Turns out CRT is NOT the issue the left was hoping for

Jay Weber Show transript 7-12-21 7:10am

The Biden White House is ‘all in’ on teaching this new racist, poisonous agenda known as ‘critical race theory’ to your children.

Jen Psaki was asked the question at Friday’s white house briefing: if the two largest teacher’s unions in the nation have now stopped lying, and admit that they want CRT taught in our schools...

And if Joe Biden is such a huge fan of the unions...

Well then, does the Biden agenda include teaching CRT to our kids?

Psaki’s answer? Yes:

She clearly anticipated she might be asked about whether Biden supports the teaching of this racist, toxic critical race theory to our kids, and had a prepared answer ready to go.

So, this was no mistake, or remark. This was ‘team Biden’ sitting down and deciding: we are going to go ‘all-in’ on our racial agitating and agree that America is irredeemably racist and all white people are oppressors, and all the rest..

And you heard how fraudulent their answer is, when challenged: we believe kids should learn about our history’.

That response is crap-because our kids-have been- learning about our history, and every terrible and inhumane part of slavery.

Heck, it seems like slavery is the only part of American history that gets taught anymore, correct? Every TV show or movie that’s been made about American history over the last 10 years seems to be related to slavery.

It is the only part of US history that Hollywood focuses on, that’s for sure.

And in our history classes, it’s taught over and over and over again. Historians and history teachers have been obsessed with that part of the American story- for 60 years. Our kids are learning about it. Over, and over, and over again.

Critical race theory-is not- history. It is not even an educational movement. It is a political one.

It is an explicitly anti-American way of pretending that -nothing- is good about America because-absolutely everything-in this country was borne out of slavery-

Including -and most especially-capitalism.

Critical race theory is another part of this left-wing Marxist movement to destroy America and build something more ‘fair’ and ‘enlightened’ on its ashes.

And we have seen the democrat party and their leaders embrace this very anti-American, anti-capitalist, pro-socialist movement over the last several years.

Obama and Hillary killed off liberalism, and so now this is a party that has been overtaken by socialists, and the long-time democrats like Pelosi and Schumer and Biden are only too happy to go along with it, if it means they can keep their power.

And so- the democrats are officially ‘all-in’ on critical race theory.

And why not? It fits perfectly with their main way of winning elections: racially agitating and dividing America.

This is the only way democrats can win elections, anymore, is to trick voters into being angry and hateful and miserable.

And over the last several election cycles, ever since Obama’s re-election run in 2012...the democrats have discovered that restarting race wars is a great way for them to motivate minority voters and win elections.

So, of course they are ‘all in’ on critical race theory. The entire future of the democrat party and this Marxist movement is to indoctrinate children into it...and as young as you can possibly get them.

The entire hope is to indoctrinate and reinforce this poisonous crap in our schools and universities for 12 years, so our kids and grandkids are fully functioning left wing activists by the time they graduate high school and college.

The encouraging news is that there has not been a scummy maneuver by the left that has motivated so many conservative and independent Americans since the tea party.

The parental and community anger over CRT is real- and growing.

And by the way, it includes a good number of Black and Hispanic parents, too, because they want to see Martin Luther King’s dream of a colorblind America be realized....

And many of them have been working toward it most of their lives. This country has made huge strides in race, racism, and race relations over the last 60 years- and ironically- it is now the legacy of the first Black President to take his party-and this country- back to dividing us by race, for political advantage.

But America’s mothers and fathers know this is a toxic, terrible, counter-productive move, to teach our children that all black children are oppressed and all white children are oppressors, and therefore, the age of white oppression is here.

What an idiotic and dangerous notion, and yes, that is the overriding theme of critical race theory: that everything is racist, and everything is racism. And now it is time for some racial reckoning.

And some of our k-12 schools around the country have already been teaching this crap to our kids...and when they were caught the first instinct of the school boards, administrators, and teachers, was told about it.

They tried to keep up the lie for several months.

Until last week, when the nation’s two biggest teachers’ unions reversed course, embraced CRT. Labeled it vital that our kids learn it-

And while doing so admitted they’ve been lying for months.

Folks-any time your school board members, administrators, and/or teachers are lying to you and lying to the community- it indicates that they know what they are doing is wrong.


They seem to know this is a racist indoctrination scheme that is meant to take us back to a segregated society, but if it benefits their political cause, they are apparently all for it.

And so, we have to fight it with the same vigor, and snuff out this Marxist, racist, anti-capitalist movement in our schools.

I fully expect that next year’s school board elections are going to bring a small tidal wave of changes, as board members who support critical race theory are voted out of office...and conservative, independent minded members of the community take back their school boards.

And all the proponents of critical race theory are going to be able to do, in return, is lie.

Folks, this is another issue -like voter integrity laws- in which the left must resort to lying and trying to trick people, to get their way.

It is why the current claim is that CRT is just ‘teaching history’, and ‘we should teach our kids history’.

CRT is not history: it’s old school racism, repackaged, in a Marxist movement to ruin the country.

And so, of course they must lie about it.

This proves that today’s democrats will do-anything-to win elections. Even destroy sixty years of dramatically improved race relations in America-

And they will do it-just to keep power and win elections, because that is the only what that this group of newly radicalized democrats will be able to get their way, and destroy America, and build their socialist utopia.

The clear and overriding mission by this party now- is to destroy capitalism and traditional America.

This is a party that has tossed its lot in with Marxist anti-America organizations such as black lives matter and antifa-

Those are Marxist-borne, anti-America groups.

And this is a party that is now tossing its lot in with the black Marxists who want to use race to destroy the country...with this critical race theory poison.

Folks- if you don’t get it: on Friday- Biden’s White House said, ‘we are going to go ‘all-in’ on this idea that America is irredeemably racist and all white people are oppressors who must be made to pay for some ‘original American sin’.

This is what happened on Friday. This made it clear that we are not just engaged in a culture war- we are engaged in a war for the future of this country.

Over the weekend, there was a CPAC event held in Dallas, and Indiana republican Jim Banks gave a powerful speech in which he said- every American needs to stand against teaching this racist poison to our kids-and, banks said-

We need a revival of American patriotism.

The left hates the idea of a colorblind society because the modern democrat party has derived all of its power from racially agitating. Racially dividing. Their entire thrust is to re-segregate America by race, gender, social class, and any other way they can lump voters into categories and then pit them against each other.

It’s been encouraging to see so much organizing and push back being done against critical race theory. Parents and community leaders around the country are organizing to take back school boards-

State legislatures in red states are starting to move legislation that bans the teaching of this poison to our kids.

Texas was the first state to ban CRT from its classrooms. Late Friday, Arizona followed

That is great- given how relatively ‘new’ this issue is, in the way of nationally prominent issues. But those 20 states are also all ‘red’ states. Where we need parents and politicians to fight the hardest to take back school boards and ban this poison...is in the blue states.

It is one reason that the massive brawl over CRT in Virginia is so compelling.

Virginia is a blue state that has had its political tables overturned by the angry parents fighting back against CRT.It has become a huge issue in that state...and in the local and statewide elections next spring.

Democrats and school officials in Virginia have been caught lying to the parents and the public over, and over again about CRT.

Ronald Reagan famously said: we are ever only one generation away from losing America.

And what he meant is-every generation-needs to affirm and defend our American ideals: freedom from tyranny. Opportunity for all, but free rides for none. Standing up for independence and self-reliance and the right to smaller, less intrusive government and lower taxes...etc.

Reagan knew that all it would really take to bring down a free republic such as ours...is a few terrible missteps from wrong-headed people.

And while many of us were not watching, we allowed a group of America-haters to infiltrate and take over our educational system...and impose their collectivist, anti-American ideology on our young people.

And when the two largest teachers’ unions in the nation say that CRT needs to be taught in our schools as ‘history’, they betray their true goals, and betray America’s families and young people.

Because critical race theory is not history.

And you’ve heard this b-s tossed out when these unionistas and democrats are challenged: we believe kids should learn about our history’.

That response is crap-because our kids-have been- learning about our history.

Moreover, US history texts and teachers are obsessed with slavery. We teach it-relentlessly-in our schools. And about every terrible and inhumane part of slavery.

Critical race theory-is not- history. It is a political movement. It is political, anti-American indoctrination, and many educators and their unions are now insisting this toxic crap be taught in schools and ‘normalized’ as part of a lesson plan.

‘This is history’. No, it is not history.

CRT isn’t history any more than Hitler’s ‘final solution’ was a community organizing effort.

You might have heard this idiocy come out of activist’s mouths. Police forces and organized civil patrols to keep people safe and enforce laws stretch so far back that no one can really point to who, or where, ‘policing’ originated, but

England had police departments even before America was founded...so...that is another lie the racist activists are telling, to make their case.

Their very fraudulent, very dishonest, very dangerous case.

CRT is part of an effort by outside Marxist groups to destroy America. It is old school racism, repackaged, in a Marxist movement to ruin the country.

More and more Americans seem to be waking up to that fact.

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