Recent election in Texas show Hispanic voters shifting to the GOP

Jay Weber Show transcript 6-8-21 6:40am

My friends- the state of Texas held local elections this past Saturday, for the quote non-partisan races. Races for mayor and alderman, etc., which the lawmakers of past eras deemed ‘non-partisan’ races. Candidates don’t need to declare a party, or be affiliated with a party, but virtually all of them are, of course.

And you can tell by their platform whether they are liberal or conservative. These aren’t really ‘non-partisan’ races, we all get it.

And republicans-cleaned up- in most of these local races. That, again, is not all that surprising, given how independent minded and ‘red state’ Texas is...but....the conservative candidates had a particularly strong showing, especially with Hispanic voters, and this is being taken as yet another blow to the democrat’s decades-long dream of turning Texas blue.

Remember- the democrats are working on the cliché that ‘demographics is destiny’.

They are working on the assumption that more Blacks, Hispanics, and people of color that they can lure to America....and as those percentages of ‘Americans of color’ grow....their assumption has been that-eventually- there will be a tipping point in which democrats will have permanent control of the country.

All they need-is time-and growing populations of Blacks and Hispanics.

And-we see the desperate attempts to speed this up-in the democrat’s open borders scheme, don’t we?

They have-always believed- that if they can flood Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas with Hispanics, those states will tip blue, as those ‘brown people’ vote democrat.

But, once again, Donald Trump has upset their plans. It’s reason number four-thousand that they have a burning hot hatred of this man: he managed to lure more Hispanic voters onto the right side of the aisle.

And I’ll give wider credit here to Reince Preibus and the RNC and GOP efforts to do Hispanic outreach, but Trump explicitly reached out to them, his policies created better jobs and better wages for them, and he won a higher percentage of Hispanics than expected, as a result.

Well, this latest round of Texas results appears to show a noticeable shift of Hispanic voters toward the GOP and conservative candidates.

One race that was watched closely was the mayor’s race in McAllen, Texas.

This is a city that is 85 percent Hispanic, and so the left assumed the democrat candidate could at least win there.

Nope. The Republican won.

But what’s worrisome to democrats is that the evidence of a Hispanic shift was wider than just McAllen.

A study, funded by stone-cold lefty activist groups- found that the democrat’s current platform is poison.

It found that-gee- even democrat voters don’t want to abolish or defund the police. They want -more- law and order, not less.

And they found that-gee- even democrat voters don’t want open borders and lawlessness related to mass immigration.

And they found that-gee- even most democrat voters don’t support Antifa and BLM, or the claim that rioting, looting, arson, and violence are legitimate forms of protest.

This is what the left-wing sanctioned study found.

And it’s authors couched its findings in terms of left wing narratives and Trump bashing, but it ‘found what it found’, folks.

In fact, one of the major takeaways is: the Republicans managed to convince that all democrats are anti-police and pro-looting and open borders...

Well...aren’t they?

Because-let’s be honest- none of them-

Not a single democrat leader or elected official- pushed back on the BLM and Antifa ‘police are evil’ rhetoric.

Not a single one of their mayors or councilmen supported the police and the idea of law and order in their own communities. Instead, they all ‘sold out’ law enforcement to the ‘pro-crime’ activists.

Let’s face it- no one from Joe Biden and Kamala Harris-on down-pushed back firmly on ‘defund the police’, or ‘abolish ice’, or ‘erase the borders’ or ‘violence and arson are protest’...

None of it.

So let’s cut the crap when it comes to that conclusion: that the problem on the left is that-somehow- we on the right managed to convince voters that all democrats support those things.

That’s not the problem.

The problem is- all democrats supported those things! And we have mountains of proof. Voters in these big cities that were burning-saw it firsthand! They saw their mayors and councilmen siding with the thugs, and vilifying the police officers.

We all lived it-first hand. And -no- democrats stepped up to push back. So let’s cut the crap, now.

But-here’s the thing that i take away from the dishonest spin that this report puts around it’s honest findings: it just means that the democrat leaders and their activists-still!- won’t get it.

These conclusions which-still- amazingly-blame republicans instead of being honest about the fact that the American people don’t support this radical, shockingly destructive agenda....

All that does is assure that the democrats keep lying to themselves, and pushing the agenda, and losing elections. Correct?

I, of course, worry about how successful the socialist horde has been at winning elections in the wake of Obama’s failures...and the death of liberalism...

But, my friends, I also hold out hope that-now that the left’s real agenda has been more fully exposed- that the bulk of the American people will reject election after election after election until the party leaders decide they need to either moderate their platform or see their party fade away.

That was my take on the Scott Walker era here in Wisconsin: we had to keep pounding and pounding and pounding Wisconsin democrats until they moderated their tone and agenda-

And they finally did- and managed to win back the governor’s a ‘first step’ toward winning back some control in Wisconsin here..

Now we need to do the same thing on a national scale: pound them with defeats until and unless they abandon this truly shocking, socialist, bullying, anti-American agenda that they have.

Even the generational, ‘forever’ democrats of hidalgo county, Texas, are understanding this: who and what the democrat party ‘is’ now.

And so they are shifting loyalties to ‘common sense’...over long-time party ID.


Now we just need democrats across the country to do the same.

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