Kammy is lying her ass off

Jay Weber Show transcript 4-15-21 7:10am

Here’s a simple, yet insightful question: why do Joe Biden and Kamala Harris-absolutely refuse- to visit the border?

Isn’t it telling that, yesterday, for the first time since she was put in charge of this border crisis three weeks ago, Kamala Harris finally answered some reporter questions related to it, and dug in on actually visiting the border?

Harris dodged, by saying, ‘I’m not in charge of the border crisis, I’m in charge of working with Mexico and the northern triangle states to try to address the root causes back home that have these refugees leaving their homeland to come here.

Okay, fine. That’s not what president Biden said, or how he characterized it three weeks ago, when he put VP Harris in charge of the border crisis...

But- even if she wants to use that excuse as a way that she can keep her fingerprints off of the actual humanitarian and national security crisis that the Biden/Harris regime has touched off her-

Why wouldn’t she visit the border, anyway?

I hope you heard Kammy yesterday.

Kamala Harris-literally- said yesterday...visiting the border isn’t my job.

She is the vice president of the United States, and a crisis of her own administration’s making is out of hand down there.

And Kamala Harris-as the second in charge in this country- literally said: it’s not my job.

I shouldn’t have to tell you how outrageous that is.

Kamala Harris is saying my mission is not to control the border. My mission is to work with Mexico and Central American countries to attack the crisis from the other end.

Fine: but wouldn’t you want to get a fuller understanding of the crisis, itself, and what is driving these illegal crossers to come here, by going to the border to see the crisis first hand? Talking to some of the agents and crossers to hear their stories? Get a sense of what really drove them here?

Before you try to form ‘fixes?’

Kammy’s excuse yesterday, is absolutely no excuse, and it, instead, sounds like an incompetent boss that is making excuses.

This would never fly in the private sector.Imagine your CEO had a problem in the Atlanta plant...and puthis deputy CEO and right hand man in charge of it-but that guy patently refused to fly down and investigate it, personally.

This assistant manager didn’t just...decide it could be handled remotely. He patently-refused-week after week after week...to fly down, and darn it, get things in order.

And his excuse was...well, I’m not really in charge of that plant, so, I’llpick and choose how involved I want to get. I don’t really need to know or see-first hand-what the problem is.

Would that fly?

This is what Harris is doing. Why does she-and Biden, both- patently refuse- to visit the border?

The answer is: if either one of them visited the border, they would have to acknowledge how bad this crisis is that they touched off.

A president and VP travel with a press entourage, and they’d be bringing in cameras and reporters that would have to follow them around as they saw the overcrowding, and talked with the border agents and illegals...

And after the VP chatted with these agents, those reporters would run after them and interview them, ‘what did you and the Vice President talk about, agent green? What is the one step they could take to fix this, sir?


The Biden administration doesn’t want-any-of that bad press or any of those photos or videos getting out-and more than anything-neither Biden nor Harris, nor their teams, want to have to admit to the unimaginable new miseries that they have brought onto this country.

That’s why the president and VP -refuse-to visit the border.

They won’t even do it in a show of ‘good will’ or support for the overworked border agents and health care workers that they’ve subjected to long hours and impossibly difficult jobs between now-and maybe- forever.

These two are cowards. And Kammy, in particular, is only worried about her own political future.She made that clear when she patently refused this assignment when Biden gave it to her-

Even though he did it in a big, public show: i cannot think of any person better suited to manage this border crisis, he said.

Two days later, she and her team were denying that she’d ever been given the mission: no, no...Kamala’s not in charge of that mess, no, no.

She wants to run for president in three years, and doesn’t want to be smeared with the inevitable failures on the horizon...no, no.

Harris’ refusal to accept this mission- from her own president- obviously had their teams renegotiating her role, so that they could both save face, and pretend that she’s only in charge of some foreign diplomacy here.

So then-that!-was the claim: Kammy’s dealing with Mexico and the northern triangle. That’s her mission.

Folks-three weeks have passed-and she’s still done nothing!

Do you know what we learned, yesterday?

We learned that, so far, she’s spoken to Mexico and Guatemala...whatever that means.

This is what she told us.

There are only four countries that she needs to work with: Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras.

In three weeks, she’s made contacts with two of them?


If that’s not an indication of how little she cares to do on this issue, what is?

The conservative press has chased her around for three weeks-trying to get an answer on what she’s doing about the border crisis.

She’s ducked any questions for three weeks.

She finally put together some event yesterday, clearly just for show. This was only for optics in an attempt to get her out of this political jam-

And the best she can boast is that – in three weeks- she’s talked to Mexico and Guatemala.

And from the coverage i heard-she didn’t even reference individual people-in those governments. She acted like she’d spoken to the countries, themselves, instead of the leaders of those countries, or diplomats in those countries...

This is also a big tell. Liars will often keep it so generic they sound ridiculous.

She sounds like a kid who skipped school after her parents went to work: so, who did you tell you were going to stay home from school today then, missy?

Uhm..Someone at school.

Someone. Someone, who?

Uhm....mrs....office lady...

Kamala Harris claims that- in the three weeks since she’s been given this task, she’s spoken to ‘Mexico’, and Guatemala.

Not...president Andres Manuel Lopez , in Mexico.

Not....Conchita Maria Gomez Martinez...in Guatemala.

She just, you know, spoke generically to the countries.

And, she said, she plans to travel to them at some point.

She also told that to the media: at some point, I’ll visit them directly.

Okay...is that...in your old age? Or soon? Or what?

Oh-and twice- twice! She told reporters not to expect her actions to bear fruit any time soon.


She said it twice!

Yeah, and don’t expect much to come from my efforts.

Who says that- other than a useless turd of a person who isn’t about to work hard, and isn’t about to do what he or she is supposed to do.

Okay, I’ll try, but don’t expect much.

Our vice president of the United States said this, yesterday!

She’s not missing. She’s flying around the country doing easy political events and pretending to be a co-president...

She’s just -refusing-to do any work on behalf of the country. She’s missing on this border issue, and every other real-world problem we are facing.

Pence was into this stuff neck deep. Kammy?

She’s pretending and lying...

And she’s not even a very good liar.

Oh, and, and, and, and...and I spoke with Guatemala...she seems nice. I’m going to visit her down in Mexico, soon....and, and....

You’ve got to be kidding me.

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