Biden wanted the 9-11 anniversary to be a high point of his presidency

Jay Weber Show transcript 9-13-21

So... Joe Biden goes from setting up some sort of ‘victory lap’ for himself on 9-11 that I still don’t fully understand-

That was the intent of choosing it as a final withdrawal date-

He goes from that- to not even giving a speech on the 20th anniversary of 9-11.

Talk about a massive, massive political failure for Biden, his White House, and the democrats. Wow. This was something.

We all know that Biden desperately wanted to use the anniversary to declare some sort of ‘mission accomplished’ moment and get all sorts of credit for ending the twenty-year war. That’s why he made the idiotic decision to specifically name Sept 11th as the final withdrawal date.

And by the way-i still don’t get the logic, or the intent of that.

I still don’t get what ‘glory’ or ‘credit’ they were going for here, in the Biden White House: so, you make the date of a weak, retreat-like withdrawal- which is what this was -even before Biden botched it so terribly.

How did he intend to message a weak, re-treat like, hurried withdrawal from Afghanistan as a ‘win’ anyway?

I don’t understand how leaving Afghanistan without your mission accomplished...becomes a ‘mission accomplished’ moment. Or some moment to be marked on 9-11, as Biden wraps himself in glory!?

So, I never understood the choice of date-and said immediately that it was a staggeringly stupid move: why would you give the Taliban and all of the globe’s terrorists a big propaganda win by matching up your ‘surrender’ the day

Al Qaeda hit the towers.

It never made sense. But this idiot and his team did it- because they were going to use it for political messaging...

And then the bleeped up the withdrawal so badly that-

Think about this-

The withdrawal was such a disaster that the plans changed from having Biden give a big speech and wrap himself in glory-

To not having Biden, speak- at all.

He made three stops: in Pennsylvania, at the pentagon, and at ground zero-and he made-zero remarks-as part of the ceremonies.

What. An embarrassing failure.

Instead, the white house released a pre-produced video on Saturday morning that included some remarks. A video that couldn’t be shouted at-or hissed at- or argued with.

They didn’t want Biden the object of heckling and derision, of course-

And he still got booed and heckled at the ground zero and Pennsylvania stops. Americans remain furious that he cost American lives and left other Americans behind...with his cowardly retreat.

This man has left the Taliban far stronger than they were on the original 9-11. He handed them 83-billion dollars’ worth of the American military’s highest-tech equipment...and he emboldened every other terrorist on the planet...raising the risk of terrorism worldwide.

What. A disaster.

If I were on his team-I’d suggest he just sit down and shut his mouth, too.

But you know ole uncle joe: even when his handlers give him instructions, he screws them up, and so- this clown-did- manage to get sucked into a quick back and forth with a few reportersat one of these events...

And so- even though they didn’t allow him to give a speech- Biden still! Screwed up the day by making some remarks that came off as delusional and insensitive.

I have a snippet here that is of Biden trying to defend his withdrawal, and instead, all it does is raise more questions.

First- if you knew al Qaeda was already reconstituting-in Afghanistan or anywhere else in the middle east- then why did you leave?

Isn’t that the best argument-to stay?

We’ve still got troops in Germany and Japan and elsewhere around the globe-because we won wars there. How about keeping Bahgram air base and building out a long-term u-s military presence there- as in: as long as this part of the world is a danger to democracy and the western world- we will be here fighting terror?

That’s what should have been done here: Joe Biden easily could have declared an official end to the Afghan war, and then said, we now move to a different footing in which we use Bahgram as a base of operations to continue the war on terror.

Joe Biden couldn’t sound like a bigger idiot-in that clip.

He asks, ‘what’s the strategy?’

Uhm. You’re the president, you idiot, that’s the question that-you-should be answering. That’s the question that-you-should be giving serious and sober thought to.

Every diplomat and military expert around you told you not to withdraw-and certainly-none of them advised you to engage in the nonsensical and disastrous withdrawal you did.

You! Mr. President! Should be answering that question!

Instead, it was left to the rest of us to ask- after your withdrawal debacle: what’s our strategy now, in the war on terror?

This clown has none. He’s asking us!

He says, what, every place al Qaeda is, we are going to invade and have troops there?

No. You dope. You set up a base for terror operations out of say, Bahgram, and you use that!

Then our military personnel and weaponry-are there-in the region. Just a short distance from any al-Qaeda hotspot- and we get to keep Intel operations going to discover what these terrorist organizations are doing.

Biden and his equally dangerous political handlers obviously put-zero-thought into the question: what is our strategy for combatting terror, now?

And then-the comment at the end about how ‘we would have had people hanging in the wheel wells’, you’ve got to be kidding me: Mr. President-you did! - have people hanging in the wheel wells and hanging onto the planes out of Kabul. What sort of idiot- brings up that imagery- and reminds the American people that his evacuation ended that way?

Joe Biden is genuinely ‘gone’ mentally.

His handlers decided not even to let him risk speaking, for fear of how he’d screw it up, or lash out at hecklers...

And he managed to find some reporters and mar the day with newly outrageous nonsense, anyway.

Everything he said was odd and out of place and indicated that this man does not care about other his party members keep insisting.

Joe Biden has shown a shocking lack of empathy for anyone over the terrible events of the last month that-he- put in motion. Not Americans, not Afghans, not the 13 service members he got killed. Now the victims of 9-11.

I don’t think Joe Biden has an empathetic bone in his body. That’s probably why he constantly reverts to talking about his-own- lost wife and children- anytime someone is looking for a show of sympathy from him.

This man’s far more black-hearted than any of us knew, my friends.

But as for the anniversary of the 9-11 attacks and all the service and sacrifice we’ve seen from first responders and our great military members since-

Iraq would have been a success if not for President Obama’s supremely stupid decision to withdraw our troops from there and then ignore the rise of ISIS until it was too late.

I’d go further and note that virtually all the real blunders related to these two wars- were committed by democrat administrations.

Bush, Rumsfeld, et-al made some mistakes. But they handed a stable Iraq and a winnable Afghan war off to Obama- only to have him be the one to really screw them up and have them ultimately turn out to be messes.

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