New Pfizer pill is a Xmas miracle, too bad Biden didn't tell you about it

Finally. Finally....the FDA has approved the one potential ‘game changer’ that we’ve had on the horizon for covid: this therapeutic pill that Pfizer says cures 90 percent of the people who take it within three to five days of their first symptoms.

My god-this is a big, new reason for optimism. And the announcement from Biden’s FDA-comes just a day after he gave a speech in which he didn’t even mention it.

Instead, he rolled out some lame news about new ‘at home test kits’ and gave us no other reason for optimism. And i do believe it was intentional.

And folks, as if this was just a messaging blunder- wow-what a blunder.

But it could be. And i say that because this administration-

This team of people around Biden, has proven themselves to be tone deaf, and dumb, and incompetent and inept in -every way.

We have genuine gaggle of arrogant, self-righteous idiots running this white house that don’t even know how dangerous and inept they are.

And so-it is quite possible that Biden’s white house team-never even checked! -with its own FDA on the status ‘of that Pfizer pill’, before the Tuesday event.

I can absolutely believe that they blew a great chance for Biden to take credit for the new therapeutic coming, and use it to say ‘help is on the way. Be of good cheer’.

Instead, he never even mentions it, and he comes out of that Tuesday speech looking like an ass with no solutions.

And he still has none. We will get to the laundry list of false promises Biden has made on how he’d handle covid, including spending two trillion dollars on a final covid relief bill-and still! -somehow, never following thru on that promise to manufacture and distribute at-home test kits.

That is a major blunder that very few members of the media are talking about.

But-as for totally blanking on the FDA announcement that was going to come just 24 hours later-it could have been simply rank incompetence within an admin in which no ‘one’ department knows what any other department is doing.

But it could also be intentional. And i have two possible reasons-but one is most likely.

The first:

We know that democrat activists and hags like Bernie Sanders and squats with unions have a blind hatred for the drug companies...and so...this might have been Biden’s white house -intentionally-not wanting to call attention to a ‘game changing’ treatment, because it’s from Pfizer, which is a company Dems particularly despise...

Or- the second option, which is the most likely: Fauci and Biden’s covid team decided that ‘if word gets out this can be cured with a pill...people will stop getting vaccinated....and our bullying vaccine campaign crashes and burns.

This is what- I believe- is the most likely reason that Joe Biden does what is billed as ‘a major speech laying out the path forward’ on Tuesday, and never mentions a total game-changer of a pill that his own FDA approves on Wednesday.

But- the FDA authorized it for limited use in only more worrisome cases.

Yeah, okay: doctors across the country are going to be prescribing this like chick lets within days.

Pfizer says it has 89-million doses sitting in their warehouses ready to go, which is great, but the demand is going to erase that stockpile- fast- and everyone in the Biden white house and across the medical industry knows it.

This pill-if it performs anywhere near Pfizer’s claims-is a genuine game changer.

And I had a listener email yesterday and ask, ‘what if they over-promised like Merck?’

Well, Merck said their pill was 50 percent effective and outside testing showed it to only be 30 percent effective. That was a big ‘fudge’, my Merck.

But- even if Pfizer execs are including the same sort of 20 percent fudge factor-which i doubt-

A pill that cures 70 percent of the patients who take is still a -massive-game changer.And so, unless Pfizer told one of the biggest lies in recent medical history-this pill is going to cure most cases of covid, and for all practical purposes, over the next few weeks and months as they crank it out, folks, the panic related to this pandemic-is over.

I see this news as that big, yes.

And so, for Biden’s team to all-but ignore it, is ridiculous on two fronts: first...take the rare ‘win’ after a terrible year in office and second...give the American people are genuine reason for optimism.

And see-this is also something that democrats-in today’s Democrats in ages past were able to be optimistic and sell optimism. Today’s democrats have no such instinct. They are always. Always. Always turning toward the gloom and doom.

Think about it: with news of this game changing pill looming and approval coming within days- the Biden white house and it’s minions just engaged in a full week of gloom and doom, with their main message being, ‘the unvaccinated are going to have a dark and deadly winter’.

Now, come on.

Democrats-always- leap to the gloom and doom and scare tactics.

There’ s a reason that our most optimistic presidents of the last 50 years have been Reagan, bush, and trump. Carter, Clinton, Obama, and now Biden, were all ‘doom and gloom’. Nothing’s going to get better. This is the new normal now, get used to it.

Jimmy Carter said ‘put on a sweater. We’re running out of oil.America’s best days are behind her.’

Obama had a similar version of that message when his incompetence and over-regulation led to virtually no economic growth.

‘Get used to it,’ he said, ‘this is the new normal. America’s an old economy and it’s best days are behind her’.


Trump comes in and says ‘we can make America great again-

And he gets shelled. Shelled! From all balconies...from the New York and dc elites and smart people. What a jackass...America’s never been great...etc.

Republicans do optimism better. Even thru the worst of last summer, trump was attempting to be optimistic. He’d challenge Fauci on Dr. Death’s ‘all is lost’ attitude.

This is thrilling news. And Biden and his team of depressing, America-hating dunderheads can’t even see it.

It might be that they-do- see it, and are angry that it means they might have to give up their relentless campaign of trying to bully and control Americans right into socialism.

Who knows?

That could also be the case, here.

But to ignore the greatest pandemic-related news to come out within the last year- literally since trump announced the vaccine distribution at this time last year- is bizarre.

On every level: on the political, governmental, leadership, and human levels- it is just bizarre that Biden’s team is all-but ignoring the approval of this therapeutic pill.

Nutty lefties like Liz Warren and Bernie Sanders-and half of the members of this democrat congress- hate the drug companies with a white-hot passion.

This even though they have played a major role in building the greatest and most advanced medical system in world history.

Well, they can kiss my vaccinated heinie, because this is great news....and yet friends...the private sector ‘did it’, while the government officials stood around and did nothing to help. Simply engaged in scare tactics.

photo credit: Getty Images

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