Twitter and Facebook are fast becoming big brother

Jay Weber Show transcript 1-4-22

I’m starting to believe that 2022 might be the year that the leftists who run Facebook and Twitter don’t just force all conservatives and/or conservative thought off their make the current ‘left wing thought’ and wokeism the only acceptable material for their users to see.

Twitter and Facebook both moved against President Trump at the same time-banning him from their sites- while announcing bogus new ways that they were going to ‘monitor’ for truth and their user’s content.

In doing so, they have opened the Pandora's box that we thought they would.

Whatever algorithms and search matrixes they use to ‘catch’ bad content has led to all sorts of instances of them implementing bans on people-either permanently or temporarily- who never should have been banned.

Greg posts all of our social media content related to this show, and it seems like once every few weeks, some post or another is being blocked or banned... And it’s often unclear why.

It’s nearly always something that is an obvious joke, or meme. It’s silliness like: buy your ‘Lets go Brandon’ pj's for Christmas....

Banned. This is a post that includes false information.

No. It doesn’t. It’s a joke that your ‘overlord’ matrix can’t identify. It just picked up ‘Lets Go Brandon’...and blocked it.

This happens routinely. And i never hear about it happening to lefty’s. Ever.

Maybe it’s the social media bubble that I’m in, on the right, I admittedly don’t follow too many leftists-

But is there any chance? Or any evidence? That liberals and socialists are being blocked and banned from Twitter and Facebook as much as we on the right are?

Not a chance.

I’ve also never heard of a single leftist who has been banned from the platforms-permanently. Like Donald trump or- most recently- Marjorie Taylor-Green- this kooky congresswoman from Georgia.

And yes, i think Greene is a crazy chick. I know she has a following as a ‘fighter’. And someone who ‘won’t back down’.

Whatever. She crazy.

She goes too far on a lot of things.

But what she was banned for, on twitter, was, interestingly- telling the truth.

The post that Twitter overlords claimed as the ‘last straw’

An entirely true and defensible statement. Studies and news reports-are! - proving that vaccinated people are still getting sick with covid-and are still spreading it.

It’s a true statement!

Twitter gave her a ‘forever-ban’ because her tweet was labeled as line with our covid-19 misleading information policy.

But. It wasn’t misinformation. It’s another instance among many of how Twitter and Facebook bans are almost entirely arbitrary.

The only thing that doesn’t seem to be arbitrary about them is that they almost exclusively target conservatives or ‘right leaning’ sentiments.

And this, in turn, reveals some simple truths about twitter’s managers and employees.

Who-and what-they are choosing to ban proves that they are politically biased left wingers...who have created algorithms that enforce their own biases....

And that’s bad enough.

But- what it also proves is that most of what these twitter overlords think is ‘the truth’ isn’t ‘the truth’. And this is just-a hint-of how terribly destructive and reckless a big-brother type social media can be. And will be, in the future.

It is dangerously arrogant to have a group of powerful people- either running government or running private-sector social media enterprises...who don’t have any idea what the truth is.... but think they do.


We really start to see the dangers of a few powerful media groups -all run by leftists- and the ability that it gives them to control and mold thoughts, words, speech- and – ‘truth’.

Covid has provided us several instances of this, in fact. The social media smears against the trump-led vaccine effort...against hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, etc...all kept us from more effectively fighting this pandemic.

The attacks on the -science-

The-science- that tells us masks don’t work against viruses and those closedowns have damaged our kids- has delayed those truths from coming out-for two years.

Just now. Leftists and their mouthpieces are starting to admit that the masks don’t work and neither do lockdowns.

And our long delay-before we got to the truth- can all be blamed on a deep investment in ‘misinformation’from the ‘smart people’ who were certain they were right, and then worked to silence any contrary evidence or dissent.

Now we enter 2022 with Facebook and twitter execs-moving-in concert-to ban Marjorie Taylor-Green from their platforms...over a post that is- in every way- true and defensible.

One of the very things that so many of us loved about Facebook and Twitter, initially, is now being taken away: access to a forum that-doesn’t control speech-

And -is- a window to a free and open America.

It’s what many of us-used to like-about these sites.

And yes, with a free and open forum, you sometimes get crackpots and kooks and scumbags. Sure. It’ll get unruly, at times. And you’ll get your trolls.

Tough. Americans should be strong enough and smart enough to hear and read other people’s opinions and agree whether they have any merit- on their own. Using their own filters.

And twitter and Facebook have-always- given users the ability block out-and ‘self-edit’ for any unwanted content.

Those sites have always had that ability. And that should be enough. If you don’t like something you saw or read, and it really offends you that much- block it out-and move on.

That’s how these sites were meant to operate, but they were quickly politicized and taken over by leftist cry-bullies.

We have a small army of Americans who-sadly-want to silence any idea or sentiment that they don’t like. These people-refuse- to tolerate. Refuse to be tolerant. Of other views.

And in a free country-the rest of us should refuse to bow to them.

And it is what has so many conservatives and libertarians migrating over to Gettr now.

Joe Rogan just did-and the profile that he brings to Gettr is bound to cause it to explode as a more legitimate and widespread alternative to twitter.

But I wonder if 2022 isn’t the year that Facebook and Twitter execs and overlords stop pretending and morph their sites into a true ‘big brother’ model in which only pre-approved ‘wokeisms’ are tolerated.

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