Milley and Austin must resign

Jay Weber Show transcript 9-29-21 8:30am

I did a topic earlier about how four of America’s top generals all told the truth, and told the same story to congress, yesterday.

They made it clear that Joe Biden and his White House minions were lying when they said last month that none of Biden’s generals said it was a good idea to leave some US troops in Afghanistan.

And no, none of them told him that the Taliban would swiftly take over and overrun Kabul. Nope, Biden told George Stephanopoulos, I never got that advice.

He was lying, of course, and our top generals outed him on it during their first day of testimony into the Afghanistan debacle.

There will be more questioning, today.

So, we finally got the truth about the lies that Biden and his minions have been telling for over a month.And we knew they were lying.

But two of these four men also showed themselves to be weasels, as well. General Lloyd Austin, Biden’s defense secretary, and General Mark Milley, Biden’s chairman of the joint chiefs.

Both men should have resigned in disgrace-or at least offered to-after the Afghanistan disaster...and neither have.

And both of them-in their testimony yesterday-proved to be weasels.Sect Austin didn’t even try to hide the fact that the Afghanistan withdrawal and evacuation were a total cluster-farce... And he also never took any responsibility for any of it, for himself.

He acted like someone who was at a bus stop and saw the car accident in the street. As if he ‘knew all about it’...but wasn’t involved in it, himself.

He is Biden’s defense secretary!

Both Austin and Milley sat there and tacitly admitted to how badly they’d screwed up-in detailing what a catastrophe they had organized...but then neither had the decency to take any responsibility for themselves or offer to resign.

This is another mile marker as to ‘where we are today’ as a society. We expect politicians to be weasels who won’t live up to their failures, anymore...

But the military has always been different. We used to have-and demand-that people of integrity and honor held the top spots. We valued it-and demanded it-from all our troops, down to the lowliest private.

Military members-from private to four star general- used to take responsibility for their decisions, and their actions

Lloyd Austin and Mark Milley, atop today’s military, are weasels with fancy uniforms on.

They added to the perception that they are just ‘woke’ democrats with uniforms on.

Austin and Milley both would have been fired by a different president. And the fact that Joe Biden hasn’t means one of two things: either he tolerates the incompetence-


More likely: Biden rejected their advice and knows his decisions created the disaster and isn’t going to now punish Austin and Milley for it.

I’d consider that the more likely reason that these two still have their jobs. Because let’s face it, if ‘team Biden’ could have blamed a convenient scapegoat for that disaster and fired him or her-

They would have.

Instead-both of these clowns still have their jobs, and the main reason appears to be that-for all their other faults-they at least told Biden to keep forces there and advised against his foolish withdrawal.

That’s probably the only reason Biden’s regime is still protecting them and their careers.

The other reason might be that they both, in their positions, know an awful lot about the true scope of the disaster that followed...and could tell the world about it if Biden blamed it on them and ended their careers.

I mean- just in a few hours of testimony, yesterday, Mark Milley admitted that Biden was told his plans were a bad idea. That he should have left troops behind. That Kabul probably would be overrun by the Taliban quickly.

Milley admitted that, no, the Taliban never denounced al-Qaeda or agreed not to give them safe-haven.

Just yesterday-in the few questions Milley and Austin answered-they made it clear Joe Biden and his people are incompetent liars.

What could these generals tell us if they were fired-and found themselves civilians-being offered interviews and book deals.

Okay-general, you are no longer under any obligation to keep secrets or hold you tongue. Tell us what really happened in Kabul?

Therefore, they still have their jobs.

That-and they were specifically chosen as ‘woke’ generals, not war generals.

Do you know that there’s a story quoting several anonymous Pentagon insiders -from Fox News-that details how, under Trump, the joint chiefs and Pentagon brass talked about winning wars and military readiness and under Biden they talked about ‘wokeness’ and a ‘social justice military’

Before the Afghanistan debacle- General Milley-was-being criticized for being too worried about our military being ‘woke’.

He strongly defended the Biden administration’s politicizing of our troops and dragging all these divisive issues into our military.

Your memories aren’t that short. You remember the country’s conservatives talking about it.

The main theme was this lefty crap is going to ruin our military cohesiveness and our military readiness.


It turns out to be the case.

And as Milley and Austin get a complete pass on their putting ‘wokeness’ ahead of ‘ you know who-is?-getting punished over Afghanistan?

There is only-one person in the military-who has suffered any backlash related to this Afghanistan debacle-

And it’s a marine officer who dared to make a social media video criticizing Biden and his generals.

Our servicemen are supposed to have more discipline than that-and are supposed to keep their personal and political opinions to themselves. He didn’t. I get that-

And like it or not-this is the appropriate action for soldiers and marines that ‘talk out of turn’. If we are going to have a disciplined and cohesive military not everyone can be generals. Most of them need to shut up and do their jobs.

He didn’t.

But- it’s ironic that only one person is being punished -out of our entire military- related to the disaster in Afghanistan. And it’s a mid-level

Lt. Colonel who dared to be slightly-slightly critical of the rolling disaster that generals like Austin and Milley orchestrated, here.

photo credit: Getty Images

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