Biden's pathetic response to the pro-freedom uprising in Cuba

Jay Weber Show transcript 7-13-21 6:10am

I started out the show by doing a segment on how pathetic it was that it took a full 24 hours for the Biden White House to decide whether they were going to stand up for democracy and freedom and the Cuban people protesting the communist regime there.

It was a pathetic, weak, uncertain initial response by team Biden...because...honest to God...they were worried about how their increasingly socialist grassroots would react to any expression of pro-America, pro-democracy rhetoric.

This was-absolutely-the reason for the seriously delayed response. And it was as alarming as it was pathetic.

Yes-president Biden and the White House-eventually-said the right things related to the growing Cuban uprising, but the fact that it took them 24 hours as they ‘teased out’ the political implications.

It proved to me that we have a president and his party that are so invested in turning this country into a socialist state now, that their initial reaction to protests in Cuba was: oh, this is bad for us. What if it reminds Americans how terrible and unworkable big, bullying, socialist and communist regimes are?

Biden’s team-clearly- had to hold strategy sessions to figure out whether they are going to-as an administration and as leaders of the free world- support the pro-democracy protestors.

To my knowledge-that has never happened in the history of this 240-year experiment we call America. Every past president-of either party-would have dove-in, without hesitation.

Except maybe Obama, and I think that even his administration would have come to the right decision, sooner.

But-to the Biden team’s credit-they eventually got around to using some strong and categorical language. The Cuban president spent 24 hours blaming America and Trump-era sanctions for the uprising.

Biden did not call for the resignations of Cuban leaders...and for free and fair elections...but aside from that, it was the sort of strong rhetoric that we would have seen from every other American president, pre-Obama.

And yes, I see it as an important litmus test in terms of how far gone the democrat party really is: how far along they are- philosophically-toward pushing for their path toward socialism here. In this country.

And if nothing else, this Cuban uprising is a good reminder to us-and the world- how it is that the lure of socialism and communism is a series of false, utopian promises...but the reality of socialism and communism is that they end in oppression, poverty, starvation, a lack of necessities, and often...death.

Do you know that in Cuba-the people have no right to free assembly?

Just participating in these protests is enough to get you jailed or killed. There is no right to peaceful assembly or protest there.

These protestors are putting their futures-and lives-on the line- as they cry out for freedom from a tyrannical and oppressive government.

Some protestors were waving American flags there, on Sunday.

And it took 24 hours for Biden’s team to figure out how to react?

And yet again-it only seemed to be republicans who were standing up for the protestors, until the white house and Nancy Pelosi put out tweets.

The members of their rank and file-were silent.

Bernie sanders and AOC and those who call themselves socialists in congress were dead silent, yesterday.

This was the silence of an increasingly ‘pro-socialist’ democrat party- because they did not know how to respond to a pro-democracy protest occurring right off our shores.

And sadly, none of the analysts really believe Cuba is at its breaking point, yet. The communist regime was quick to shut down the internet, close the country’s borders, and start cracking down. Their new president even threatened violence and ‘whatever it took’ to silence the protestors...

We will see where this uprising goes from here, and how long the Diaz-Canel regime can keep a lid on it.

The sad fact is that the Castros successfully put down past uprisings and their horrible regime simply continued, unabated, along with the suffering and oppression.

That is still the likeliest outcome here, you would think.

But- that’s why global and unequivocal support is so important to any group of people fighting for freedom.

Many of you will remember how deflating and disheartening it was to the Iranian people when President Obama refused-several times-to support their ‘green spring’ uprising against the brutal mullahs.

It was the sort of pathetic reaction that we had never seen from an American president before. Imagine- a u-s president and administration-not- defending the struggle for freedom and free will...around the globe.

Obama meekly flubbed it.

But it was not as high profile of team Biden’s flub here. This was another-huge-misstep by a floundering administration.

But it’s a reminder that-one reason they are floundering-is that they are not following the wishes of the American people. They are not working in favor of the American ideals....and they are a party that is being taken over by America-haters and Marxists.

That is why I felt the need to do two segments on the show today pointing this out.

People, the Biden white house went into a 24-hour period of indecision and froze up, politically, because they were worried about how a segment of their own grassroots-here in America- would react if they stood up for democracy and freedom for Cubans.

That is un-believable.

Thankfully, republican lawmakers have no such fondness for communism.

Meanwhile, Bernie sanders, and AOC, and marc Pocan, and Tammy Baldwin, and virtually every democrat representative in DC was silent. Pathetically, embarrassingly, silent.

photo credit: Getty Images

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