With no legacy, Obama is trying to convince you he has one.

Jay Weber Show transcript 6-2-21

I love this. Barrack Obama was such a failure as president, that he is now pretending that the Biden administration is really just a continuation of his work.

“I think that what we’re seeing now, is Joe and the administration are essentially finishing the job,” Obama said. “And I think it’ll be an interesting test.

“Ninety per cent of the folks who were there in my administration, they are continuing and building on the policies we talked about, whether it’s the Affordable Care Act or our climate change agenda and the Paris [climate deal], and figuring out how do we improve the ladders to mobility through things like community colleges.”

Good grief.

There’s one problem with that statement: Obama didn’t talk about-any- of the stuff that Biden’s team and the socialist activists are pushing in this new era.

He’s also trying to take credit for Trump’s revival of the economy, even though the history is clear: the moment trump got elected, the markets started to rally and the economy started to rebound, and Trump’s tax cuts and pro-business attitude, and policies-

Along with Trump’s massive, massive amount of deregulation, led to that run-away growth.

It had nothing to do with Obama, aside from the country feeling as if they were finally ‘unleashed’, ‘unshackled’ when Obama left.

But he’s trying to take credit for the Trump economy.

And you know that this is what this arrogant jag is telling all of the elites at their cocktail parties.

But it’s nothing more than the latest display of the man’s incredible, all-consuming, case of narcissistic personality disorder.

And i realize that this is story is going to give fuel to the ridiculous conspiracy theory on our own side of the aisle... That it is Obama who is really running the country right now. Pulling all the strings. Making all of the decisions.

You’ve probably heard this malarkey, ‘oh no, Obama’s really running the country, again. This is his illegal third term’.

It’s crap. I know its crap because Barrack Obama was too lazy and arrogant and disinterested to run the country the first time that he was president. He’s certainly not involved now.

A lot of his old people are-and that’s what Obama is referencing in this new interview, but no, Barrack Obama is not some shadow president as Biden dodders around the white house.

He and Michelle are more interested in running with their crowd of global elites and living the high life than they are in politics.

Neither one of them were ever-that- interested in it. They were, rather, recruited to do it, and be the face of a campaign to start the country down the path to socialism...and they served that purpose.

But, no, Barrack Obama did not campaign on-nor did he push- most of the extreme positions that team Biden is now pushing. He didn’t run on, nor support packing the Supreme Court, nationalizing elections, raising taxes to pay for a 90-trillion dollar green new deal, push for ‘Bernie-style free college, free child care, etc.

I’m not saying Obama didn’t quietly support those things. Some he might have. But he didn’t push them. Didn’t campaign on them. Never talked about them. Obama wasn’t-that!-radical.

So this is an attempt at ego-preservation by a man who has a severe case of narcissistic personality disorder. Obama has-always- had such a high opinion of himself that he makes excuses for his own failures and takes credit for other people’s victories.

And, given that Obama’s entire presidency was rather quickly erased by Donald trump....

Given that other than Obamacare-Barrack Obama has no legacy- this is him now pretending to have one.

He wants to convince himself, and others, that it is really-him- who was the consequential president. And if Biden gets things one and is heralded as the next FDR, well, it was really-Barrack- who was the game changer...etc.

Obama’s a pathetic, fragile, little man, under it all, isn’t he?

photo credit: Getty Images