Biden administration won't let Cuban refugees in. Might vote GOP

Jay Weber Show transcript 7-15-21 8:10am

I told you Alejandro Mayorkas was a scumbag who republicans should have fought harder to keep out of the Biden cabinet-

Folks-you must start listening to me when I tell you certain actors in dc and Madison are scumbags, frauds, and pretenders.

I am not lying to you, and I’m not saying it to be controversial. John McCain was the most hated man in Washington dc because he was an arrogant a-hole but no one would say it publicly because he was a prisoner of war.

John Kerry is an insufferable, bloviating windbag who, somehow, was never called out for it.

Joe Biden was known as an affable boob. Good guy. Fun to talk to and be around. But a clown who had no idea what he was doing.

When the Trump/Russia smear broke-I said immediately: watch John Brennan. He is the biggest snake in shoes. Of course, it will lead back to him. And it did. He worked overtime to take it public.

Alejandro Mayorkas is Joe Biden’s homeland security secretary now, but he was a slippery open border, pro-illegal member of Obama’s dept. of homeland security. His very appointment to the Biden cabinet signaled to me that this was going to be an ‘open borders’ administration.

And it is.

But- Mayorkas is such a slime bag that he has got no problem lying to the American people and playing politics with immigration and the border he did yesterday.

Folks-out of all the refugees coming into America illegally-from all the corners of the world- the Biden administration has found one group of people that they will not let in: Cubans.

Mayorkas went out of his way yesterday to tell Cubans, and the world: don’t come. We will not let you stay.

This, as a political uprising is going on there-and when Cubans would be one of the rare groups of people who could-legitimately-claim asylum right now!

Isn’t this ironic?

Biden and Mayorkas are letting -anyone- cross our borders or step onto our shores and falsely claim they need we let them stay.

But the Cubans -who would fit that need- will be denied entry and sent back.

You cannot make this stuff up, anymore.

And i know that a lot of you listeners already know why: why won’t the Biden admin encourage Cubans to come-and actively insist they won’t be allowed to stay?

Because Cubans vote republican.

Honestly. That is, it. That is why.

Cubans famously turn into republican voters when they gain their citizenship...because they have already lived under an oppressive socialist regime. Correct?

It is really that simple. And it’s been a fact for six decades now: Cuban transplants and Cuban Americans vote-heavily- republican. Because they have seen and lived the horrors that a big, bullying, totalitarian state means for the rest of us.

And so- how scummy are today’s democrats?

So scummy that they would- openly and blatantly- pull a stunt like this and say: Cubans can’t stay.

Now the scummy kicker to be added to Alejandro Mayorkas’ story: Majorkas is a Cuban immigrant himself. He and his family fled the island in 1960 and got asylum here.

What. An evil turd. Hey?

Joe Biden has a Cuban refugee- in charge of telling other Cubans not to come. They will be deported back to Cuba.

The White House can claim that, hey, we just do not want to endanger lives here. We do not want to encourage Cubans to take the dangerous journey-

But that’s bologna. If they really cared about the Cuban people...they’d be encouraging the uprising and ensuring any of them that have to flee for their lives that they can get asylum here.

And as you can imagine- this did not go over well with the Cuban American community:

Just 90 miles of water separate Florida and Cuba.

Just 90 miles separate freedom and prosperity from oppression, misery, and poverty.

And Joe Biden and the democrats refuse to engage in any efforts to help desperate, oppressed people.

But if people who do not need asylum and are not living under oppressive governments want to just walk or fly into Mexico and cross the southern border, great. They can stay...and become a net drain on the country.

Yet again- Biden’s policies make no sense.

Yet again-the only way to explain them- is to realize that this is a group of people-and a party-that is now solely interested in gaining permanent power and control over this country.

Is only interested in changing it into a socialist country that has them controlling every aspect of our lives.

And so, every policy position-every decision Biden and congressional democrats are making- is based on that effort: what stance gets us to permanent, socialist control of America?

Flooding America with illegals from Latin American countries where the union mentality and the collective mindset will have them voting democrat when they are legalized?

You bet.

Letting Cubans in who will vote republican?

Not a chance.

It is now Thursday. The Cuban protests started on Sunday. Biden’s White House was silent for 24 hours because they had to decide, and meet, and workshop, over whether they were actually going to support freedom and democracy and the Cuban people.

For now? They decided-yes. The plan for socialism here is not far enough along yet.

Meanwhile-Bernie and the members of the democrat socialist party went dark and silent. As did- sadly-all other democrats.

This is now day five-with no sense of democrats or their party-really- supporting the plight of the Cuban people.

This is now day five of their accomplices in the liberal media not reporting on, or detailing, the brutal violence that Cuba’s dictator is using against his own people to quell the uprising.

Here is a fun twist: Democrats in Florida are aware of how badly Biden and congressional democrats are blowing this.

Florida’s democrats know that that state has been turning more and more ‘red’ and know that Cubans tend to vote republican. So, they are seeing a great opportunity for Biden and the democrats to support the Cuban protestors and win over new voters.

Instead, Biden’s bleeping it up.

Biden’s White House is blowing the response to these events in just about every way.

I also did not see this story widely reported: yesterday, the communist Chinese government vowed to help Cuba’s communists get their island back under control.

Well, China and Cuba are the two best-known communist regimes out of very few left on the planet after the relentless failures of socialism and communism in the 20th century. So, I suppose they have got to stick together.

But if China moves to get any of their soldiers or weaponry onto the island to help Diaz-Canel- the Biden administration should engage in a blockade and insist they turn around and go home.

photo credit: Fox News

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