There is clearly something wrong with this President

Jay Weber Show transcript 8-20-21 7am

One of my theories about President Biden and why he is spending so much time in Delaware, is that he’s a 78-year-old man in cognitive decline, and that Delaware home is familiar to him. He feels more comfortable there.

It could even be-depend on what sort of dementia he might have-

It could be that that’s where he functions best. Feels safest. Is least confused, etc. I wouldn’t normally just speculate on the president’s mental state, but his own people and his own party have left us to do so.

Because there is-clearly-something wrong with this president. A conservative journalist yesterday cited a White House source of his as saying Biden wants to be in Delaware all the time because he’s not sleeping well anywhere else.

We all know older people who are set in their ways and only want to sleep in their own bed, surrounded by their familiar things.... but I’d think we’d agree that those people, then, should not be president of the United States.

This job requires-at the very least-living and working at the white house, and includes a lot of flying and sleeping on air-force one when you can, or when you need to, etc.

This is not a job for someone who can’t sleep-or function properly-if they aren’t in their own bed every night.

And i don’t believe it’s just a sleep issue.

If it’s ‘’about the bed’, then bring the bed from Delaware and put it in the White House residence.

I think this is a man who is having enough mental problems now that Delaware is most familiar to him, and where the world makes the most sense.

And if you think I’m going to far with the idea that Joe Biden’s team is clearly hiding something, then how do you explain the last week?

In all seriousness: a legacy-defining crisis is unfolding. A rare, historical, end to a twenty-year war, and one that is ending in a chaotic withdrawal-

And Joe Biden is being hidden away?

In six days-his handlers allow him to do only one sit-down interview -and with a very, very soft and protective interviewer-

And give two speeches and take no questions. Just read them off the teleprompter, Joe, and then leave...

in six days, that’s all we’ve seen from the president. And given that George Stephanopoulos is still a left-wing operative who confidentially advises administrations...and given that he was an insider in the Clinton white house and knows how important optics are...

I absolutely believe he’s the type of guy who would ‘help out’ the white house by scrapping parts of the interview that showed Biden to be confused, or incoherent, and projecting weakness, yes.

I can see Stephanopoulos stepping up and ‘helping’ this White House ‘and the country’ by keeping Biden’s cognitive decline a secret. There is clearly something wrong with Joe Biden, and they aren’t telling us.

Consider how this played out: as Afghanistan falls into chaos and his presidency is on the line. As-America’s reputation globally-is on the line:

Joe Biden is barely visible.

We also learned that-during the entire stretch of time that Afghanistan was falling over six days-

President Biden did not talk to one other foreign leader.

Not one.

Who was?

Presumably-someone-in the Biden white house was in contact with other foreign leaders. No?

Or is this admin so incompetent that never even considered contacting the leaders of the other countries who have soldiers and civilians there that they need to get out.

Biden spoke to -zero- other leaders, until a reporter asked whether he had, on Tuesday.

And then, on Wednesday, almost as if to cover up the mistake, Biden’s team set up two calls. One with Boris Johnson and one with Angela Merkel.

And so now- in day- eight? Biden has spoken with two allied leaders. That’s it.

What? Is Joe Biden doing? When he’s not in front of the cameras for a few minutes?

What is occupying the rest of this man’s day?

Because he certainly doesn’t seem to be running the country, and we aren’t even seeing much of him walking down the portico, or sitting in the oval, or appearing to do work.

This is particularly jarring after 4 years of trump, because he had cameras on him virtually all the time and spoke to the press daily. Invited cameras in everywhere.

One of the many things the MSM never gave trump credit for was the incredible access that they got to him. It may have been the most since Abraham Lincoln invited reporters in for breakfast-

And I’m not exaggerating. Trump was the most accessible president-perhaps-in the 250 year history of this country.

But even comparing Biden to Obama or George W-whose staffers-did- try to hide the president away from reporters’ questions-

Even then-we got daily coverage of an active president-doing the job. Right?

With Biden? He is clearly, intentionally, being hidden away from the public and the media members.

So... what’s wrong with joe?

We might as well start the hash tag on twitter-because this has-got to become- a much bigger question after this week.

And lord knows who is making the decisions on any of this, then, but clearly, they are hiding away joe.

He’s a figurehead in a regime that is proving to be the most incompetent and extreme of any era.

We’ve talked in the past about how it seems as if his staffers and handlers wait to trot him out when he’s having a ‘good day’.

We never get a quick reaction on something from Biden, as we did under every other president.We are not seeing an admin putting the president out, front and center, within a matter of hours.

Instead- we see a team of handlers waiting -sometimes days- to allow Biden to dodder out to the podium...

And then he’s only allowed to read a script.

Even the most accomplice and fawning of the white house reporters were miffed this week when they waited four days for a scripted, robotic, 20 minute speech with no opportunity for questions afterward.

This man is either the least caring, laziest, most disgraceful president we’ve ever had- (and I don’t think he is)

-or- he’s fading mentally and physically and should no longer be in this job.

We knew before Biden ever won office that he and his party were going to operate the white house this way: it was clear he was being hidden away and ‘pre-programmed’ before his rare zoom appearances.

We knew something was wrong, back then.

But this group of operatives thought they could run a four-year administration that way, and so, instead of having Joe and Jill Biden admit that he’s too old for this-they plowed ahead.

And for seven months now, a group of younger radicals and undisciplined socialists have been managing the guy’s white house for him.

To disastrous effect.

This news media-which finally seems willing to take a critical look at Biden’s white house and decision making-must. Must- start asking, ‘what is wrong with Joe? Why are you hiding him away?’

For the good of the country, they need to do this.

And since that won’t motivate them-for the good of their party- you’d think they’d want to do this.

This fantasy of using the 25th amendment to remove a president...isn’t realistic. It’s not going to happen. They will never admit that he never should have been elected in the first place, and Jill and the family will never agree to that insulting way of doing it.

Biden’s removal would need to come with Jill and his handlers convincing him to give up the position. He’d have to agree to step down, admitting, my sunset years caught up with me. I cannot physically take the rigors of this job, anymore.

And again-that’s not likely to happen, certainly not before next fall’s elections.

And so- his team-and Jill-have got to be holding meetings behind the scenes this week, debating whether they can really ‘do this’ for another 17 months. Can we keep up the charade much longer?

Because- something is wrong with Joe Biden.

And-more and more- the dc democrats are just expecting us not to see it.

As Jim Gherity says; the problem is that it’s there for all to see. We’re all being asked to pretend we don’t notice.

We cannot ignore the fact that Joe Biden is not up to this job-for another 3 years.

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