Jordan rips Fauci over timeline of getting back to normal

Jay Weber Show transcript 4-16-21 6:40am

This doesn’t really come as a surprise-but we don’t have to like it: the Pfizer CEO is saying that a third dose of the covid-19 vaccine is likely going to be needed within a year of your last one, in order to keep you protected.

Albert Bourla suggested that it may need to become a yearly vaccine- like the flu vaccine-at least temporarily, if not ‘forever more’.

Meanwhile-the CDC as much as proved the glorious Dr. Fauci is a lying dope-along with the rest of the alarmist left- by announcing that once vaccinated-virtually no one is contracting covid-19.

Get this stat: among the first 66-million Americans now fully vaccinated-

Of that group...only one-tenth-of-one-percent- have contracted covid-19.

In fact-i rounded up. It is actually point-zero zero 8 percent- of vaccinated Americans- have contracted covid-19.

The vaccines-work.

This is an even better result than Pfizer and Moderna suggested. They were touting a 90 to 95 percent effectiveness rate-which is almost unheard of in vaccines to begin with- very few vaccines are that effective-

And now we are finding that, so far, it’s more like a 99 percent effectiveness rate. That’s impressive.

And the CDC’s experts say-there were always going to be so-called ‘break thru’ cases. Cases in which the virus got past the vaccine.

We are talking ‘out of a pool of 66-million people’. Not even six-thousand got sick-nearly all of them only saw a mild case of covid-19and virtually none of them were spreaders. Proving, also, that once you are vaccinated, you aren’t a spreader.

It is against this growing mountain of evidence that suggests the vaccines work extremely well and also keep people from spreading it-

That we still have the dill weed Dr. Fauci insisting it’s not safe to eat in a restaurant or leave the house, even if you’re vaccinated.

The frustration at this man boiled over at a house hearing yesterday, in which Congressman Jim Jordan couldn’t get an answer from Fauci as to when- in his mind-it is safe for Americans to get back to normal.

When do you stop trampling on our rights and killing off our businesses, Dr Fauci, was the tone of the exchange.

That’s one snippet-this back and forth went on for a while-with Fauci clearly getting upset with Jordan, and with the democrats on the panel trying to run interference for him here’s a clip where James Clyburn, the chair of the committee, tries to take a jab at lawmakers who refuse to get vaccinated...

And you’ll hear the truly putrid Maxine Waters chime in at the end.

‘Shut Your Mouth!’ House Covid Hearing ERUPTS as Maxine Waters Cuts Off Brutal Exchange Between Jim Jordan and Fauci

Lawmakers and interviewers are starting to turn up the heat on Anthony Fauci because his advice is no longer following the science, and his timeline from reopening is-always- six weeks away. No matter when he’s asked-in January, Feb or April....when is it safe?

According to him-the point at which we can fully reopen-is always six weeks away.

He’s just making it up. And people are getting sick of it.

And to hear him so cavalierly dismiss these silly notions of liberty and really insulting, isn’t it?

Fauci could offer nothing substantive, in the way of an answer.

I’m not-because I know what happened. I went thru it in longer form yesterday, so I’ll short-hand it now: what happened is, Biden won the election, and suddenly, he and the Dems needed this pandemic -or at least the alarmism-to last at least six months to a year into Biden’s first term.

They needed the pandemic as a cover to ram home that finalcovid-19 relief bill without a single vote...and they need the pandemic to ram home his nearly 3-trillion dollar, fake infrastructure bill, and have the low information voters believing it’s necessary...

And ultimately, they want the narrative next fall that Biden and the Dem congress ‘saved the economy and the country’ from covid-19.

All of those narratives fall apart if the pandemic ends and the economy bounces back –now- instead of this fall.

That’s what’s going on here.

And Anthony Fauci decided he was more interested in being a left wing DC insider-than he was in protecting his reputation as a careful scientist and bucking the Biden regime’s politicization of this pandemic.

Fauci, instead, decided to help politicize it.

And that’s why he has lost all credibility and gravitas...

photo credit: C-SPAN twitter