Biden's address hopes to pivot away from the Afghan disaster

Jay Weber Show transcript 9-8-21 6:10am

President Biden is going to address the nation again tomorrow night.

These things always go so good for Biden and his team, don’t they?

This shows you how trapped and lost this administration is, with an on-set dementia patient at the helm, folks.

Joe Biden is too far ‘gone’ and too much of a stumbly, bumbly, discombobulated mess in order to hold real news conferences or interact with reporters on any genuine ‘give and take’ basis, that his team is having to resort to scripting everything out for him and having him read it off of a prompter.


They feel as if Joe can only be read the prompter. Nothing more. And so, everything, then, needs to be a speech, doesn’t it?

Get it?

This is what’s going on.

This is, like, Biden’s fifth ‘address to the nation’ and he’s only been in office for 7 or 8 months.

Such ‘national addresses’ are meant to be rare. Few. And far between.

But if the only way that they can present Joe Biden as competent and capable is to write a speech for him and have him read it-

If that’s the limit of his verbal capabilities, now-

Well then, everything needs to be a speech, doesn’t it?

So- we will get an ‘address to the nation’ tomorrow night, and it is being billed as Biden’s ‘address to a pandemic-weary nation’.

Our infinitely competent and capable leader is going to lay out a new six-pronged strategy for combatting covid thru the fall and winter, and it’s likely to be replete with dark rhetoric and ominous warnings again, to get Americans to fall back into line on the scare tactics, mask orders, and looming lock downs.

And folks, if this is what the democrats and team Biden believe is going to have the American people forgetting about Afghanistan and Biden’s myriad self-inflicted failures to this point-

If they think that this is going to be the ‘reset’ they need to get voters back on Biden’s side and getting his poll numbers to rise again- I am certain they are mistaken.

And that-is-what this is about.

You’ve probably been seeing the stories about how Biden and the democrats want to ‘move on’ from Afghanistan. ‘Get past’ Afghanistan.

Get back to the things that are more popular with the people-like Biden’s management of the pandemic and his call for more big-government freebees like free college and childcare.

This has been the talk of dc: how Biden and the democrats want to ‘move on’ from the Afghanistan debacle.

Well-first- that constant admission in the media over the last several days makes Biden and the Dems look more heartless than ever...and they shouldn’t be admitting it to reporters.

The optics of ‘we want to quickly forget about thirteen dead u-s servicemen that didn’t need to die...and we want to quickly forget about the Americans still trapped there’ are not good.

I am surprised at how totally tone-deaf these ‘long time dc veterans’ who are running Biden’s white house are.

That headline, alone, only reinforces how heartless and brutal Biden and his party members have been, thru-out this entire afghan ideal.

But then-to pivot back to covid and Bernie’s big socialist spending bill because they are the ‘popular’ items with the American people, is just delusional.

Polls have shown for weeks now that Biden is under water with the public on both issues. Any initial credit that the public gave him for the vaccine rollout and handling the pandemic has evaporated-because covid numbers are higher now than they were last year at this time-and after Biden declared covid all-but vanquished in July-things have only gotten worse, in the way of cases and hospitalizations.

And on Bernie’s big 5-trillion-dollar infrastructure bill-certain elements of it might be popular with people who just want more handouts, but the polls show that Americans overwhelmingly oppose it in the most important swing districts across the country.

This is-not- a country clamoring for more big government control...or to be put on a glide path to socialism.

And so- the very political calculations being used here- are wrong. And so, what tomorrow night’s speech-really is- is an attempt to salvage -something. Something. Out of seven months of wreckage.

And I’m not joking.This is now the best they can do: hope to re-spark some sort of positive feelings related to-some issue or another- that still might be felt by voters.... For Biden and this regime.

We are going to get a six-point battle plan tomorrow to fight covid into the fall and winter.

And here’s something that remains largely unspoken: Biden, from his perch, does not have the power to impose a nationwide mask mandate, or order more private sector closures, etc.

Biden-cannot- simply bully America into more restrictions and lockdowns. About all he could do is try to bully governors and mayors into doing it- and that would come with very spotty, limited success.

And so, without any-real-authority to order new lockdowns, mandates, or nationwide manipulation of citizens, I’ll predict right now that this six-point plan is largely going to be political fluff. It will be long on the puffery and the ‘aspirational’ calls to pull together and keep fighting covid...

But as for actual policy changes or nationwide dictates? I don’t see them coming.

Not unless Biden’s team is going to try to-yet ignoring the constitution and the separation of powers and order things into place that he has no ability to order.

I suppose that’s a possibility, but I don’t sense it is coming...based on the insider pieces that I read on this yesterday.

It’ll probably be let’s get the rest of the vulnerable vaccinated. Let’s get the FDA to approve the vaccine for kids and get them vaccinated. Let’s keep those masks on, etc.

Remember: these lockdowns and mandates have been unpopular-and economy killers. What Biden and the democrats need more than anything else right now are popularity and a recovering economy.

I will be shocked if more lockdowns and restrictions are suggested.

The speech is likely to be simply ‘inspirational’ rhetorical fluff. It’s likely to be our president issuing a national call for our cooperation and dedication to a healthy America...and how...if unified...we can do this..blah blah...

It’s a cheap attempt at creating a unifying moment after his disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan has2/3 of independents and 1/3 of his own party members giving up on him, and this last seven months of rolling democrat disasters.

This is cheap theatre, to get the American people to ‘move on’ from Afghanistan. And it’s not going to work, because we still have American citizens and green card holders trapped and desperate over there...

And we are going to have tales of both heroism and horror stories coming out of that country for people either manage to get out- or- get taken hostage.

Folks-already-these six planeloads of people that the Taliban won’t allow to leave because they don’t have the right paperwork- are already de-facto hostages.

Biden’s putrid sect of state, Anthony Blinken, worked hard yesterday to explain this away as a paperwork problem...but the hard fact is that the Taliban will not allow those people to leave.

Forget the excuse.

These 800 people that were ready to get onto six planes and leave this past weekend-already are- hostages of the Taliban. They just aren’t officially imprisoned or sitting in dank prison cells yet.

And Biden and the Dems want to move on. Anthony Blinken tells an accomplice media, ‘oh, we’ll get them out at some point’...and we are all just expected to accept that and move on.

We are dealing with the Taliban here. Not the Canadians.

And hey-Biden and his party can’t acknowledge that he abandoned Americans in Afghanistan, and their stories are not over, just because he did.

They-will-get out. And they’ll keep haunting Biden and the Dems, regardless of what political pivots they try to make.

photo credit: Getty Images

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