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Friday's jobs report exposed millions of Americans still on the sidelines

Jay Weber Show transcript 6-7-21 7:10am

So...the May jobs report came out Friday morning, and showed a decidedly mixed bag. The 560-thousand jobs added wasn’t a total disaster, but it was about 100-thousand jobs shy of what the economists predicted, and it follows a terrible April report, in which only 260-thousand jobs were added, when the so-called experts predicted nearly a million jobs would be added in April.

And upon closer inspection-Friday’s report-did-show millions of Americans still on the sidelines-avoiding work- for one reason or another...

And it-did- show a drop in the overall percentage of Americans in the workforce. That number-the so-called ‘labor force participation rate’.... is going the wrong way, at a time in which we are supposed to be getting more people back to work.

Moreover, the specifics in this report point to something we conservatives and just about every business and trade group in the country has been saying for two months now: the overly generous unemployment check is keeping people from going back to work....

This had an interesting thing happening on Friday that the MSM-of course- failed to pick up on: team Biden backing off on defending the bigger check, and even sending a dog-whistle to their own governors indicating its okay if they start to end the bigger checks early, on their own now.

Folks, at a Friday event, President Biden, himself, said that it ...quote...makes end the larger unemployment benefits in September...

And as he said that, his P-sack of crap spokeswoman, Jen Psaki also-did not push back- on white house reporters asking her about the overly-generous unemployment check and the fact that red state governors were starting to cancel it. Revert back to the normal, much lower level, of unemployment.

This was interesting, given that the lefty white house reporter was-clearly- serving up a softball question- looking for Psaki to blast these red state governors who were ending the enhancer early and ‘taking food out of the mouths of desperate people’ to speak.

That-is-the standard lefty narrative, correct?

Instead, Psaki said those governors ‘have the right to do it’.


The governors do, yes, but this ultra-partisan White House is going to pass on a chance to bash red state governors?


This is a strong indication to me-coupled with Biden’s comments- that the democrats now know the truth: this ludicrous unemployment enhancer is-yes-keeping people from going back to work. They just don’t want to admit it outright and prove republicans correct.

Psaki setting a glide path for June, July, and August. For Biden’s team to ‘bail’ on the overly generous enhancer if it becomes even more obvious that it is keeping people from returning to work.

This-absolutely- was a premeditated 180 degree turn in messaging-on this higher unemployment check Friday.

In addition to Biden and Psaki, another team member- Biden’s White House economic advisor, Brian Deese,-also sidestepped a question on whether he thought more governors should end this enhancer.

folks-you know how this works: by the time the liberals in the white house press corps start asking about a conservative narrative that has been out there for weeks-

By the time they start asking about it-the answer is evident.

This room full of reporters is now willing to admit, in their own minds, that our argument has merit: that, yes, most likely, it is this overly generous unemployment check that is keeping people from going back to work.

The fact that they finally got around to asking about it means that even DC’s establishment elite know the truth now. We are right.

This was ‘team Biden’ deciding that it no longer made sense to dig in on the larger unemployment check, and- additionally-

And this is key-Friday’s change in tone was the white house sending its first signal to democrat governors that it’s okay to start ending the enhancer on their own.

So far-25 states have announced they will end this overly generous unemployment check-and i believe they are all GOP governors. The democrat state governors have dug in, and have been in lock step with the Biden white house.

Well-Biden’s noticeable change in tone here, i am certain, was also a dog whistle to democrat governors:if you start ending this generous check now, we won’t criticize you for it.

Why else would Jen Psaki pass up on a chance to slam republican governors for taking food out of the mouths of starving families? And instead, say ending the big check early is defensible?

Could it be that the Biden white house realizes they are going to continue to be blamed for a lackluster recovery-when we should be seeing the rip-roaring recovery that everyone predicted?

Republicans, again Friday, pointed to this jobs report and said, ‘the evidence makes it clear: this is what happens when government pays people not to work’.

And again-the overall number of jobs created in May was disappointing, but it was other findings and factors that help round out the picture-

Such as-160-thousand Americans leaving the workforce in may, even though there are over 8-million jobs available.

Businesses are opening back up. There’s a flood of good-to-great paying jobs available. There’s no way we should be seeing nearly 200-thousand people heading for the unemployment office.

Could it be to, gee? collect their overly generous unemployment check?

Folks, at some point, Biden’s economic team needs to start worrying about creating a new pocket of slackers who got used to not working in 2020...and want to adopt it as a new lifestyle.

We talked a bit about this on Friday: how many young people sort of ‘woke up’ to the fact that working a real job sucks...and they’d rather not do it for the rest of their lives.

This pandemic gave them a taste of the slacker life, and they find they like it.

And this is a larger worry, related to the fact that workers aren’t coming back as they should be...even as wages are soaring

Yes, it is. Which is why so many of us on the right have been saying, ‘government should not be paying people not to work’.

Any defense of an unemployment check that is nearly double what the normal rate of unemployment is- evaporated many months ago. In January or February. It’s now June.

The jig is up. They can’t keep it going forever, without congressional extensions....and so ‘team Biden’ is coming to grips with the fact that they need to get people back to work-if they don’t want to touch off stagflation before the 2022 election.

Folks-we are just starting to see the full impact of this glut of nearly six-trillion in federal spending during covid-19 including the ludicrous final two-trillion that was passed by democrats after Biden got into office that we-absolutely-didn’t need to spend.

We saw consumer prices rise 4.2-percent in April...which is the highest jump in prices, across the board, since the 2008 financial crisis.

Obama’s own economic advisor-Larry Summers- called Biden’s move to spend trillions more quote...the least responsible fiscal macroeconomic policy we’ve had for the last 40 years.’

That’s Obama’s guy! And he’s not a conservative economist.

And already, Americans are paying the price.

Can you imagine what happens if Biden, Schumer and Pelosi pass another-four trillion dollars in government spending over the next few years-as they want to?

These people are endangering the republic, with this sort of irresponsible policy.

They are-genuinely-dangerous morons.

photo credit: Getty Images

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