Democrats are on track to lose big in 2022

Jay Weber Show transcript 9-14-21 7:40am

Long time Democrat pollster and operative Doug Schoen: without drastic changes, Democrats are on track to lose big in 2022.


It is shaping up that way, he writes.

In the 1994 midterms under President Clinton, Democrats suffered a blowout defeat following the passage of the then-largest tax increase in history, which the then-Democratic Congress passed that year without Republican support.

And in 2010, during President Obama’s first midterm election, Democrats lost control of the House — and Republicans won back more than 60 seats — due in large measure to voters’ perception of governmental overreach on health care and the economy by the administration and Democrats in power.

That said, it is noteworthy that the mere circumstances of the 2022 midterms also present challenges for Democrats. Republicans need to pick up just five House seats, and redistricting alone could cost Democrats close to or even more than that number. 

Now -that - is saying something. Both of those elections were such wipe-outs that one of them was labeled a ‘red tsunami’.

In 1994- when newt Gingrich came to power as speaker-the republicans gained 54 seats.

In 2010- the republicans picked up 63 seats.

I want to believe that next fall is going to be a good ole’ GOP route-too-but let’s not get crazy. I don’t see republicans picking up 50 seats. I’d say- 15 or 20 is a given-as things now sit-and the rest depends on how low Biden’s approval ratings are currently next fall.

Schoen is predicting ‘red tsunami’ doom here, which i don’t see yet. Mostly, because there aren’t that many democrat seats that are in vulnerable swing states.

We’ve got this new CNN poll that shows 70 percent of Americans are -very negative- on how things are going in Biden’s America, including 85 to 90 percent of republicans and 70 percent of independents-

Those numbers speak to an electoral blowout if they hold where they are-

And as I’ve been saying -in response to the democrat’s belief that Biden’s poll numbers will bounce back: what gives them that idea?

Their biggest mission between now and Christmas is to pass what is going to be a -deeply- unpopular multi-trillion-dollar spending bill that sews the seeds of socialism. If they get their way!

How is that going to help their chances next fall?

The American people -specifically-voted against the Bernie Sanders/AOC socialist agenda in fall of last year. They managed to elect Joe Biden-who was the one democrat who ran as a centrist-

And no other democrat wins were evident. They expected to pick up 30 seats in the house- they lost 14.They expected to retake control of the senate by several seats-

They managed to grab control due to a very questionable runoff in Georgia that gave them a split senate-with a vice president who breaks the tie.

Joe Biden had-zero- coattails in 2020. His win ushered- no other- democrats into office.

There was zero evidence that the American people really wanted democrats back in charge and there was certainly no mandate for a liberal agenda- much less Bernie’s agenda.

And so, what are we getting? Rank incompetence and a bums’ rush toward socialism.

Yes. Next fall should be a wipe out-for Dem.

I said last week-there’s nothing on the horizon to suggest that Biden will win these voters back now that he’s lost them. Because this is a crisis of confidence in Biden. He screwed up everything he said he’d fix-from the economy, to covid, to his absolute disaster in Afghanistan where-as an American president- he left people behind.

That’s unforgivable, and it has led to the American people turning on Biden-permanently.

I just don’t see 50 to 60 vulnerable democrat seats yet. But they could materialize if Pelosi, Biden, and Schumer manage to ram home Bernie’s socialist wet dream of a reconciliation bill-

Or can manage to convince the democrats in the senate to end the filibuster so they can pass Pelosi’s election cheating bill.

Those moves would infuriate voters and put all sorts of democrats in swing districts in trouble.

And folks-this Biden team is so lost-

So far into an angry, left wing, temper tantrum against the country, that i cannot imagine they are going to be able to pull it together and govern competently between now and next fall.

I don’t believe Biden and his team have that-ability- even if they have that desire.

For example: Biden’s speech meant to reset his war on covid last week-was supposed to be one that brought Americans back over to his side.


He’s got a six-point plan that’s going to have us forgetting about Afghanistan and turning his poll numbers around.

Then he drops an angry speech that announces a tyrannical crackdown on 100-million Americans, and even goes so far as to lecture them like children. You’d better all shudder...because emperor Joe's patience is wearing thin.

Biden’s heartless and arrogant Afghanistan debacle might have woken all sorts of Americans up to the type of person and leader he really is

And now-with eyes wide open- all sorts of them are going to be evaluating Biden and the Democrats thru a very different lens.

And if they look-they will find that- irony of ironies- Joe Biden is the person who the accomplice media told us that Trump was. Right?

It turns out that the Democrats were projecting all of the terrible things that-they are- onto a Republican.

story credit: The Hill The political tides are turning against the Biden presidency

photo credit: Fox News

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