Joe Biden is garbage

Jay Weber Show transcript 9-2-21

I want to start with President Joe Biden’s staggeringly dishonest and defensive ‘speech to the nation’, following the official completion of the withdrawal.

This was a -very-defensive president, speaking on behalf of a -very-defensive group of white house and pentagon handlers who screwed this up.

The president appeared to be angry- was nearly yelling- as he gave what was billed as a final ‘address to the nation’ as that war ends.

There wasn’t a calming, reasonable, defensible sentence uttered.

This clown actually declared the withdrawal a ‘successes, and then went on to blame everyone for Donald Trump, to the Taliban, to the Afghani people, to the very Americans still trapped there-for all of his administration’s failures.

Everyone else was to blame, except for him and his incredible group of advisors, according to Joe.

I’m a little surprised that he didn’t also try to blame the dozens of wonderful service dogs that he left behind in their kennels to starve.

Clearly, those dogs had some culpability here because Joe didn’t.

What a piece of human excrement, this man has turned out to be.

In fact, that’s going to be a theme of the show, today: how America knew we were getting ‘bumble Joe’. The dc swamp dwellers knew they were getting ‘affable boob’ Joe....when he was elected.

Who knew we were getting heartless scumbag Joe?

Who knew we were getting piece of human trash-Joe?

I have- never. Seen. -an American elected official-from mayor up to president-

I have-never-seen-a series of more heartless displays from an American leader than i have seen over the last several weeks. This man and his team left hundreds of Americans behind. ‘thousands’ if you include green card holders.

He left service animals behind to starve.

He accepts no responsibility. He displays no remorse.

Remember how ‘candidate’ Joe was the compassionate president? He had all those feelings that Donald Trump didn’t? He had all those personal hardships in his past life that allowed him to be so caring and empathetic to others?

Remember that Joe?

Not only has President Biden accepted no blame for his disastrous failures...we’ve seen him callously checking his watch while waiting for the bodies of u-s servicemen whose deaths were caused by -his decisions- as if the ceremony is cutting into his nap time.

We’ve heard numerous stories from families of those fallen, about how callous and dismissive and uncaring he was-when his political team decided that he’d better have a private audience with these family members...and at least go thru the motions of caring.

I hope you heard some of their stories, because they are as heartbreaking as they are revealing: our president. A US President. Looking past them, rolling his eyes. Trying to cut them short by bringing up his dead son, beau, as he used yet another dead family member as a political shield, as he’s had a history of doing.

Early in his career-it was a dead wife and daughter that Biden used over and over and over again as a political shield. One of the absolute scummiest tactics in politics.

Now, at the end of his career-he’s using his dead son beau over and over and over again- as some shield from criticism.

What a scumbag.

And yes- I realize that I am going further with my rhetoric on Joe Biden than I ever have before-and it is because his actions have warranted it: I am calling Joe Biden-flat out- a piece of human garbage today. Yes.

My god, people: an American president. A u-s president! Gave a speech. In which he said with a straight face, hey, this was an extraordinary victory. We got 90 percent of the Americans out. Those others wanted to stay...and it’s their own fault if they didn’t get out.

He said this- after a flood of news reports on global television and recounted in global newspapers from Americans and our allies stranded there- begging to be saved. Desperate to get out.

Where are all the interviews with the Americans who wanted to stay there?

Have you seen one?

Have you seen a -single-interview with an American or an interpreter who said, ‘I am choosing to stay’? I told the marines, no. I will stay.

First- if they’d started a withdrawal in May or June and planned it correctly, yes, the evacuations of civilians, Americans, interpreter families-absolutely- would have been done first and gone more smoothly-

This dill weed pulled all our troops out before organizing the civilian evacuation effort.... which is like evacuating a house full of adults and only then worrying about the baby in the attic...

But- Biden’s overall claim is idiotic: of course, this could have been done differently and more competently with less loss of life.

Is Biden really trying to suggest that -any? -planned withdrawal from -any? – war zone is going to come with chaos and deaths?

Every independent analyst and retired general and admiral have said this was uniquely botched. History books prove Biden wrong.

This is a guy who-just a few weeks ago- said there was no way that Afghanistan was even going to fall into Taliban hands!

Now he’s pretending as if this is always how the withdrawal was going to go?

What. A scumbag.

There are dozens of ways to prove Biden wrong.

We know that not keeping the Bahgram airbase and doing the evacuations from there was probably the biggest blunder, but we discovered this week that the Taliban even offered to let the u-s military secure Kabul -the entire city- or a big portion of it- until the withdrawal was complete.

Biden’s team declined. That decision, alone, virtually assured that this was going to end in the chaos and dangerous and massive crowds around the Kabul airport. As national review noted:

Biden. Botched it.

And now he and his team are going to try to spin the airlift as an incredible success- while blaming a true torrent of failures on everyone else.

This is a true new low point for -any-American presidency. Obama and Hillary leaving Americans to die in Benghazi was a horrific low point.

This if so, so, so much worse.

This was an abandonment of every moral, ethical, military, and patriotic tenet that this country has stood for nearly 250 years.

The scope and breadth of the failures are-even now-impossible to comprehend.

The reverberations from Biden’s mistakes here -have honestly just begun.

Coming next: the stories of those currently ‘faceless’ Americans and Afghans that Biden left they are taken hostage, and beaten, and executed in the most barbaric ways. And they won’t be lumped anonymously into a group of two hundred.

This will be story after story of real people. Including innocent children. Butchered and abused by the the world watches.

I shudder at what comes next, here, and I wonder if the American media is going to have the integrity to tell the stories.

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