Is Kammy being punished by the Biden team?

Jay Weber Show transcript 4-30-21 6:40am

Kamala Harris is coming to Milwaukee Tuesday, so let’s remember this take, and see if it rings true to us next week.

It’s an amusing take- and before you beat me up as a misogynist-this comes from a woman. Kirsten Stein writing at American thinker:

Kamala's Not Looking So Good Lately

I have to admit that i have noticed-none- of this, but I also don’t see Kammy in news clips all that much. Neither she, nor Biden, are really ‘front and center’ like trump and pence were.

But there -are- swirling rumors in Washington DC about a possible rift, already, between Biden’s team and Kammy’s team.

And to be clear-i have heard-no-suggestion that Biden and Harris don’t get along. But their ‘teams’ are not really getting along.

And it -does- appear to come back to the moment that President Biden handed her the border crisis to manage-and she refused.

In fact, the origin of the rift goes back at least days or weeks earlier than that moment, because, a few insiders saw Biden giving her that mission as sort of a ‘screw you, then, if you want to be president early’...sorta’ thing.

The suggestion is that Harris and her team were pushing too hard on having her be viewed as a co-president and a co-decision maker, and Biden’s team didn’t take kindly to it.

Again- I have no idea what Biden, himself, thought. Who knows what’s in his head-moment to moment-

But the rumors are that Harris and her team were pushing too hard-right off the bat- to have her viewed as a co-president...

And there is evidence of this that we can find. For example-remember when, suddenly, the White House was announcing that every reference to the administration had to officially be the ‘Biden/Harris’ administration?

We all wondered at the time was that Joe being benevolent and inclusive? Or was that Kammy horning in on the oval?

Well- it could have been an attempt to placate Harris and her team-as they pushed for a co-presidency.And -the rumor is- Biden’s team then slapped her back by handing her the border crisis out of the blue.


And remember how that went down on a Wednesday, Biden’s announcement really did seem to come out of the blue: he was ‘pleased to announce that up Harris was going to be the point person on the border crisis, and he could think of no one more qualified to do it...etc.

Biden really ‘sold’ it. Really played it up.

Only to have Harris and her team-by Friday-insisting to the media that, no, no,...oh no...She’s not responsible for the border…naw...uh uh.

Because they knew it was a situation that she wouldn’t be able to fix. Especially when the true intention of the Biden administration is to have open borders-

Folks-the dirty little secret is that they have no intention! Of fixing this border crisis. As in- ever!

And so who becomes the target of blame when a year goes by, two years, four years, and illegals are still pouring into this country as they are now?

Well- Joe Biden does, sure. But so does Kamala Harris. So- the move by team Biden smeared her political career.

No mistake about it. If it was intentional-Biden’s team members drove a dagger into any future presidential aspirations that Kamala Harris had, no?

The move is -just mean- really.

And so, what Harris being that arrogant and demanding and witchy and insisting on a co-presidency- that it warranted such a move by team Biden?

That’d really be something.

And those are the rumors swirling around dc. And as if to prove it- suddenly yesterday-we had pieces pop up in the politico and elsewhere quoting members of Harris’s team talking about how, ‘the reason the VP is being so low key here, is that she really wants to impress Joe Biden. She really wants to prove she’s a hard worker and can do a good job for him.’

Now come on.

Whenever a story comes out of nowhere like this, and seems to answer a question that no one is asking-consider why that story is really being planted.

To my knowledge, no one has really been questioning why we aren’t seeing more of Kamala Harris? Or why she’s not being more visible in the media? Or speaking more for the administration? Etc.

So far as i can tell, that’s an invented narrative. Invented by Harris’s own team that they then planted with a politico reporter they trusted, so he or she could put out a spin on Harris.

The spin being, oh no, she and Joe get along great and she’s just trying to keep her head down and learn from the master.

Folks, the story actually quotes one of her people as saying, she’s willing to do anything Biden wants her to do, and she’s happy that he trusts her with the border crisis. She just wants to impress him....

Now come on.

For several days after Biden handed her the border issue- she and her team insisted that she wasn’t given the mission!

No, dammit, I am not responsible for the border. I’m just doing some outreach to a few central American countries.’

Remember that?

About three weeks later, it has been spun into, ‘VP Harris is honored that President Biden would trust her with the border crisis’...


Kamala Harris and her team must have really gotten a dressing down after their multiple days of whining and trying to refuse the border mission.

And since we watched all of this unfold and i noticed and commented on it at the time, I can fully believe the rumors that what really happened is that VP Harris was arrogantly pushing for a co-presidency because joe is a ‘one termer’ anyway...and she and her team pushed too hard and got slapped back.

Everything else we’ve talked about makes sense-if the explanation is- an arrogant and demanding Harris had to be knocked down a few pegs- so Biden’s team screwed her big time and handed her the border...

Okay, you want to be co-president? You be the point person on our border disaster.


The republicans have been hammering on Harris as useless and ineffective ever since, for about a month now, and apparently she’s looking haggard and is short tempered already. 100 days into the gig.

Maybe she knows how damaging this will be to her own run for

Now consider the poll that came out this week on Kammy’s approval rating.51 percent of voters has a negative view of her with 43 percent- very negative -on her...and only 26 percent of voters viewed her ‘very favorably’.

When she ran for president herself, Harris proved that most Americans don’t like her.She’s starting out with a negative approval rating.

And now she’s been saddled with a -very unpopular-crisis of the democrat’s own making.

So- if Harris -is- looking a little haggard, and frustrated, and bloated, you can imagine why.

She is seeing any fantasy that she had of being president herself slipping away quickly here.

And consider the irony: there is -no doubt. No doubt- that Kammy thought that joining the ticket was going to be her key to the kingdom. Right?

After all-she was such an unpopular candidate herself that she couldn’t even win over black voters...and was one of the first credible candidates to drop out of a 25 person field.

I believe she dropped out before New Hampshire. No?

And so-clearly-Harris wasn’t going to be president otherwise. Then Joe’s people offer her the VP slot, and she leapt at it, certain it was the key to her own presidency. Take the VP slot from an ancient, teetering, Biden and then run for his second term...

She’s the golden insider...when the time comes and the ‘next person up.’

So consider the irony and the insult...that...100 days in...Biden’s people are working to make sure that she -is not- the standard bearer.

Man, that’s gotta sting.

story credit: American Thinker
photo credit: Getty Images

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