We should celebrate Jan 6th as a day democracy worked

Jay Weber Show transcript 1-6-21 6:10am

So... today is January sixth...the day that ‘democracy almost died’....one year ago.

Good grief.

Prepare yourself for a day of overwrought ninnying, lying, and nonsense, as the Democrats in DC and New York have spent weeks preparing for a ‘dramatic anniversary’ today.

They’ve put a lot of thought and stagecraft into this. Coordinated with CNN and MSNBC, no doubt, to try to stretch this into an entire weekend of narratives about how ‘all Republicans are insurrectionists who want to kill democracy’.

Yes, Donald Trump was working to de-legitimize the electoral college vote and insist he should remain president. Yeah.

But what everyone on the left seems to forget-be that nearly all the rest of us on the right were denouncing the attempt and immediately denounced the riot.

On the days leading up to January sixth, as trump and his acolytes had this scheme to override the electoral college in several states, and insisting that congress and vice president pence had the authority to do it-

I was among those saying, no. Pence does not. Congress cannot. It’s an extreme play by trump that won’t work.

And it didn’t.

And I am a guy who loved the trump era and think he’s been the greatest president of my lifetime- aside from Reagan. Trump was a great, pro-America, pro-conservative, pro-common-sense president.

But he doesn’t get to ‘disqualify’ the electoral college vote after the fact, because he didn’t like the results. No president has that power, and it’s a play that-does- destabilize the country if it’s attempted.

But- what the entire left and the Trump haters forget is- virtually no one else on the right-went along with trump on it.

Sure, he had his little cabal of loyalists and a few angry conservative congressmen who leapt to engage in the attempt, but it was never going anywhere because the vice president and most of the rest of us on the right had the common sense-and the integrity-to say, ‘no, we aren’t doing that.No, even in our anger and disappointment, we aren’t going to destroy the system’.

And so- if we want to be intellectually honest instead of engaging in emotional hysteria- folks- the great untold story of last January sixth is that-democracy was never in peril. The republic-was never in peril.

Trump was never going to be successful in his machinations-and as a sidebar circus- the rioters at the capitol were a few hundred angry idiots that the rest of us on the right also immediately denounced.

There is- no. Zero- ‘crisis of democracy’ here, and there never was. That’s the truth of last January sixth:the system worked as intended and the republic was protected against some last minute, angry nonsense.

End of story.

But see-Democrats can’t use that to try to enflame and trick and lie to the American people.

The democrats can’t use the truth of last January to try to trick the American people into letting them steal permanent control of the country.

These democrats want America’s angry idiots to be demanding- by god- Democrats need to be given permanent control of Washington DC, and elections across the country. And it’s got to be done now.

And if you are stupid enough to be manipulated that way, I feel sorry for you. I also have some swamp land to sell you in Horicon.

Only an idiot would get wrapped up in the democrat’s January sixth nonsense. And i mean that, sincerely. I’ve heard all sorts of Republicans and conservatives get sucked into this lefty alarmism over the last year, and I’m disappointed every time: don’t be so blasted gullible.

Last January sixth was a triumph for this Republican system we have-not a failure.

Because of the systems that we have in place and because of the integrity of most of the people on the right- trump was never going to retain the office by overturning the electoral vote. Not even if most of us on the right hated, and still question, the results.

The system wasn’t going to allow it.

And don’t target your anger at Mike Pence- the supreme court was never going to allow the electoral vote to be overturned. But I respect mike pence for standing against a small wave of angry nonsense and refusing to do trump’s bidding. He should be respected for that, not reviled.

And-if we want to have any-positive-take away from today, i agree with the group of conservative pundits who are saying: lets clean up the language in the ‘electoral count act’ that trump and a few of his followers were trying to use to erase electoral results.

Folks- honestly. Focusing on how to better secure the Capitol against attack-and focusing on cleaning up this vague language so that we don’t have a similar action ever again- are the only two -constructive- activities to focus on, on this anniversary. Everything else is hysterical theater.

Why not work together to eliminate the antiquated rule Trump tried to implement all this in the first place

For what it’s worth- Mitch McConnell agreed with reporters yesterday that cleaning up this ancient rule would be a positive action to come out of January 6th.

So, Mitch said, sure, let’s look at it.

His comment brought a small torrent of hate from the democrats-who insisted he was only talking about the electoral count act to sidestep their ‘election reform’ bills- that Pelosi and Schumer want to ram thru.

I’ve talked about those bills, often, and so you know that they are a series of new laws and rules that are all meant to allow democrats to cheat. Steal control of the elections away from the states. Pass reckless mail-in-voting rules. Legalize ballot harvesting. Kill off all ‘voter ID’ laws in the states. They aren’t serious reforms-they are a dangerous attempt to cheat.

And so- lets back up and frame this properly: yesterday, Mitch and the GOP said- lets clean up the rule that trump tried to use to bypass the electoral college. That’d be constructive.

And democrats said: no. No. This is about ramming home our dozen new ways to cheat.

Okay. Well. There’s your current congress. And it’s not the republicans who are trying to destroy democracy. It’s the Democrats.

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