The farce of the new Evers' Foxconn deal.

Jay Weber Show transcript 4-21-21 8:10am

Listeners are asking me to more fully explain what I mean about the farce of the new Foxconn deal.

The deal, itself, seems fine.

The farce is political.

And it should be evident to anyone who remembers the original Foxconn deal and the fake political firestorm over it: Governor Walker lured Foxconn here with a contract that was full of tax incentives-if-

If- Foxconn met certain building and hiring quotas. They were all written right into the contract: Foxconn gets ‘this’ bonus from taxpayers of Wisconsin if it hires ‘this many people’ by ‘this date’ and so on-

And if Foxconn didn’t hit those quotas or live up to that agreement- no taxpayer help that year.

And yet- the democrats and their accomplices in the liberal media-including at the j/s – insisted on misrepresenting the deal as a three billion dollar handout to Foxconn.

The truth was-aside from 200-million in road reconstruction-they got no additional taxpayer help unless they hit these mile markers in the Walker contract.

And so Foxconn is here- it has hired hundreds of employees and is growing-and yet- hasn’t been eligible for one penny of that additional taxpayer help. And so- the democrats should be happy. Shouldn’t they?

They didn’t want any taxpayer money going toward helping Foxconn settle here, or grow in Wisconsin.

From their perspective-the walker deal should be working out perfectly. Good. Screw Foxconn. They don’t need taxpayer help.


Instead- Governor Evers and his party leaders have gone out of their way to craft a new contract with Foxconn that-will! - dump a bunch of taxpayer money onto the company.

It’s not hard to understand: Evers and the Dems insisted Walker screwed up. Foxconn would never settle here. Foxconn would never hire here. Foxconn doesn’t need taxpayer help, it’s a scam...

And now- they are reworking the deal to dump taxpayer money onto Foxconn?

To be a democrat is to be a hypocrite.

Again! Their rhetoric doesn’t match up with their actions...

And hey...I’m okay with a new deal that incentivizes Foxconn to grow here....but let’s not pretend that this isn’t democrats being scummy hypocrites again.

Over three days of stories-i have been waiting for the j/s or Wisconsin state journal to be honest about how this is a total flip flop and capitulation to Foxconn-by Evers and the democrats.

Because it is.

Even the governor’s excuse as to why the deal was needed is asinine: oh, this lessens the state’s tax liability to Foxconn...


No it doesn’t.

What’s lower than ‘zero? ’Because that’s where we are right now-and likely forever- with that original Foxconn contract.

Foxconn is nowhere near that, and thanks to changing markets, isn’t likely to ever be! Anywhere near that. So there is-currently-zero tax liability or risk for Wisconsin taxpayers.

Governor Evers just created it. The state’s revised contract calls for the company to get 80-million dollars in new incentives if they create just 14-hundred and-54 jobs.

Well-that is a lot more ‘doable’ for Foxconn than any mile marker in the Walker deal. Right?

And so- Governor Evers just put Wisconsin taxpayers back on the hook for Foxconn payments!!

How does that -at all-mesh with the bull crap, anti-Foxconn messaging that we’ve seen out of these democrats for the last five years!

Come on, people. At some point, they have to be called on their Orwellian shifting on issue after issue after issue.

So-to be clear for those listeners who don’t get it: under walker’s original deal- Wisconsin taxpayers were on the hook for -none of your tax money to go to Foxconn? None. Zero. Because they haven’t lived up to the deal and were never going to.

And so-Gov. Walker’s contract worked-exactly-as i and the walker team explained it would-at the time.

It has also worked out-exactly-as the democrats of 2017 or 2018 wanted it: no additional state money going to Foxconn.

So-great. They got their wish.

What does Gov. Evers do?

He kills off the Walker contract and renegotiates one that-does! put Wisconsin taxpayers back on the hook for tens of millions in incentives.

And the j/s refuses to explain it? They let Evers get away with a claim he’s ‘lessening Wisconsin’s tax risk’ here...when that risk was ‘zero’ under the Walker plan?

What a farce.

and for the record-preverbal political game player and tool- happy ending Hintz-the democrat’s assembly leader- is also a member of the WEDC board, and voted for it. The vote was unanimous-

So this clown can’t wait to flood Foxconn with your tax money now-when he insisted it was a terrible idea and an outrage- when Gov. Walker wanted to do it.

Why is -every democrat- a scummy hypocrite?

Why couldn’t they admit that Walker’s Foxconn deal was a huge ‘win’ at the time...and while it hasn’t worked out as intended...there’s still a lot of upside and huge future employment coming soon from Foxconn...and so...we wanted to cut a more appropriate deal?

Why can’t democrats just admit that?

photo credit: Fox 6 News Milwaukee