Shouldn't surprise anyone that BLM supports communist Cuba

I found it interesting how shocking it was to members of the MSM and the blue check journalists on twitter that Black Lives Matter is supporting the communist regime in Cuba.

Some of us have been pointing out for over a year that BLM is a Marxist organization. Founded by Marxists. Who hate capitalism and hate America and want to destroy it.

So, if you listen to talk radio, BLM supporting communist Cuba should come as no surprise to you. I know that the left wants to portray anyone who calls a ‘socialist’ a ‘socialist’ as some crackpot engaging in helicopter theories...but we are not.

BLM is a -Marxist- organization. And always has been. They haven’t even had to work that hard to hide it.

We will get into that-but first-a snippet of audio that surfaced on twitter yesterday. It is an old film of Fidel Castro...before he gained his fatigues. Looking at the camera. And explaining that he-was not- a socialist or a communist.

Fidel, claiming that his government was going to be democracy based on ‘social justice’.

Does that sound familiar to you?

It is precisely what Bernie, and AOC, and the ‘justice democrats’ and ‘democratic socialists of America’say. That is- exactly-their dishonest claim.

Here’s Fidel saying it-on camera. Hugo Chavez said the same thing. They were closet socialists and communists. And they got their way.

Look at where those countries are now.

America must wake up to this dangerous and deceitful movement.

And- to that end-wow, did some people on social media seem shocked that BLM supports communism in Cuba.

The organization put out a two-page missive blaming the United States and capitalism for all of Cuba’s woes, over the last sixty years. In an interesting pause on social media, I saw no democrat lawmakers or left-wing organizations defending or echoing or retweeting BLM’s statement yesterday.

Is not that interesting.

Normally, when one of these lefty activist groups says something controversial on social media and gets flamed for it- other lefty activists and lawmakers flame right back.

I didn’t spend a lot of time on social media yesterday, but i didn’t see -any-democrats or other left wing organizations retweeting BLM and/or coming to their defense as they went out of their way to denounce America and defend communism.

And a small flood of commentators made the obvious point that: this proves BLM is a socialist organization, and its leaders hate America.

Yes, it is and yes, they do.

But we, on this show, already knew that and so...I found the most interesting take on this coming from Jim Garrity of national review and a few others who said- wait-

So, BLM does not like American cops killing thugs and arresting criminals here, but they support Cuban cops beating and killing innocent protestors in the streets down there?

It reveals how fraudulent the BLM movement really is-and how it is all about trying to divide the country and bring about the downfall of capitalism...and they are just using race and racial excuses to do it.

Garrity is right: this reaction from BLM yesterday ‘gives up the entire game’ that they are playing here in America.

BLM and antifa have proven this by engaging in beatings, themselves. At their protests, they are okay with group beatings and beat-downs, because they are ‘beating the right people’, correct?

They are all America-hating thugs and scumbags. BLM and antifa members.

But-come on: of course, BLM is praising Cuba’s communist regime. Was this really shocking to people?

Every democrat who got sucked into this. Every CEO and corporate board that got sucked in by them-is culpable.

They are all responsible for legitimizing and unleashing this BLM and antifa poison on America.And many of them knew fully what they were doing.

Remember- Pelosi, Schumer and the congressional democrats were initially reluctant to be associated with BLM and antifa. It was not until they realized that the groups amounted to a left-wing thug squad that would work on their behalf, that democrats started more openly defending these groups.

If you remember-during the 2016 campaign...Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi would only meet with these BLM and antifa leaders in secret: some of you will remember the little clandestine videos or photos on right wing sites that showed Hillary meeting behind the curtain at some event with the BLM leaders or antifa leaders who showed up.

Ditto for Pelosi.

But they hopped into bed with organizations that they- absolutely knew-were Marxist groups that want to destroy capitalism, anyway.

It tells you how lost-and how desperate for power-today’s democrats are.

But hey-now they ‘own’ BLM. Now they own an organization that now feels confident enough to openly betray America’s values and cheerlead for communism.

And not just communism in principle.

This is important: this is not BLM just supporting oppressive socialistic and communistic government in principle. This is not ‘communism in theory’ they defended yesterday.

BLM is supporting- the Cuban brand of communism. The oppressive, brutal, starvation regime, style of communism that Cuba has represented for sixty years!

I keep telling you: this. Is today’s democrat party.

When Obama and Hillary were so god awful that they killed off more traditional liberalism and left the democrat party confused and leaderless- the Bernie bros and AOC’s ‘justice democrats’ rushed in to take the reins.

This is who is controlling this party and its agenda now.Socialists. Not liberals. Not progressives. Socialists.

Learn the lesson, you democrats in the audience who still might be reasonable and persuadable.

And for the record: it is not America’s embargo that are creating the misery in Cuba. It is communist dysfunction.

America’s young people-of all races and ethnicities-need to learn the history of Cuba, and the Soviet Union, and communism....

And they need to wake up to the political movements that are trying to lure them in under false pretenses-

And most especially-America’s young black citizens need to see BLM for what it is.It is not looking out for them. It is using them as pawns to try to destroy America.

photo credit: Getty Images

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