty Images

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