Biden not only turned his back on America, but the World as well

I talked earlier about the amount of callousness Joe Biden and his admin are showing as they watch the Afghanistan disaster play out and can only seem to find new ways to deflect blame and insist Biden made the right call.

It’s shocking and unexpected.

Trust me-this uncaring, callous, ‘screw em’ mentality is mortifying Americans and other westerners looking on.

It is jarring to everyone who knows America is a compassionate nation.

Is a nation that -for 250 years-has stood up for freedom, and against oppression, and brutal dictatorships.

American presidents don’t act the way that Joe Biden has been acting this week: from not even wanting to disrupt his vacation to own his blunder....

To flying back to dc just for a few hours to deliver a defiant and shameful speech in which he blamed everyone else, (including the Afghani people he’s leaving to be brutalized)

And then, without taking a single question from the media, turned on his heel and went back on his vacation. Flew right back out of dc.

I’ve never seen such arrogant and shameful behavior...and I reported on both the Clinton and Obama administrations!

Those men were certainly shameful in their own ways-but nothing like this.

I’m seeing pundits on both sides insisting that this seals the democrat’s fate next fall and in 2024.

No, it doesn’t.

Because, sadly, we are a ‘shiny object’ nation with no long term memory, and so today’s outrages aren’t going to have a big effect on an election that’s over a year away, much less 3 years.

Obama and the democrats are going to have to keep delivering blunder after blunder, for most of this to be remembered next fall.

Very few Americans- next November-will be motivated to vote based on Biden’s’ historically epic Afghan blunder.

But-our allies in Europe have long memories, as do our global enemies.

The European and global media has been awash with coverage over this colossal, callous blunder, and the European leaders are as mortified as anyone.

The lefty global media kept telling us they hated trump and cheered when Joe Biden was elected: oh, thank heaven, finally a man known for his incredible foreign policy experience and from a party that talks about ‘smart power’...

They were going to love Biden.

World leaders aren’t just disappointed. They are feeling betrayed. The Brits and a few of these other countries also advised that the allied coalition leave at least a small, stabilizing group behind.

It sounds like Boris Johnson in the UK asked Biden to at least slow down the withdrawal so that he could get all of his British soldiers and diplomats out.

And Biden didn’t, of course. It was a mad scramble to try to save themselves once Biden emboldened the Taliban and set them on the march, nipping at our heels as we retreated.

Boris and the leaders of the British military were said to be very angry over this.

And these comments I just read to you hint at the sense of betrayal, and how these countries will have to ‘re-evaluate’ their relationship with America and the u-s military-

Even though this was all Biden’s doing.

He went against mountains of advice from his best-and worst-advisors.

Biden’s image as any sort of competent statesman or commander in chief- has been destroyed. Let’s not pretend otherwise. The historians will not be kind as they write about his administration and his dangerously foolish decisions -on Afghanistan- on the southern border- etc.

His ‘legacy goose’ is already cooked.

The question is whether the famously fickle American voter of today...will internalize all of this and vote accordingly next fall, and in 2024, or whether -even this-will be forgotten and lost in future 24-hour news cycles.

In the late 70s, the American people seemed to come to an early and decisive opinion on jimmy carter- early into his presidency and they ushered him out of office after one disastrous term.

I’d like to think that the American people are still capable of knowing rank, dangerous incompetence when they see it, and that even many democrats will refuse to keep Biden’s and Bernie’s blunders going.

It’s also not going to make it any easier to build public support for this insane five-trillion dollars in socialistic spending that Biden and the democrats want to do in this upcoming reconciliation bill.

The stink of failure in DC tends to cling to a president and his party if the blunder is bad enough and Afghanistan could be as strong as the B.O. in that famous Seinfeld episode.

No matter what-Jerry couldn’t get the stink out of his car-and everyone who had sat in it-stunk.

This Afghanistan wreckage could stain them all.

It certainly stains Joe Biden-and permanently.

It’s a legacy stain-already.

It’s also a legacy-stain on our military. And if any good comes out of this- let’s hope its’ an honest and harsh reassessment of where these democrat presidents have been taking our military.

It’s all ‘wokeism’ and ‘green energy’ planning, instead of focusing on national security and our warfare.

photo credit: Getty Images

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