Big city mayors have no plans for the spike in violence, only excuses

Jay Weber Show transcript 7-8-21 7:10am

You’ve heard the stats by now. 314 people were murdered in America’s big cities over the long fourth of July weekend and an additional 751 were wounded.

That’s over a thousand Americans pierced by bullets over a four-day period in America.

And get this: according to the ‘gun violence archive’...those numbers are 26% lower than they were last year- over the fourth of July weekend.

Last year’s ‘fourth’ was even more violent.

But in Chicago this year-100 people were shot and eighteen killed from just six pm Friday to Sunday at midnight. Those stats do not even cover the longer weekend.

For the record-that is the same number of murders Chicago saw last year over the ‘fourth’, but this year saw far more shootings over last year.

Chicago is a swirling hell hole, and all Mayor Beetlejuice is doing-is making excuses.

Lori Lightfoot spent the weekend blaming the violence on guns coming in from other states and blaming a public health crisis and blaming systematic racism....and blaming a lack of jobs and opportunities in poor neighborhoods-

One thing she did not do-is blame herself or take any responsibility for her inaction.

We have watched for probably a year now, at least, as Lori Lightfoot has blamed Chicago’s gun violence on everyone-except-the criminals, thugs and gang bangers.

Somehow-with Lightfoot and these other lefty mayors and councilmen-the actual thugs and felons never get blamed for anything, are never taken off the street or held accountable.

And I notice New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is now making the same inherently dishonest, stupid argument about how the problem is ‘crime guns’ coming into Chicago and New York from other communities or nearby states.

They want to blame the gun, not the criminal. And no one with a brain in their head-buys this nonsense. This is all excuse making by Lightfoot, Cuomo, and other democrats.

Meanwhile-does anyone in power-or in the newsrooms- notice that none of these mayors are-doing-anything to address this crime wave?

To me-this should be the biggest story related to the nationwide crime wave-

Because it is the first question that should pop to mind-to be asked to any of these mayors: what you are doing about it.

Has no one noticed that Mayor Lightfoot- still-

Still doesn’t have a single solitary idea for combatting any of this new Chicago violence.

Does anyone notice that she has put-zero- new initiatives in place and is suggesting no plan-?

And so far, as I can tell-

Not even floating a single, solitary idea, for bringing down this level of violence?

None of them are.

None of these big city mayors have a single clue about how to reduce this crime.None of them are floating a single plan or idea.

And it includes our own mayor tom Barrett. Not a single one of them are being held accountable for the new crime waves in their cities, nor are they feeling any pressure to find a solution, obviously.

I keep reading stories in the lefty rags about how democrats are reversing course on their ‘defund the police’ efforts.

No, they are not.At best-they are modifying their rhetoric. But not a single one of these mayors is reversing course and refunding their police departments and insisting that-by God-we need to support our police officers and we need judges that lock up these violent actors.

Isn’t it wild? That not a single mayor in one of these cities is talking that way.

Meanwhile, the Biden administration has a sham plan that they are selling as a crime reduction plan, that is just another useless obsession with guns.

President Biden visited Chicago yesterday, and could not get away with ignoring the largest single problem that the city faces: violent crime...

And so...Jen Psaki and Biden minions pretended that ‘help is on the way’ from the Biden justice department.

Let’s be honest: team Biden only came up with that bologna after polls started to show that this surge in violent crime is being blamed on him and the democrat’s pro-criminal movement.

Recent polls showed only about one in three Americans approves of the job Biden is doing on crime....and so the democrat strategists and spinners got to work....and tried to dream up new ways to deflect the issue, politically, rather than actually address the problem honestly.

Come on. A ‘gun trafficking strike force’?

How about taking the thugs off the streets and locking them up where they can’t get guns or victimize or kill any more innocent people?

I tell yah- the left’s obsession with the gun, coupled with their obsession to-not- blame the criminal is going to cost them dearly next fall.

And if these mayors-still-have no answers, then why should they even keep their jobs.

Do you know that Lori Lightfoot even ran as a career public safety expert who would finally address Chicago’s high crime?

And now, all she does is make excuses. After campaigning on how to reduce crime- this dingbat came into office with no plan.

This. Is today’s democrat party.

They are a collection of idiots, frauds, preeners and pretenders, and anyone who votes democrat is a dope, at this point.

It is the citizens of these cities that must toss out the preening pretenders and find candidates willing to lead.

And so far, only New Yorkers have shown that willingness.

The New York democrats-after being morons who gave bill deBlasio two terms- have finally decided to choose a law-and-order candidate.

And for the record-i am -very skeptical- that Eric Adams is the sort of true ‘law and order’ candidate that New York needs.

I sense a man who is going to crumble and fold to every left-wing activist group imaginable, including blm and antifa-but at least he ran on a pro-law platform and is saying the right things.

Adams on CBS yesterday provides evidence to us that he-really does understand- where the members of his own party have gone wrong...

The question is-will he have the strength and the integrity to

If Tom Barrett and Lori Lightfoot and these other mayors are legitimately out of ideas when it comes to deterring and fighting crime, and have lost all desire to put in some real work and improve their cities, then they should quit their jobs and let other people -with ideas, and with the desire to serve- to step up.

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